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What tipped my apothecary scale?


Stephen Dalton’s point

Another way to see the difference between bicausalism type-A and type B is through the thought experiment of who would you blame the most, the anthropophagous Morlocks or the suicidal passivity of the blond Eloi in H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine? Those who focus on Jewry blame the Morlocks of course. But there are those who, like John Martínez, can see through the minds of the blond Swedes during the recent burning of Stockholm by Muslims and call a spade a spade: white suicide.

German stamp

I would like now to say something about what I said in my previous post on paradigm shifts. In an Apothecary scale, when a pan of the scale accumulates 51 per cent of either side, the scale will tip on the bottom stop. Following the metaphor of the scale, what accumulated the needed 51 per cent on the pan for the scale’s arm to lean my mind toward type-B bicausalism was the fact that some people in the white nationalist movement promote both sexual deviants and degenerate music. Since these people are perfectly conscious of the Jewish problem, I told to myself during those “mental warfare” soliloquies I spoke of in my previous post, this could not be attributed to Jewish influence. In other words, if even white nationalists—precisely the ones, one would expect, who would pursue healthy music and sexual mores—have fallen into the suicidal hedonistic mores, there must be another factor besides the Jewish one.

Let’s put it this way. In the thread of the article “Bicausalism Type B” at Occidental Dissent, Stephen E. Dalton said:

Too many people who are involved in white nationalism are ignorant, hyper-emotional fools who obsess about the other, claiming it’s all their fault (Jews, Blacks, etc.) while not paying attention to their own faults and weaknesses. Hunter & Jack’s [OD’s admins] message is, be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and take responsibility for them, and be aware of your enemies strengths, weaknesses, and their subversive tactics, and avoid giving into their tricks. Too many of the commentators at OD tend to believe the enemy is all powerful, that he is everywhere. “It’s the Jooos” or some other group is their battle cry. This is nonsense, and let me tell you why.

Porn used to be a small mom and pop business found in the bad parts of a town, dominated by Jews. Now it’s a multi-billion dollar business that sells its filth over the internet. Why did porn become so big? It went big time because the white majority wanted it, lusted after it, and brought it. Sure, the pornographers, and their paid whores in academia, the law, the mass media, and medicine held the forbidden fruit in front of us, but the white majority of this country took that fruit and ate it. We made this enemy powerful by giving it our time and our money. We are the ones who must take responsibility to weaken and destroy it by refusing to feed the beast.

Of all I have read in the nationalist literature, my favorite quote has been what Andrew Hamilton said in one of his articles at Counter Currents: “What I failed to realize for many years was the depth of the evil and the resistance to individual redemption. Obviously, if people are evil when evil people rule, and good only when good people rule, they are not really good.” I have written about Hamilton’s quote in one of the most disturbing entries here at WDH, but for the moment I prefer to pass the microphone to Dalton:

Blaming the Jews for everything is a cop out. Yes they are responsible for a lot of mischief, but so are other groups. To claim that the Boston Tragedy was a Mossad-Jewish-Israeli false flag op is the height of idiocy. It was a Muslim planned op all the way. Yet some people commenting here on this blog and elsewhere refused to see the evidence right in front of their eyes. Instead, they allowed their feelings and emotions against one group to blind them to the reality of what really happened. It is this kind of blind hatred, motivated by paleologic [thinking] (putting emotions and feelings before facts) that kept me away from what is called the racial right for years.

Perhaps Dalton picked the word “paleologic” from what I told him in another recent thread at Occidental Dissent. This is a complex issue (in my book I explain the fundamentals of the concept of “paleologic thinking” here).

When Dalton wrote his comment he had in mind those silly nationalists that believe that the recent London decapitation incident was a Jewish hoax. But these people don’t only blame the Jews, instead of the Muslims, for that single incident: they blame the Jews for the recent Boston bombings too; the killings of Adam Lanza, the Breivik incident at Norway, 9/11 and some conspiracy theorists have developed crank theories about the 2005 London bombings (in Spain these idiots also believe that the Jihad attack of 2004 at Madrid was also staged). Dalton continues:

I now know, thanks to the work of men like Hunter, Jack, and others that there are people who can think clearly on this topic, and can sift through information on events, people, and ideas, and come up with logical answers that conform to what is actually reality.

Kevin MacDonald’s The Occidental Observer is one of the few sane voices that can discuss the Jewish Question without falling into paranoid delusions.

9 replies on “What tipped my apothecary scale?”

As you have long said, and as many people are starting to understand, Jews tend to be opportunists. But unless there is an opportunity, such a trait lies dormant. There is something about modern White folks that allow themselves to be taken advantage of. That something is guilt and misplaced compassion–the triumph of feminine nature. Our entire civilization has been feminized, and the yin/yang balance is completely out of kilter. Couple that with a mass media pretty much under the control of Jewish interests, we have the worst of all possible worlds.

As far as the gang at Counter Currents goes, it’s a strange situation. They approach the truth, and have produced some very worthwhile material. But there exists a very dark strain running through their aesthetic sensibility, and the editor seems overly temperamental, especially when criticized. But in my experience homosexuals tend to be somewhat testy (or is it bitchy?), so maybe it’s just part of the scene over there.

Kevin McDonald has opened many eyes, and his work can always be recommended.

How curious! Precisely today I was thinking that even though Takuan Seiyo is in many senses our enemy, at the same time his articles on the “Empire of Yin” that is engulfing contemporary whites are spot on.

The feminine nature should nourish family, and support the dominant male. But today it is almost 50% reversed in the workplace, and in the field of education I just came upon a statistic that 76% of public school teachers are women, and 83% of those are White. You can bet the majority of those are Obama supporters, etc etc.

Boys who attempt to be boys are medicated, and their natural aggression, which should be channeled into appropriate outlets, is stifled. If you are a kid with some kind of sexual perversion, you are rewarded with your own “club” and bathroom facility. Better not even think about playing army or cowboys and Indians at recess.

It’s really time to go back to segregated male-female schools, where boys are taught by real men, and the women taught by feminine but not feminist women. Fat chance of that system ever making a comeback.

If I were a social engineer of the coming ethnostate, I would revert societal values back to the sexual mores of late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century England: the Jane Austen world.

I’ve often believed that saving the west entailed the re-installation of the benevolent patriarchy. Patriarchy is the normal condition for healthy functioning societies. I’ve written about it here: link

Feel free to comment on our blog, we would appreciate your feedback.

I find myself disagreeing with you on this one. It seems to me that Western Mans sickness isn’t so much hereditary as it is the result of him being poisoned.

I would encourage you to read these two articles on the parasite toxoplasma gondii and its effect on mood and behavior. It seems to me that what toxoplasma does to us as individuals is similar to what the Jews do to us as a nation.

Monocausalist: Type B – Those who recognize that Christianity and the Jewish problem are not mutually exclusive. The former is a product of the latter. Christianity, and its modern offshoot Cultural Marxism, are the means which facilitate the end result, which is the Judaization of the west.

Western man isn’t flawed in any genetic sense. Any “mental issues” which can be attributed to him are the result of him being corrupted. His high trust, highly altruistic nature, combined with his ability to empathize with other lifeforms(a trait which is unique to him) is an asset when he is surrounded by a folk community which shares these instincts. These are the traits which allow the complex, highly organized societies he builds to function smoothly. Unfortunately they also make him highly vulnerable to exploitation by parasites in the absence of strong aristocratic leadership.

Parasitism is the fundamental problem lying at the root of the self destruction of western man.

A deadly parasite has snuck into the ant hill, killed the queen(the aristocracy), and is now tricking the workers into raising more parasites, which then sneak into other ant hills( nations) and repeat the cycle.

Marxism is the mental and spiritual poison these parasites feed their Aryan host in order to turn the workers into their willing tool. It is the acid they use to dissolve their host’s sense of group identity and kill any instinctive attempt to defend their collective genetic interests.

The ultimate goal of Marxism is to atomize the society to the point where the masses have been completely stripped of their group identity, and therefor no longer work to defend the collective welfare of their folkish community. Instead they begin to compete against each other as individuals in a desperate scramble to consume the communities resources. Once this atomization has been achieved it becomes quite easy for the parasites to move in and work together as a group to seize the levers of power.

Christianity is Marxism 1.0. It brought about the first great inversion of our organic values. It destroyed the religious traditions and mythology which were a true reflection of Aryan mans soul, and the foundation of his identity; and replaced them with a Semitic alien surrogate designed to corrupt his instincts. It is a deadly spiritual poison that a tribe of parasitic fiends has infected us with in order turn us into their willing host.

Christianity irreparably fractured western man’s identity and brought about the collapse of the cultural tradition pioneered by the ancient Hellenes, causing western culture to regress a thousand years. This cycle is about to repeat itself today. We have already passed the critical threshold where the cycle can be reversed. Western Civilization will self-destruct again, and the regression will be worse this time as there are no healthy Aryan tribes left (like the Germans after Rome) to rebuild.

“It seems to me that Western Mans sickness isn’t so much hereditary as it is the result of him being poisoned… Western man isn’t flawed in any genetic sense.”

Actually we don’t disagree. I don’t believe that whites are genetically flawed. Only that whites’ universalism + individualism (hardware) make them susceptible to software infections like Christianity and the egalitarian values after the French Revolution, etc.

If you want to see my whole exchange on this subject, search for “Chechar said” at these OD discussion threads: here, continued here, and ended here.


You are so prolific, to our great satisfaction and welfare, Checkar. nearly daily, I read at least a little of what you have and are writing, .

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