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A secondary infection

“No one who is familiar with the 18th century and the 19th century can possibly believe that Whites are blameless” said Brad Griffin (“Hunter Wallace”) a little more than an hour ago. In another thread on the same subject, a commenter asked:

Why are Jews leading white nations to begin with? What level of idiocy does it take to allow your nation to voluntarily be led by a foreign tribe? That’s the question.

Griffin responded:

Ever since the French Revolution—see what happened in Haiti—, the answer has been liberalism.

Yankees believed in liberal capitalist democracy and their ideology legitimized the Jewish takeover of their society without a shot being fired. Germany put up more resistance under Hitler because Germans were less committed to liberalism.

It’s really that simple: Jews thrive in liberal democracies, under communism, and other systems that substitute abstract ideology for ethnic or religious solidarity.

Is Jewish influence bad? Of course.

It is a secondary infection. Jews don’t thrive in the Muslim world, China, Japan and other places because the conditions there aren’t favorable to Jews like they were in early twentieth century Yankeeland.

Yankees believed that Jews had a right to own their newspapers and film industry. They had a right to accumulate vast amounts of wealth and participate on an equal basis in their political system. The rest is history.

It couldn’t have ended any other way. See also Weimar Germany.

The strong feeling that Jews are bad and should be expelled is a healthy sentiment because Jewish influence has negative consequences.

What allowed the Jews to become so powerful? The culprit is Americanism which left the native population defenseless against the Jewish assault in the early twentieth century. Even without the Jews, Americanism alone had already inspired Yankees to destroy the South.

Liberalism also inspired Britain and France to inflict incredible damage on their Caribbean colonies.

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It all stretches back to Protestantism. When some smart-ass got the idea that he was smart enough to figure out what Christ meant while huddled in his hollow tree stump somewhere and thus defy God,Pontiff and King, the door was opened a crack…and it would eventually gape open to the Jew, the democrat and the Communist.

Martin Luther was friendly with the jews in the beginning… but became full of rage when he discovered that jews wanted to use him and Protestatism judaize Christians.

Liberalism = the empowerment and rise of the masses.

Oretga y Gasset (another great Spaniard!) wrote the best known literature on the subject, although his works take a slightly different aim, they incorporate the same exact problems that have manifested themselves fully today.

I say Americanism enobles the untermenschen to high status and thus launches a full out assault on any culture which is superior through vengence.

Not just Protestantism but any form of Christianity will sooner or later yield precedence to Judaism. How can they avoid it when the faith bases itself on Jewish holy books and continually over rates the Jewish role in world history. You cannot spend two thousand years drooling over ‘the Good Book’ and expect to keep the People of the Book at a safe distance.

Linking to the category “bicausalism” of this blog, Brad Griffin added today:


Here’s a brief explanation of why I lean toward “Bicausalism Type B”:

The short answer is Southern history. Jews have always lived in the South, but Southern Jews only played a marginal role in the downfall of our social institutions. The most obvious example would be the abolitionist movement, the War Between the States, and the destruction of the Confederacy.

Jews were never perceived as the major threat to slavery by antebellum Southerners. Try real hard to think of the Jews who were behind the abolitionist movement. Prominent Jews like Judah Benjamin of Louisiana and David Yulee of Florida resigned from the Senate when their states seceded from the Union. Jews fought for the Confederacy in the War Between the States.

During Reconstruction, Southern Jews joined the Ku Klux Klan. Montgomery was redeemed from Reconstruction by its first Jewish mayor, Mordecai Moses, who ran as “the true White man’s candidate.” Throughout the Jim Crow era, Southern Jews were part of the commercial elite in cities like Montgomery and Selma, and never seemed to have any problem accommodating themselves to segregation and white supremacy.

When the Civil Rights Movement erupted in the 1950s, Southern Jews were embarrassed by the sheer number of Northern Jews who came to the South, particularly in Selma and Montgomery, and many of them even joined the White Citizens’ Council. In the South, the Civil Rights Movement was never associated with the Jewish population. It was seen as the work of “outside agitators” – Jews, Quakers, Catholics, Northern Protestants, Unitarians – Jewish and Yankee radicals who arrived in the South from some point of departure in the Northeast or Midwest.

The history of the South is different from the history of the North. The threat to the South’s racial order has always come from the outside – through the existence of the Union – whereas in the North it has always come from the enemy within.

Basically, I don’t see Jews as the primary infection because, if it were not for the existence of the Union, I just don’t see Southern Jews overthrowing slavery, destroying the Confederacy, or rising up to overthrow the Jim Crow system.


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