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Indo-European heritage

Manu on Venner

Dominique Venner has left us for the symbolic space toward the sky where our ancestors dwell. He has left the witness of his life, and a testament that I interpret from these words:


À défaut de posséder une religion identitaire à laquelle nous amarrer, nous avons en partage depuis Homère une mémoire propre, dépôt de toutes les valeurs sur lesquelles refonder notre future renaissance… (What we lack is an identitarian religion that unites us, that makes us share a common memory that goes back to Homer, a repository of all the values on which our future rebirths will be founded…)

We do not need a new religion, but be aware of our pre-Christian cultures.

We must have Aryan schools for our small children. We need to develop appropriate pedagogical texts to push our values. Our theological or literary texts are a good source for the moral education of our children. We don’t need to resort to any foreign tradition. We have more than enough knowledge and wisdom and I even think that no people can excel us in this.

From Iranian and Indian branches founded by Aryans about four thousand years ago we take the linguistic and archaic cultural legacy (The Vedas) and adopt them as our own. I recommend reading all The Vedas (especially the Rig-Veda).

Pure Aryan (whites) groups disappeared there about three thousand years ago. The Aryans who came to the area should have been few in number. They were absorbed in a few centuries by the indigenous breeds. Shortly later appeared Hinduism and other ideologies of salvation (Buddhism, Jainism) absolutely contrary to the spirit and all our Aryan and Vedic cultural traditions.

The Vedic or Aryan spirit (epic, heroic, warlike, active, and affirmative) that ran through the Rig Veda absolutely disappeared throughout all post-Vedic Indian literature (Hinduist, Buddhist or Jainist). Hinduism and other similar (nihilist) ideologies apparently have more to do with Indian, pre-Aryan cultures that with the cited Vedas.

(Excerpted from a longer article in Spanish)

2 replies on “Manu on Venner”

“Shortly later appeared Hinduism and other ideologies of salvation (Buddhism, Jainism) absolutely contrary to the spirit and all our Aryan and Vedic cultural traditions.”

I would have thought the same until I read Evola and Coomaraswamy. These are two of the best philosophical minds that the twentieth century produced and they both dismissed all references to humanism, humanitarianism, and passivity present in Hinduism and Buddhism.

The Buddha was a princely, Aryo-Scythian warlord, obsessed with masculine virtues, war, and self-discipline … he was a proto-nazi; not as most leftist who want to ‘chill out’ and experience ‘nirvana’ would have him.

Post-Vedic texts used in Jainism and contemporary Hinduism still seem Aryan to me (Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita).

One could mention Taoism in this aspect. For instance, Zhuge Liang, military commander of the Shu (Three Kingdoms period about 200-280 AD) Dynasty often went into battle wearing the robe of a Taoist priest. His Taoist name was Sleeping Dragon. Another Shu military strategist, Pang Tong, had the Taoist name Fledgling Phoenix.

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