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Degenerate art

The external side of the soul

“Everything in this modern age is heading towards the abyss of ugliness and decadence. The WNs [white nationalists] of today are corrupt. WNs of fifty years ago railed against the Beatles and rock. Now, what WN doesn’t love them?”

—Iranian for Aryans

See this thread that contains the above comment. It’s a didactic thread to grasp why Western civilization, including their nationalist defenders, is already defunct.

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Have a great day, and thanks so much for your wonderful site, chechar. So very much appreciative!

A fundamental difference between National Socialism and International Socialism was that the former sought to raise everyone up, to make every member of society aristocratic. Well that’s my take on it. Thinking about this more deeply it makes sense to be uncompromising about music and art and sexual behaviour. Standards have to be set and kept. It could hardly do anyone any harm to discard heavy rock music and concentrate on developing a taste for the classical. It has taken me a night of thought to come to this conclusion. The only concern I had was that modern music matched with clever video montages could be useful for propaganda purposes. And I use the word propaganda in the sense of conveying the truth to the people. Perhaps we can accept modern music that falls into the category of folk and mystical/new-classical?

One thing that pushed me over the edge into accepting what I first thought was a ridiculously uncompromising attitude here was that i remembered seeing some of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert. I clearly saw members of the Royal family bopping to the beat of what was some outrageously degenerate music and especially degenerate artists. At this moment I knew that the Britain I knew and once loved was lost forever. See here for some pictures.

How right you are about the Diamond Jubilee, AngloAmerikan! Peter Hitchens’ response to it in the Mail on Sunday is a good summation of the idiotic cult of pop music in general. He is, to my knowledge, the only well-known journalist in the UK who dares to criticise pap music as a childish fad, despite knowing that he will be subjected to a flurry of insults and called a “snob” by tasteless cretins. Read it here:


I used to listen to various shades of pop music as a teenager, but I gave it up altogether after daring to spend some time thinking about the philosophy of music. Pop music was little more than a bad habit which I eased into because that is just what young people do nowadays; but, they also tend to internalise liberal lies. If I could reject the liberals’ brain poison, why should I have continued to embrace their favoured music without question? Once the question has been raised, there is only one serious conclusion to be made.

The old card about “personal taste ” is an easy and lazy answer, and anyone who hides behind it must exclude himself from making proclamations about the sub-par quality of simian music. He has already admitted, by refusing to face his critics and blabbering instead about “personal taste”, that he does not believe in absolute standards, rendering all critical comment on music redundant. The logical outgrowth of his own premise is that his opinions on music are no more valuable than those of a ghetto coon. He can accept that if he wants, but he shouldn’t expect everyone else to embrace cultural relativism.

Reading some of the comments by IFA and Cesar on Counter-Currents, this site and IFA’s site, as well as the reactions against them by the defenders of Rammstein, strengthened my resolve to oppose rock music with all of the vigour that I can muster. It cannot be tolerated!


I concur, re: maintaining standards. In order to do so, and serve healthy propaganda to our people, we must eschew anything “new”. Folk music – unsullied by modern amalgamations and permutations – will do just fine.

Imagine: Videos with Irish line dancing. Italians doing a tarantella, drinking wine and cavorting. Probably the best videos would be Ukrainians and Russians flying through the air with their dances. We should make music videos that utilize dancers like the Moiseyev dance troupe.


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