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Suicidal Britons

A comment by Roger in another thread

It saddens me to say it, but John Martínez is correct. There was no mention in the Labour Party’s 1997 manifesto of any plan to bring millions upon millions of new people in, but it was still obvious to all observant people that they were social revolutionaries and radical egalitarians with a deep commitment of the destruction of the English constitution (they were highly successful at achieving their ends). There was a clear antecedent from previous decades, however, during which time the Labour Party had started the process of coloured immigration from the ex-colonies.

The Conservative Party had continued to support the process whenever it was in government, and its leaders marginalised Enoch Powell when he made his famous speech in 1968. Nobody can seriously claim not to have known Labour were pro-immigration, although the average voter might not have been able to predict the extent of it. We know, from admissions by a Labour scriptwriter called Andrew Neather, and more recently from the Jew Peter Mandelson, that they deliberately used immigration as a means of “rubbing the Right’s nose in diversity”, and went so far as to send recruitment teams abroad to find people to move here. This was well-known within the party’s leading ranks, but absent from their public statements. When Neather made the rare mistake of being honest to a journalist about immigration, most people paid little attention to it.

The results of their actions were plain to see by the time the next election came along in 2001. By this time, there had been several race riots in Northern England (not for the first time) and a significant increase in the level of net migration—and they still got re-elected. No adult could profess ignorance at this point: a vote for Labour was very obviously a vote for mass-immigration, multiculturalism and the erosion of liberty. Four more years passed, during which time the Iraq war was initiated, another huge wave of immigration came along, and the government revoked a law banning homosexual propaganda from schools (“Section 28”) and decided to give queers the “right” to form civil unions—and they got re-elected again. Their manifesto during that election campaign included a pledge to introduce new laws criminalising “Racial and Religious Hatred”, which would re-enforce the pre-existing Race Relations Acts supported by all three of the main political parties.

By 2010, the voters decided to kick them out and replace them with the Conservative Party, whose leader refers to himself as the “heir to Blair” and does not differ from the Labour Party in any substantial way. The Conservatives did not manage to win a parliamentary majority, and they depend on the support of the Liberal Democrats to get their legislation passed (which is not a problem because the two parties agree about almost everything, but pretend not to as part of the democratic media circus). Since then, mass-immigration has continued unabated, there have been more race riots, crime has continued to increase, and now the government is pushing through homosexual marriage laws while denouncing their critics as “swivel-eyed loons”. If you look at the opinion polls for the next general election to see how people are planning to react against the failed Conservative-Liberal government, you will find that they are going to respond by voting the Labour Party back in! A Labour Party led, no less, by a Jew.

It is unbelievable that people can continue to vote for the enemies of civilisation time and time again. The only reasonable conclusion is that the voters really do support their own national suicide.

Here’s the funny thing: in every election since 2001, less than half of the population has turned out to vote. Tens of millions of people are not even registered with the electoral roll, making them ineligible to vote. These apathetic people cannot complain about our woes if they will not even do something as easy as vote for the BNP. Of the minority of Brits who actually turn out to vote, less than half have voted for the winning party in each of the last four elections. The parties are not popular at all, but the apathy of the non-voters is akin to complicity. If they object to it, they should get themselves on the electoral register and vote for the BNP. There have been plenty of opportunities to do this, but people simply refuse.

Truly, “optimism is cowardice”! I have no idea how the UK (or Sweden) is going to recover from this. People’s brains have been turned to mush. It is intolerable. No wonder Dominique Venner topped himself.

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“It is unbelievable that people can continue to vote for the enemies of civilisation time and time again”

– I wonder if the author of this piece has stopped to consider that perhaps they are not voting for their enemies- in other words, that the elections might be rigged? While I cannot speak for the Brits, I certainly can tell you that there are many Americans who believe that our elections have been tampered with, and accusations of voter fraud have abounded here. Small wonder when Diebold machinery “counts” the votes. There have been entire voting precincts that have been compromised, wherein votes meant to go to a Republican candidate have been counted for the Democratic opponent. It would be surprising indeed if the same were NOT true in Great Britain. This also goes far toward explaining the “apathy” of the non-voters that Roger is compaining about. Certainly this applies here in the US, where many Whites feel that the government is so corrupt that the existing system cannot be saved .
Those few who have tried to change the system from within have found that running for office (on any level) requires 1) money- a lot of it, and 2) approval by the power structure. Without that approval, the money (in the form of political contributions from the well-heeled) is not forthcoming. A perfect closed system. Third party candidates never are successful here.

You are absolutely correct, especially with respect to the problem of votes for Republican candidates being registered for their Democratic opponents and the futility of Third Party candidacies (at least absent enormous wealth, as in the case of Jew York’s very own Mayor Kikel Jewberg). Just look at what Sid Dinerstein did to Derek Black in the Democratic People’s Republic of Fluba (Palm Beach, specifically).

I myself did not vote in the last election, in which the Staten Islanders (the only White, Republican borough of New York being Staten Island) were mysteriously deprived of their electrical generators at election time without any protest from the jewsmedia whatsoever, despite all the hoopla from the aforementioned jewsmedia concerning the need for everyone to lavish money on thieves posing as charities in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

It’s all sickening, and all we can do is move to North Dakota and wait for The System to collapse.

Indeed, moving (running away from the problem) is what we Whites have been doing for the past half century or so here in the US. We can still do this because the country is so large, but that will not last forever, especially with the gov’t bringing in more illegals, more Somalis, more non-whites every day. Still, I am old and my only option is to move to where it is (relatively) safe.

That is a fair concern to raise. It is well-known that the Labour Party liberalised the postal voting laws, which can be easily manipulated because: a) there is no way of knowing whether the registered voter is the one who filled in the postal ballot, b) large (immigrant) families, most of whose members are apolitical, can have a disproportionate sway if the one or two politically minded people register everyone else and vote on their behalf, and c) the anonymity of the voting booth disappears.

At one of the recent by-elections in England, the majority of votes cast on election day went to the UK Independence Party (which is not nationalist, but does want to halt immigration). But, they lost! They lost because their enemies are experts at building up a large constituency of postal voters. We don’t have voting machines. I have heard from BNP activists that many of the voters they speak to during their campaign trails will agree with the BNP’s policies about immigration and such, before going on to say that they will STILL vote for a traitor party which actively opposes their views. That is baffling. With people like that, the system doesn’t even need to rig the elections.

The point about money is also valid. To stand in a parliamentary election, a candidate needs a deposit of £500, which will be lost if he does not win at least 5% of the vote share. For national parties (without which it is not possible to form a coherent government), that means at least 324 candidates must be fielded to win a majority, costing at least £162,000; and that is without going into the money spent on campaigning, where smaller parties like the BNP obviously cannot compete with Labour and the Conservatives. In 2010, there was an official spending limit for each candidate, varying in different parts of the country but generally ranging between £38,000-£42,000. Let me give one example:

In London’s Barking constituency, where the BNP had achieved significant breakthroughs in previous local elections, Nick Griffin chose to stand as a parliamentary candidate in the hope of using his high profile to become the first BNP MP. He was up against a wench from the Labour Party called Margaret “Hodge” (real name Oppenheimer), who spent £31,187.88 in her campaign trail. This was supplemented by a vigorous anti-BNP campaign led by a state-funded “anti-fascist” group called Hope Not Hate, who brought their communist hoodlums in from all across the UK to swarm the streets, spreading propaganda about the BNP with the intention of intimidating people into silence (you can see a video of Oppenheimer speaking to a room of immigrants telling them to vote for her to prevent the BNP from “throwing them into the sea from airplanes”; and they accuse the BNP of scaremongering and lying!).

There was also a strong newspaper campaign against the party in general and Griffin in particular, because the establishment was worried that they might well break through after their recent successes in the 2009 European Parliament election. The one thing the traitors do not want is for the BNP to set this precedent: “we have proved that we can win in one constituency, so a vote for the BNP is *not* a wasted vote”. With all of this against him, the outcome was unsurprisingly bad. He came third (with 14.6% of the vote) and all of the other national candidate failed to make any progress. The party has splintered since then, and the vacuum has been filled by the civic nationalist UKIP (which bans former BNP members from joining).

All of that said, however, the calamity of multiculturalism is easy to see, and most people still do not register to vote. I know the democratic system is a joke, but if people want to do something while remaining anonymous (to avoid financial ruin, communist harrassment and/or possible criminal charges, which many nationalists have been subjected to), it would not be hard to put an anonymous ballot into a box, even if only to help the BNP hold on to its deposits. If they are not going to win through the ballot box, how is it going to be done?

Maybe these parties should be running on a platform of anti-jews/dual loyalties instead of reactionary level anti-immigration. After all, in a democratic system, the Jews are a small minority and wouldn’t have the opportunity to instigate the masses in voting.

Personally, I’ve had enough of these ’emotion’ based tactics at the expense of any true Machiavellian thought. Hitler named the Jew, not the Paki, and if you don’t follow that method, then you’re simply working for ‘them’ without knowing it.

The GWB 2000 election was definitely jewish rigged in Florida:

In an on-camera interview, David Siegel crows that he got George W. Bush elected president. When asked how he did that, the Florida resident declines to give particulars, claiming his actions “might not have been legal.” His wife, Jackie, brags that she’s spent as much as $1 million a year on clothing, including $17,000 on a pair of Gucci crocodile boots.

Read more: (link)

NYC, LasVegas, Los Angeles, Chicago — all have Jewish mayors. “My Infinite Nostalgia” is a movie I never heard of, and I will try to find it elsewhere. Crazy world!

Today The Drudge Report linked this (link) article about the 5ht day in a row “youths” in Stockholm have been burning the city.

If you guys have any dellusions about regular Whites watching apalling events like these (or, for that matter, the beheading of a British soldier by a repellent Black Muslim in London two days ago) and awakening to the racial dimension of the trouble mass immigration has put them in, you just have to read the comment section of this article to be disabused. Even when the commenters agree that there may be something wrong with “youths” supposedly protesting against perceived social injustices by destroying public and private property at random, they just can’t see the larger pattern of non Whites terrorizing the White majority — in Stockholm, in London, in Paris — year after year, after year.

This commenter (link) is particularly illustrating of what I’m trying to point at — more specifially, check this specific comment of hers: link. Here you have a chick who is obviously a MESTIZA of whatever ethnic background (Pakistani? Indian?) lecturing European Whites about their moral obligation of feeding, housing, educating and providing jobs to non white immigrants and their offspring, in the absence of which, the said immigrants and their offspring are entitled with the right to burn their cities to ashes.

How could these European societies have gone so low as to allow this surreal situation to have become possible? Whatever the answer, one thing is certain in my mind after seeing the popular reaction at these events: trying to save these White societies as a whole is a mission doomed to failure, not only due to the level of moral decadence that the bulk of the public has sunk to, but also due to the pace of miscigenation of the native populations with the non white immigrants. Whites with non White relatives are an ever increasingly growing number of people and these folks will never support a White nationalist movement in their countries. Never. The moronic Mestiza whose comments I linked above very probably has British relatives and they no doubt support her “right” to spit these obnoxious views in the British press.

The point I’m trying to make is this: the cause of White Nationalism is such a hopeless one given the disconnect between the White public at large and our views (which they see as abhorrent and despicable) that maybe the most feasible strategy would be to try and save a number of Whites that is just enough not to let the race go extinct and then proceed to get a Lebensraum somewhere by whatever means. When a huge fire ravages through your house, you don’t try to save everything, but just what is really indispensable.

Let’s be honest to ourselves: raciously concious whites are by a long shot the most far sighted individuals of their societies. I know that, you guys know that to. But I just don’t believe it is realistic to expect the average white to achieve this level of consciousness. Historically speaking, Whites hardly ever have seen themselves as Whites proper — but rather as British, French, Germans or simply as Christians. It is true that a number of Germans during the 3rd Reich and a number of Americans while in contact with Blacks and Indians, until a recent past, did see themselves as Whites proper, but the question is: how long did this racial consciousness last? And if all it takes to root out this racial awareness from their minds is some amount of politically correct propaganda, then the notion of a solid White, raciously conscious nation is a hopeless one indeed — it’s like to consider building a castle on a sandbank.

As a Brazilian, I know where today’s White nations are headed to. Something like 15% of Brazil’s population is pure White, which makes up something like 30 million people. The problem is, the overwhelming majority of these people has non White friends, has a relative married to a non White, has married a non White and/or has himself/herself non White children. That is to say, the overwhelming majority of these folks are forever lost to the White nationalist cause — and this will be your situation pretty soon.

In such a depressing scenario, maybe the lesser evil would be to try and close ranks among ourselves instead of trying to save people who do not want to be saved.

Pessimist as I may sound, there is an ultimately successful precedent for our cause: the kikes and their founding of modern Israel. If they have managed to get their own land, Whites can do the same — specially if we give up the naive notion that all Whites deserve to be saved from wholesale miscigenation and the world chaos that will ensue from it. IMHO, The Jewish State (link) should be put side by side with works like Mein Kumpf as road map for the WN movement.

Thanks for the corrections, Cesar. I always comment here in a hurry, usually writing from my workplace, and for this reason I never have the time to make a clean copy of the comments.

John, I think that this one sentence taken from your entry above made the biggest impression on me, more so than any recent WN blogging that I have read recently:

“… if we give up the naive notion that all Whites deserve to be saved from wholesale miscigenation and the world chaos that will ensue from it”

– why DO we think that all Whites deserve to be shielded from the consequences of their acceptance of the status quo? This is an excellent point. I suppose most of us have embraced this silly notion as a result of wanting a return to normalcy. That is, the normalcy of of a past that we cannot return to. Your point is well made. Only those who recognize the value of their race and want to ” secure the existence of our people and a future for White children” , as David Lane so eloquently stated it, should be the focus of our energies.

“In such a depressing scenario, maybe the lesser evil would be to try and close ranks among ourselves instead of trying to save people who do not want to be saved.”

– You have reasoned this through very well and your conclusion is not “the lesser evil”, but rather the only realistic option. However, Whites trying to emulate the Jewish plan will be confronted with several nearly insurmountable obstacles;

1) Acquiring the “lebensraum”. Such a group of Whites would most likely not be an overwhelming force “to reckon with”, and would have to bargain with a friendly host nation for territory (Russia might be a possiblity, since the Jews have worn out their welcome there and the Russians have become more nationalistic).

2) Money- most average Whites haven’t got much of it since they are severely taxed in order for the state to support its imported non-white immigrants. Indeed, most Whites cannot afford to have large families for this very reason. Note well that the Jews, in establishing Israel had enormous amounts of financial support both from one another and from the “stupid goyim” and their supplicating governments.

3) We do not have a corrupt politician in our pockets as did the Jews (Lord Balfour) to help us acquire land, we do not have racially loyal monied royalty who would be willing to buy such a corrupt politician for us, such as Lord Rothschild.

Aside from all that, we cannot expect any support from the majority of Whites, but we CAN expect plenty of opposition from them! In the face of any serious White attempt to establish a nation such as you speak of, most of our own people would back the very non-whites who intend to dispossess and even to murder them.

You said :

“In such a depressing scenario, maybe the lesser evil would be to try and close ranks among ourselves instead of trying to save people who do not want to be saved.”

– One man has been trying to do just that here in the US. His name is H.A. Covington and his website is here:


He also has a radio program and here is the link.

His idea is to establish a “homeland” for White people in the Pacific Northwest of the US. All Whites from any country would be welcome, and many unfortunate Whites who are suffocating in the UK would love to emigrate, but the US government will not let them. I do not know how much success he has had with his program, but at least someone out there is actually trying to do something to reverse our fortunes as a race.

I have lots of entries on Covington and his great novels. Alas, the idea in the second part of his fifth novel is unrealistic: cold fusion to challenge the powerful US government! The horrible truth is that a white ethnostate will need atomic bombs to make it sure it won’t be attacked. And the possibility to get them is rather slim, even if the white ethnostate will be in friendly terms with the Islamic nations that have joined the atomic club.

I believe that only the slaughtering of biblical proportions that will come after the crash of the dollar and especially the depletion of oil later in this century will open a window of opportunity for the surviving whites to wake up from their incredibly deep and incredibly dense dream. That’s why I firmly believe that studying the claims of those who have been predicting those catastrophes should be studied in-depth in the pro-white community.


Your points are undeniable. Whites not only don’t have any of the advantages that kikes had while struggling to create their own ethno-state but, to make things worse, Whites face a number of challenges that kikes didn’t have to face in those circumstances.

But the silverlining here is what Chechar has just pointed out: the combination of general financial crash, plus the depletion of natural resorces like minerals, and oil, combined with the desintegration of traditional White societies due to mass immigration will make it simply impossible for the current Jewish/Plutocratic/Liberal Powers That Be to go on oppressing the White people for ever and depriving its best members of the possibility to found their own state. When the current status quo runs out of money and when things start to REALLY spiral out of control in what once were traditional White societies (as the latest news from Sweden and England clearly portend won’t take too long to happen) the Jewish masters of the universe and their White and Non White slaves and useful idiots will be too busy (running to the hills) to take action against our movement.

Is it a visionary project? Of course it is. Just like Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Communism/Liberalism: they all began as visionary movements created by tiny circles of men with iron will and a long term view of things. And look at the planet today: these assholes are in complete control of it. If these folks could do it, Whites can do it too.

I am very pessimistic in the short and medium term — but I am optimistic in the long run, because the White civilization that may eventually rise from the ashes of the coming catastrophe will be able to understand what happened to their forerunners, whereas the post-Renaissance Europeans, for example, didn’t have a clue of the reasons why Greece and Rome had collapsed and, therefore, kept making the same mistakes. If Whites are successful at creating a national racial state in the future, they’ll be able to fix things once and for all as far as the survival of the race is concerned.

Cesar, I know that you have multiple entries on Covington and his novels and I am glad that you are helping him in this way. I was unaware of the cold-fusion plot line of his fifth novel as I have only read the trilogy. However, his first three novels (especially “Brigade”) contain a very workable outline for a fledgling resistance movement. The glitch in his plan is the absence (so far) of the young “alpha” males that he needs for his movement, nor do they seem forthcoming as those men representing the best genetic material we had never got the opportunity to reproduce- those men died on the battlefields in WW1 and 2. Today’s young men and women are a product of indoctrination and conditioning. They do not want to fight for anything, not even for the future and safety of their children.Cesar, I believe that this is exactly where our people went wrong; we have neglected to indoctrinate our children with their own culture and history, with Western Civilization, to make them prize their own past. The Jews send their children to their Shuls to learn about their history, to indoctrinate them with hatred toward all others, and in general- to exclude others from their own society. I have no love for Jews- that is a certainty. However I believe we can learn much needed racial survival skills from them and first and foremost is to control the education of our children.
As to your other points; yes the dollar will crash, oil and other natural resources will be depleted (and by then the genetic engineering of food crops by Monsanto may help to cause food shortages due to sterile seed) and the resulting carnage will be…incomprehensible. I hope that those Whites who do survive those horrors will be able to salvage our civilization and make it prosper in some corner of the world that they have claimed for themselves alone.

The Brigade is really one of the most inspiring works I’ve found in the movement, and can be also interpreted as perfect FAQs on how to start a white revolution. I am glad that you liked it too!


The Jews live very well in Putin’s Russia. Many Jews — or, as was often the case, Russians with partial or fraudulent Jewish ancestry — who emigrated to Israel returned to Russia, where they live like kings. Just look at the oligarchs who are still in power. Berezovsky and Khodorkovsky were the two who ended up as personal enemies of Putin; the rest have retained their money and connections.

Russia, along with her bosom buddy, China, appears to be hedging her bets, supporting both Israel and Iran, so that she will have access to energy, no matter which nation emerges victorious in the Middle East, although it’s also possible Russia and China just want to buy the rights to the energy, then encourage the various Middle Eastern ethnoi to clean each other up, leaving the goodies for Russia and China.

Russia’s immigration situation is similar to ours, except her rapists, murderers, drug dealers, and welfare dependents arrive from Central Asia (apart from the Caucasians, who already have Russian passports):


Russians cannot afford to have more than two children, yet Caucasians and Central Asians on the dole have as many as they want (and that is several times the Russian birth rate per woman in Moscow). Now that Russians have started dying out, Putin has simply decided to import more Central Asians.

Whites will have to clean things up for themselves. The difference in Russia is that there is open mass dissatisfaction, and that this is not a secret:

http://ronsslav.org/ (in English)

http://vooruzhen.ru/ (in Russian)

http://ronsslav.com/ (in Russian)

Never again must the surviving elements of the White race fall into the mistake of believing in the idea of a world without conflict, the utopian immposibility of peace. Along with keeping their blood pure, they must remain eternally war-like as war, under one form or another, is eternal.
To avoid all past mistakes we must remember why we messed up.
Never forgive and never forget. Eye for an eye.
“The future belongs to those with the longest memory”-Nietzsche.

The White ethno-state will have to be at war perpetually against practically the whole earth in order to achieve the 14 Words. The situation truly is, as the Germans would say; Weltmacht oder Niedergang-World Power or Downfall.

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