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Beheaded Briton


A prelude for the “rivers of blood” predicted
by Enoch Powell more than 40 years ago

From Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch site:


Words of the murderer:

“You people will never be safe. Remove your governments, they don’t care about you. You think David Cameron is going to get caught in the street when we start busting our guns? You think politicians are going to die? No, it’s going to be the average guy, like you and your children. So get rid of them.”

Note: this post was modified on May 23.

9 replies on “Beheaded Briton”

I don’t know if you guys are following the current developments in Sweden (here, here), but the events in London don’t shock me, don’t move me in the least.

Look, we’re not talking about blue whales, baby pandas or some other cute, helpless, endangered species here, ok?

England, Sweden and the rest of the West are societies of adult men and women. The only reason why this Muslim scum is now killing, intimidating, raping, plundering them is because they want it to happen, period. And don’t tell me it was their politicians who have made possible the current invasion from the Third World: who the hell voted these guys into office?

Let their cities burn, their women be raped, their youth be beaten up and decapitated in the streets. They will HAVE to wake up sooner or later. I bet you guys 99% of regular Whites are far more horrified at the idea of White Nationalism than at Multiculturalism, racial miscigenation, freedom of religion for Islam, etc. So let them experience with this garbage and feel the consequences for a while. Maybe they will change their minds over time.

The only reason why this Muslim scum is now killing, intimidating, raping, plundering them is because they want it to happen, period.

John, you did hit the nail. Tocqueville said, “To commit violent and unjust acts, it is not enough for a government to have the will or even the power; the habits, ideas and passions of the time [my emphasis] must lend themselves to their committal.”

This is what many white nationalists just cannot understand. They only blame the Jews and believe that whites are saints.

Yesterday for example, at a popular white nationalist blogsite a 9/11 conspiracy theorist insulted me because I don’t believe in conspiracies. But this people are now surpassing themselves. According to a conspiratorial blogsite even “The London Decapitation is a Zionist Cover-Up”.

“Now, the Zionists are attempting to frighten people with the images of knife-wielding Muslims, when it exclusively the Mossad [my emphasis] which slits people’s throats routinely with such knives.

This hoax, though, is having its impact, reviving the hate against Islaam and the people of Islaam. Surely, this human race is not blessed with independent thinkers.”

With such paranoids in the movement, can we win the racial war? If they don’t visit Gates of Vienna it’s because, unlike Kevin MacDonald (who recently quoted at length from GoV), these other silly nationalists only understand the language: Jew, Jew, Jew. All Muslims and whites are innocent according to their POV!

It saddens me to say it, but John Martínez is correct. There was no mention in the Labour Party’s 1997 manifesto of any plan to bring millions upon millions of new people in, but it was still obvious to all observant people that they were social revolutionaries and radical egalitarians with a deep commitment ot the destruction of the English constitution (they were highly successful at achieving their ends). There was a clear antecedent from previous decades, however, during which time the Labour Party had started the process of coloured immigration from the ex-colonies. The Conservative Party had continue to support the process whenever it was in government, and its leaders marginalised Enoch Powell when he made his famous speech in 1968. Nobody can seriously claim not to have known Labour were pro-immigration, although the average voter might not have been able to predict the extent of it. We know, from admissions by a Labour scriptwriter called Andrew Neather, and more recently from the Jew Peter Mandelson, that they deliberately used immigration as a means of “rubing the Right’s nose in diversity”, and went so far as to send recruitment teams abroad to find people to move here. This was well-known within the party’s leading ranks, but absent from their public statements. When Neather made the rare mistake of being honest to a journalist about immigration, most people paid little attention to it.

The results of their actions were plain to see by the time the next election came along in 2001. By this time, there had been several race riots in Northern England (not for the first time) and a significant increase in the level of net migration — and they still got re-elected. No adult could profess ignorance at this point: a vote for Labour was very obviously a vote for mass-immigration, multiculturalism and the erosion of liberty. Four more years passed, during which time the Iraq war was initiated, another huge wave of immigration came along, and the government revoked a law banning homosexual propaganda from schools (“Section 28”) and decided to give queers the “right” to form civil unions — and they got re-elected *again*. Their manifesto during that election campaign included a pledge to introduce new laws criminalising “Racial and Religious Hatred”, which would re-enforce the pre-existing Race Relations Acts supported by all three of the main political parties.

By 2010, the voters decided to kick them out and replace them with the Conservative Party, whose leader refers to himself as the “heir to Blair” and does not differ from the Labour Party in any substantial way. The Conservatives did not manage to win a parliamentary majority, and they depend on the support of the Liberal Democrats to get their legislation passed (which is not a problem because the two parties agree about almost everything, but pretend not to as part of the democratic media circus). Since then, mass-immigration has continued unabated, there have been more race riots, crime has continued to increase, and now the government is pushing through homosexual marriage laws while denouncing their critics as “swivel-eyed loons”. If you look at the opinion polls for the next general election to see how people are planning to react against the failed Conservative-Libeal government, you will find that they are going to respond by voting the Labour Party back in! A Labour Party led, no less, by a Jew. It is unbelievable that people can continue to vote for the enemies of civilisation time and time again. The only reasonable conclusion is that the voters really do support their own national suicide.

Here’s the funny thing: in every election since 2001, less than half of the population has turned out to vote. Tens of millions of people are not even registered with the electoral roll, making them inelligible to vote. These apathetic people cannot complain about our woes if they will not even do something as easy as vote for the BNP. Of the minority of Brits who actually turn out to vote, less than half have voted for the winning party in each of the last four elections. The parties are not popular at all, but the apathy of the non-voters is akin to complicity. If they object to it, they should get themselves on the electoral register and vote for the BNP. There have been plenty of opportunities to do this, but people simply refuse.

Truly, “optimism is cowardice”! I have no idea how the UK (or Sweden) is going to recover from this. People’s brains have been turned to mush. It is intolerable. No wonder Dominique Venner topped himself.

Which is the better outcome?

1) Balkanization – Islam takes over portions of the west due to its ideological intensity relative to what most whites posess; rapes and violence continue, but Islamic immigrants remain isolated from the general population due to religious and cultural differences.

2) Assimilation – Second generation muslim immigrants become secularized, and are thus better able to incrementally mongrelize the white population due to affirmative action and diversity programs.

Given what Britain did to NS Germany, if any European state goes under from their “enrichment” by “diversity,” I want it to be Britain, because they deserve it.

I live in England and it turns out one of the killers went to a college that one of my family currently attends. He lived in my area. But you know what? I agree with you Kurt, “Great” Britain deserves this, it couldn’t happen to a sweeter bunch. My kin refuse to wake up, so the hard way they’ll have to learn.

Amazing comments under the Jihad Watch article: Nobody actually takes the long quote from the Muslim as true. What part is untrue? That is true “propaganda of the deed.” Interesting that he is already being censored.

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