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On the electric guitar and more

“I apologize as it’s not my purpose to browbeat you, but your promotion of said ‘music’ is prima facie evidence that the West is defunct.” —Iranian for Aryans

Music is the external side of the soul. If a culture’s soul is rotten, the external side of that culture must be rotten too.

Together with sexual mores and architecture, music has been my litmus test that shows that many white nationalists have not rejected the rottenness of our world.

In another thread the illustrious Roger said:

You are right that jazz requires some skill from the performer. What it does not require, however, is discipline from either the composer or the performer. It is inherently transient because of its improvisational character—if not for audio recording technology, alleged classics like Kind of Blue would have no posterity. The only thing that most jazz musicians bother to compose is what they refer to as the head, whilst the rest [is] improvised. Their structure is a binary A-B-A-B-A-B-A form: A represents the head, and B represents the improvisational passages led by each of the soloists. It is about showmanship and impulsiveness. That might be impressive for unruly teenagers and permanent adolescents, but it is not serious music. The mere form and structure of jazz prevents it from integrating any thoughtful counterpoint and orchestration. The harmony tends to be very basic and trite.

As for heavy metal, I don’t deny that people like Steve Vai and John Petrucci are capable performers with their electric guitars. Their problem is that they adore a bastardised conception of music, and they seem unable to perform without using artificial amplification and/or sound effects (which automatically close the instrument off to subtle dynamics and articulation). The electric guitar is one of the worst inventions of the 20th Century. Its steel strings create a sound which is not at all conducive to interesting polyphonic music (unlike, for instance, the classical guitar music of Fernando Sor). You will seldom hear an unaccompanied electric guitar, and if you do, it will be no more appealing to the ears than the accompaniment of an overbearing drum kit, a bass guitar, a screechy “singer”, and perhaps a keyboard synthesiser.

degenerateIt might also be added that jazz and rock music are both highly repetitive. The song you have posted is a good example. Not only are the lyrics juvenile and unpoetic, “sung” in a lacklustre fashion, but the lauded guitar solo is unmusical and (as expected) affected by irritating wah-wah sound effects. James O’Meara might enjoy it, because it is filled with bent notes and whammy bar movements, defying the twelve-tone equal temperament which he so opposes. It certainly does not require the same discipline from the performer as, for example, Joachim’s cadenza for Brahms’ violin concerto. There is no attention to ornamentation (e.g. staccato, legato, trills), harmony or dynamics, and there is no real craft involved. Joachim’s cadenza has all of those things, and it requires a very high level of skill to perform all of the double and triple stops—and that’s just the cadenza! It is the least interesting part of the concerto, in my view, as I find Brahms’ orchestration far more compelling and ingenious than any violin solo. The third movement is more exhilarating than anything one can find in heavy metal, regardless of how much the New Right wishes to think of it as “Viking” music (as if!).

You also wrote:

We can not listen to Beethoven all day, we also need a more basic entree to lighten our daily burden, which is “folk music”. Which has to be reinvented after a total extermination process since the 40’ties.

This is wrong on several counts. Starting with your last point, it is not true that folk music needs to be “reinvented”. I rather like Breton and Scottish folk music, and I can testify that these are two very strong living traditions. If you visit Lorient during the first two weeks of August in any given year, you will have a hard time making it down a street without hearing at least one busker (or a group of them) performing traditional music. People flock in from all over France and Europe for the “interceltique” festival in Lorient, and the enthusiasm on the streets is a stark reminder of Old Europe (there’s rarely a black face to be seen, either).

I love it, and I find the music of the Breton bagads delightful. The sound has a wonderful sense of discipline, and the better ones have a strict regimentation of the different sections of the band. It is well-suited for outdoor events in general, and street parades in particular. This is just one example to show that the folk traditions in most European countries have not suffered a “total extermination”, contrary to your claim. Most people are disconnected from them in the West (many favouring the modernist music you offer as an alternative), but they still exist, and enough people take an active interest for competitions, festivals, sessions and concerts to be regularly staged. The strong rhythm of this folk music is designed to complement traditional dance forms like the hornpipe, the an dro, the hanter dro, the gavotte and the reel, incidentally (this is also a function of much classical music). Jazz dancing is a different thing altogether, as is the frenzied idiocy of rock crowds. To compare the two is laughable. One of them serves the cause of decency, and the other serves the cause of debauchery.

As for the first point, nobody is suggesting that we ought to “listen to Beethoven all day”. There is so much variation in the Western classical canon that it would take at least a decade to properly absorb the full catalogues of all the major composers—and that’s without even mentioning the all of the lesser-known composers of merit (neglected or unesteemed composers still have more value than slimy modernist music). Beethoven is the acme of late Classical music, but there is obviously more to it than him alone. Frequently played favourites in my house include Dowland, Buxtehude, Bach, Monteverdi, Josquin, Dufay, Byrd, Haydn, Elgar, Schubert, Rachmaninoff and Dvořák, with many others in between. It is not hard for an attentive listener to hear the distinctions between each one of these composers, nor to understand what it is that unites them as part of the same broad musical tradition.

I think it comes down to this question: are we to behave as animals or as men? Their music appeals to the body because of the primacy of its rhythm (and, in the case of rock music, its deliberate, artificial loudness). Western music, on the other hand, appeals to the soul. This is something that you appear to be contemptuous of with your comments about “repression” (a favourite word of the feminists). I do not hold out much hope of convincing you to reject the sensualism which underlies your assumptions about the purpose of music.

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As to what you said in the other thread, the situation is worse than what we can imagine.

IMHO nationalist and non-nationalist whites who like degenerate music are similar to sexual deviants who pig-headedly claim that their orientation is just fine; merely an alternative lifestyle.

Let me explain what I mean.

The experience I have had over the boards since 2006 is that, as soon as my colleagues abruptly stop discussing with me an all too important subject, that’s proof that they are being dishonest.

The first example of this phenomenon happened in 2006-2007 while trying to convey the idea of the Muslim problem among pro-child advocates I considered my best friends. I believed that the sheer mass of data collected by Psychohistory would convince them that Muslims abuse their children more than we westerners do.

I was wrong! They simply shunned me, the data, my arguments, and the implications of my interpretation of psychohistorical research and we parted ways to the point that we are no longer on speaking terms. (I am talking of three persons: a New Yorker, a Dutch and a Swede that in my soliloquies I call “Alice Miller’s fans”.)

Then by the end of 2008 I discovered the counter-jihad movement and by 2009 I started to blog at Gates of Vienna (GoV), which, unlike Miller’s fans, recognize the grim realities of massive Muslim immigration into the West including child abuse (e.g., honor killings by parents of their daughters, etc). But when in 2010 I realized that besides the Muslim problem we got a Jewish problem too, GoV-ers shunned me almost in the same manner that Miller’s fans had done it before.

After this fiasco with Miller’s fans and counter-jihadists I arrived to the white nationalist camp. The people I found there were far more open and noble than my previous internet acquaintances. And there are some WNsts with no character flaws, like professor MacDonald. But then I started to note strange things in one of the most sophisticated WN webzines—the promotion of homosexualism, pop music, and Jewish Hollywood—: all major factors in the contamination of the Aryan soul. And like the Muslim problem and the Jewish problem in the previous boards, these factors were considered taboo too in that webzine for the sophisticate!

What I have concluded after my interacting with people I’ve met in real life and in the net is that, as soon as some of those who you originally considered your pals stop all discussion—Muslim problem, Jewish problem, Homo/Music/Hollywood problem, etc—these people have already “surrendered their will to evil”. Otherwise they would simply debate you in good faith with no need of any shunning or giving you the cold shoulder, right?

(Curious that I have abandoned Christianity and still use some of its terminology…)


I’m of the opinion that the following mantra is not only pithy, but quite germane to our situation:

“The conservatives of today are the liberals of tomorrow.”

Everything in this modern age is heading towards the abyss of ugliness and decadence. The WNs of today are corrupt. WNs of fifty years ago railed against the Beatles and rock. Now, what WN doesn’t love them?

And what WN, who is very cultured (like GJ), doesn’t promote faux-music as important and aesthetically valid?


When one’s retinue departs it is for two reasons: either their ears are no longer worthy of your words, or your words are not worth their time.

“Curious that I have abandoned christianity and still use some of it’s terminology”.

Tsk tsk tsk.

You abandoned the false form and are on the way to the true form, but meanwhile, while in between the two, are on the “outside” where the dogs, unchaste, murders, idolators, and everyone loving and doing falsehood is…..ie, “Hell”.

what do you think of the attempted combination of modern western “rock” arrangements and the hindu/aryan ragas? i understand the problem of the lower musical “traditions” of today, they promote unhealthy mindsets and utimately and unhealthy community. IMHO i would say that classical music belongs to pre-1945 western civilization, doesn’t nietzsche tell us that while we may love the past, we cannot go back; that preserving the old order is no longer sufficient and that we need a new order?

I think all modern attempts at amalgamating traditional forms and subjects with modernism is abominable.

Our New Order (which will probably never come) will utilize the old culture: tried and true, effulgent, virile, and pulchritudinous.



I cannot see a “reply” button on the other thread, but I am not familiar with Landini. I’m listening to some of the songs that are available on YT right now, and they are marvellous. I adore the early music revival of the 20th Century.

This serves to highlight a point I made in the previous post: classical music is so vast that one individual simply cannot internalise *everything*. There is always something “new” waiting to be discovered, be it an undiscovered composer, an undiscovered composition by an established favourite, or even an unheard recording of a familiar piece. Truly, there is no greater treasure trove than the Western canon!

I scorn the mad idea that we “need a more basic entree to lighten our daily burden”. If I only have three minutes to cram in one piece of music, why resort to pap? I have the songs of Gibbons, Monteverdi, Dowland, and now Landini! The Philistines can keep the rot to themselves.

I cannot see a “reply” button on the other thread,

Roger, it is because once replies start accumulating in a specific column of replies within an entry thread, you have to scroll up a bit to find the latest “reply” button.

Yes, Roger, classical music is truly vast. What makes me snicker is when others ask me why I don’t listen to other forms of “music”; the implication being that classical music is “all the same” and that I need to “expand my horizons” and “stop being close-minded”.


I agree with IFA’s comment below. If I want to listen to Indian classical music, I will listen to Indian classical music! There is no reason to fuse a living tradition with rock music. There is a different spirit and theory lying beneath the two. It is like trying to force an American plug into a European power socket. The two just don’t meld. I am not particularly enamoured with Indian classical music, but it far more estimable than rock music. I do not see how anyone could integrate a bass guitar into it, and certainly not a drum kit.

For a direct example, consider the English jazz guitarist, John McLaughlin. When he tried to fuse his jazz-rock styling with Indian classical music, it sounded trite and contrived. You can hear this on a composition like “Peace One” (a dreadful hippy name), which seems unable to decide whether it wants to be jazz or Indian. It has a cluttered sound which one will never hear in traditional Indian music. Later on, however, McLaughlin wielded a more successful result by doing away with the jazz elements altogether. He formed a group called Shakti and reverted to the acoustic guitar, which he modified in several ways to acclimatise it to the microtonality of Indian music. This included scalloping the neck and adding drone-strings to imitate the sitar. WIth this group, he performed wholly acoustic music alongside traditional Indian musicians — there was a logic behind it despite the non-traditional instrumentation (and remember: his modifications would have made his guitar alien to Western musicians, too!). By this point, it was no longer rock music at all. He must have understood that it can only be one or the other.

Nietzsche can think what he wants, but I am a reactionary, not a revolutionary. That means a return to the principles of better times. They were valid then and they will always remain so. If the natural order is restored, the culture will follow.

You might be surprised a bit to know that Nietzsche was more a reactionary than a revolutionary. He even supported traditional marriage.

And unlike his revolutionary pal Richard Wagner, when Wagner was engaged in real revolutionary activities Nietzsche was a kid who, with his sister, played at home to bring to justice those who dared to rebel against “King Squirrel”.

Rock itself is quite worthless as a genera.The best way to summarize pop music is the musicians and their worthless multiracial friends having a pointless party. Rock music is the rebellious music (cough cough) that wants people to either drink up a storm of fornicate to no end (like every other part of the media promotes). Metal as a genera uses metal guitars yes, but often in folk metal bands some attempt to incorporate traditional instruments such as flutes, violins and even bagpipes is made. The culture surrounding it is often not great, but the music itself isn’t by necessity bad.

I’ll give five examples from metal bands I listen to to prove the point:

And then there was silence: a 14 minute song about the trojan war


The Wheel of Time


Undiscovered Dreams: Light Metal + Operatic Vocals


Third immortal (about Radaghast the Brown from LOTR)


The Dead End Verse: Kind of have to love the lyrics in this song.”You tried to cloud my eyes with shame I know, until I understood that guilt is control. We don’t feel, now I am facing your truth. Faith of Hell!


There is metal stuff that is degenerate of course. Lots of satanist stuff, drunken culture, fornication culture etc. However, there is also some stuff that is descent as far as message and the instruments suit it to a large extent. I also really like classical music too. It used to be the only stuff that I listened to, but I found that Folk Metal and some other metal is quite appealing for me too.

The second of those Forefather songs is a modernist arrangement of a medieval English song (c. 1225). For the sake of comparison, listen to this recording by the period instrument group, Ensemble Belladonna:


The singing is much better, the instruments have more clarity, and there is no distortion or loudness. There are no power-chords (i.e. fifths), either. The whole thing is more harmonious and melodic (thank God for Alte Musik!). I know what Forefather are trying to do, but there is no essential difference between the outward form of their music and that of “NWOBHM” bands. The differences are superficial, even if Forefather have good intentions. Just listen to the drum rhythm — it is the same as the one you will find in Iron Maiden or Saxon: dun-DUN-dun-DUN. The emphasis is always on the second and fourth beats, rather than the first and the third. This is a disordered type of syncopation, and it is one of the core characteristics of rock music in general (including most of the other links you have posted). It gives me a headache.

These people would be better off ditching the electric guitars and drum kit altogether, and perhaps getting some singing lessons. Period instruments have a much sweeter effect on the ear. If you want a buzzy instrument, learn the shawm! It is better than the electric guitar and it does not require special tricks for its sound to be amplified.

The song I posted is taken from an album called “Melodious Melancholye: the sweet sounds of medieval England”, by the way, if anyone wants to hear more. It is one of my favourites, and the performers are all involved with other excellent period groups.

WhiteLight, doesn’t this statement of yours, that I fully agree with—:

The best way to summarize pop music is the musicians and their worthless multiracial friends having a pointless party. Rock music is the rebellious music (cough cough) that wants people to either drink up a storm of fornicate to no end (like every other part of the media promotes).

—contrasts with your liking the same music that induces precisely the feelings of getting drunk or laid, etc?

Chechar, the metal music I like isn’t about that sort of stuff. There’s a distinction between liking some parts of a genera and necessarily liking all parts of a genera. As far as the feeling of the music goes, pop music and rock induce those sorts of feelings primarily because almost all songs are oriented towards that sort of stuff. Metal tends to be oriented more towards telling a story rather than immediate emotions.

Roger, I also liked that version of the song (it has been in my music favorites for a while). It certainly has an edge in being traditionalist, but I also like the Forefather interpretation of the song.

Friends, this much I remember. When growing up in Chicago we had 3-4 classical music stations, today there is one. For the life of me I cannot listen to any of the WN music, its all screaming to me. If music represents the soul of a people then WNs need not come knocking on my door. They are rabble to me. One of my favorite memories: Driving down a mountain side in northern California at dusk with Wagner’s Flight of the Valkyries playing full blast with windows open. To me it was war, power, high culture, freedom, victory all rolled into one. The essence of what we want to achieve. Alex

I have a similar experience here at Mexico City.

Decades ago the city was much less populated by brown, uneducated scum and my mother listened XELA, a radio station of classical music (which is gone now with a population of almost 20 million of breeding Neanderthals). In those more civilized times I remember even a taxi driver who listened the classical station!

The tragedy now is that not only the darkest browns but the few remaining Iberian whites have succumbed to the superficial and hedonistic spirit of the age (manifested in music) that is killing us.

For there to be any real change young people are going to have to buy into the program and they are not going to do that with your insistence that modern music is the ‘devil’s’ music or that it is ‘degenerate”. Both classical and modern music can co-exist. That said I believe there is a distinctly white and black modern music. You can instantly tell which is which when you listen to it. A modern movement would need to jazz up its public image by using modern white music and modern imagery. That doesn’t mean the elite of the movement cannot listen to their classical music and seek to promote and develop it. It is clear that most people are not ready for or capable of truly appreciating certain music. However they will be affected by cleverly crafted modern music and video. At this stage to forbid the use of powerful modern music and caste these people out would be foolish indeed.

Can we keep these?:




I won’t opine about the music in your two links but about this:

“Both classical and modern music can co-exist… At this stage to forbid the use of powerful modern music and caste these people out would be foolish indeed.”

Our POV is that non-closet, overt homo behavior cannot coexist with the mores of an Austen world. Similarly, heavy rock cannot coexist with the musical tastes of an Austen world. Hollywood filth cannot coexist with the visual tastes of an Austen world.

After the coming crash of the dollar, the peak oil apocalypse and racial wars, if whites reclaim tradition in order to found large white families, rock music / homosexuality / post-1960s movies won’t be tolerated by these regenerated, traditional whites of the new ethnostate, especially after the first generation passes away.

That’s my absolute prediction.

Yes, if salvation comes, all the “bad stuff” you enumerated will be trashed.

As an aside, if we are to save ourselves we must promote that which is good. We quote Nietzsche and Spengler because they are right. We promote their salubrious views because our people need their insight even though they know not of them. Yet we promote rock even though our people need classical music. Why can we promote philosophers unbeknown to everyone, who are needed, while we promote rock because people know and love it? So why not push porn, since it, too, is very much part of current white society as well?


A couple of examples from those bands:

Von Thronstahl: Respect the Hierarchy


Von Thronstahl: The Age of Decay and Democracy


Arditi: Religion of the Blood (the speech starts at 2:00 or so)


Legionarii: Atlantis


Kreuzweg Ost: Eiserne Menschen


I used to listen to some martial industrial music, but I realised after a while that the best of it tends to be lifted directly from old recordings of German military bands, with a few sampled, distorted or synthetic sounds dubbed on top of it. A good example is “Marching on to Victory” by Arditi. I don’t know the name of the tune they used for that one, but I have seen at least one of video of it performed by a Hitlerjugend marching band. It is not an original composition by Arditi, nor even a new performance of it. If they were actually tracking down the music sheets for all of the old marching tunes and recording new versions, then I would be more enthusiastic!

As it stands, I prefer to go straight to the source. I often listen to songs like “Giovinezza” (there’s a great recording of Gigli singing it), “Volk ans Gewehr” and “Unser Rommel”. Martial industrial music sounds too gloomy to me; it is more like the music of a dying civilisation than the music produced by a civilisation at its greatest height.

Anyway, here’s a contemporary marching song that I quite enjoy:




Greg must be again mad with us. He didn’t even let pass a neutral comment where I pointed out to some syntactic inaccuracies in an English-Spanish translation of one of his latest Venner articles (my Spanish corrections: here).

(Similarly, since 2011 I hadn’t tried to comment at Denis Mangan’s blog. Yesterday I tried to respond to Daybreaker’s claims about what monocausalists call “suicide meme” and my comment was also deleted in this thread.)

Why just don’t allow our points to be discussed at CC? My guess is that it’s because there’s no rational reply to what we have been saying in these threads about James.

He doesn’t want naysayers. He wants sycophants not gadflies. We must go along with his program. If you poo-poo his homosexualism or attack his philosophical catamite, James O’Meara, then you’re unwelcome and censored.

His NANR is a joke.

“I think it comes down to this question: are we to behave as animals or as men?”

You should see what passes for dance and music in contemporary American high schools. Picture a young woman, bent over, waddling like a hippopotamus while a young man gyrates like a gorilla, sweating like a pig, against her backside while listening to Negroid-techno beats.

No, I’m not exaggerating when I say that’s the norm.

ZOG culture is soul-klling child abuse.

No distinction is made between Rock, which is a broad category including diverse styles, and rock’n’roll, punk rock, and heavy metal, etc?

A song like this


is degenerate?


It won’t be tolerated?
Why exactly?

So there’s no difference between this and slipknot…

And I repost mine too, as it holds foot way more deep as we can see in the reaction of any kid and youngster, that there is a time and place for everything. You can not listen to classical music all day, it is too sacred, you blow it if you don”t understand this.

“”Allthough I do agree with much that has been said here above, and i am my self a frantic listener to classical music all day long, especially since nordic values of NS have penetrated my daily life I would like to add the following facts for thought:

In some racial studies, political incorrect, it is stated that negros, inspite of their lower IQ’s, have good memory and a high capacity of geographic memorization. This explains in my view why they excell in music and especially jazz. I am a musicien myself and I can tell from a personal humiliating experience that the knwoledge and memorization of eons of scales and chords is vital to being a virtuoso musician in any style. Blacks like Art Tatum, Gillespie, Ellington and so forth, outperformed whites and could even mimic white classical music into their creations at perfection. I take notice of this and judge it as such : blacks (and unfortunately jews) are higly capable in performing but alos creating music. Off course jews played a major role in promoting degenerative music, and thus had a hand in the explosion of rap and hip hop and the jewblack popmusic we have to listen today today.
But there was a time, in the ’50 ties, were blacks and white could communicate musically at high level and I can even say I have some kind of a nostalgia for this period where and blacks and whites dressed classy, girls were vamps, and both races made technically and creatively great music.

Thus when I see WN’s bashing blacks (and their music) while listening at the most horrific over simplified skinhead nazi rock it is beyond my grasp.

At the same time I think commenters here above concentrate too much on classical music.
One of the reasons blacks inspire the youth is because the have RYTHM. But we also had rythm, not only in western hillbilly but very dense in folk music still subsisting in french Brittany, irish folkmusic and so forth. It is the church that urged out the rythm of music as it was
an expression of the bowel and our sexual organs.
So whites have been repressed and intimidated in the rythm music, letting blacks take the lead and thus dominate popular music.

We can not listen to Beethoven all day, we also need a more basic entree to lighten our daily burden, which is “folk music”. Which has to be reinvented after a total extermination process since the 40′ties.

Metal and neo classical hard rock is also a way of expressing white heritage and commenters here above are totally non competent on the subject. The whole hard rock movement of the early 80 was a white pride (and joy) moment hardly seen elsewhere except for the ’30 im simple opinion. The exploring of Edward Van halen in his eruption solo of the realm of electric guitar, the flamboyant viking like frontmen and the celebration of an all white technology, cars, videos and world supremacy at that time should not be overlooked.
Technically the guitar players of the year 2013 can compete with the paganinis of the 1840′s. Their instruments have been amplified electronically buth they seek exactly the same vibes as did the Wagners and Lizts.
Here is one out of a 1000 exemples of a fine viking guitar hero displaying white pride playing proto indo euroepan scales mixed with technical mastery of century old instruments.


If you understood a Beethoven piano sonata or string quartet, you wouldn’t waste your time with “viking music”. Your defensiveness is akin to all the women I’ve engaged in conversation with dealing with their tastes in music; e.g., Them: “Oh, yeah, I like classical music, like Mohsart. But I’m also eclectic.” Me: “What Mozart pieces do you like?” Them: “Oh…..everything….” Me: “And what eclectic pieces do you like?” Them: “Oh, that’s easy (then a long list with copious titles ensues).”


And here is more as I got hit on a personal music by some musical non-nos.
I happen to be a semi professionnal guitarplayer for over 30 years.
In my electric guitarwork I use scales, besides major/minor such as dorian; aeolien, lydian,mixolydian, bizantin, spanish 8 tone, overtone, melodic and harmonic minor, frygian, locrian , superlocrian, whole steps, pentatonicthis and that and so forth and so forth, and yes I use 8 fingers on the fretboard, harmonics and every sound that makes my spine shiver. And most of all I try to connect my inner spirit with what I hear coming out of the amp. Sorry!
Guitar has evolved. The whole world has evolved.
The old guitar was not that great, sorry once again!
Guitar had to catch up electrically with the violon for bends and slides and harmonics that just are no playable on the acoustic guitar, and especially not with other musicians around.
Paganini did all the same as mentionned here above but here I have the lords of internet taste on music making a resume of the likes as Steve Vai that using a whammy bar is not music. Waow! Am I lightened.
Melody is nothing. Whatever melody by Wagner or the Beatles coming out of a computer program sucks. Too bad you don”t like the ‘violin solos’ as it is the best part, there where the musician has full access to his soul by his technical capabilities and his instrument. The melody become art and beauty through strings, wood, wind, horns,,, the original orchestration is what makes Wagner the best not the melody an sich.
You are such a pretentious nitwit..
Yes I live in France, I know all about celtic festivals and they are remnants as white culture is rooted out by the jewish tenants of MTV , our radios and all record companies. Noticed nothing on the radio since, say 1992?
To read that I would be a ‘ feminist ‘ while I ‘am victimising complaining about oppression, sure Chechar you chose the wrong commetn as a headliner. It is onlu complaining here on EVERY POST and I am the only one talking about white PRIDE, namely in white heavy metal music.
And if you don’t see the beauty of heavy rock as a white inborn expression (is it what, the jews did it, black influence again,,,?) then these kids will :

And this, my friends , is according to our highly over educated musical expert, NOT to be considered as MUSIC, Steve Vai playing alone his whammy jammy ugly electric guitar. Geez how I hate it when intellectuals start talking music..


“”the frenzied idiocy of rock crowds. To compare the two is laughable. One of them serves the cause of decency, and the other serves the cause of debauchery.””
According to our new editorialist we pagans need to be enlightened.
Well let me now and then, after some hours of Wagner, Chopin, Haydn and yes Paganini (sic) live up to my old germanic vibes,
described by tacitus, to have my warrior instinct resonate on the sound of heavy drums as the hoofs of horses and howling guitars as zipping arrows above my head. So my blood starts boiling and I am ready for war, in my mind so to speak, to gear up and slam some muslims, jews or pretentious intellectuals (lol!).

Geez again, do I hate it when non musicians decide what musicians should make or listen to. Here is one for you : untill 1900, 90% of the native european tribes never heard anything like beethoven or even wagner’s edda. They invented their own music at home B-A-A-B like you said and yes in the year 2013 this has to be reinvented like the rest of white culture. Popular like all music evolves. But you can pretend to us that you listen to keltish folk music dancing under the shower on one of your rare non intellectual moments that you let it all loose!.

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