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Deranged altruism Kevin MacDonald

The iceberg

The Aryan problem is similar to what we cannot see from a ship when we spot an iceberg. That’s why racialists focus only on what they can see: the JQ, what is on the surface of the sea.

Kevin MacDonald’s recent article is splendid to understand my point of view: the Aryan problem is much more massive than the Jewish problem.

MacDonald quotes a recent Twitter thread of a young, blue-eyed blonde whose face might as well appear on this site’s sidebar, but who relishes that white people like her are becoming a minority in her country.

The serious thing is not so much this Tweet of a woman who hates her beautiful race. The worst part is that, as MacDonald points out, her Tweet garnered thousands of approvals from many other whites who hate themselves and yearn for them to become a minority. (I had already become aware of this phenomenon with the gigantic numbers of whites marching, on behalf of blacks, in various western cities in the wake of the BLM destructions.)

Neither in the comments section of The Occidental Observer nor in The Unz Review, where Ron reposted MacDonald’s article, is the professor’s diagnosis of what he calls ‘altruistic punishment’ questioned. MacDonald alleges in his diagnosis that such a phenomenon of self-hatred is related to individualism, and puts whites as genetical individualists.

If there is one thing that others and I have complained about MacDonald, it is that he analyses the West from the start of Christendom. Ancient Sparta and Republican Rome were not individualistic societies, and neither were the Vikings and Goths (and let’s not talk about Nazi Germany). MacDonald’s hypothesis collapses when we introduce the history before Christianity, and even more so when we see that open and shameless self-hatred began in 1945, as I haven’t tired of reiterating with the links in the article that the sticky post leads to.

Although MacDonald’s article is worth reading, there is universal blindness in racialists who comment on his article’s thread, both on his forum and Ron Unz’s site. Neither wants to see the havoc Christianity wreaked on the psyche of the Aryans.

When I lived in California in the 1980s, I was extremely surprised to discover the televangelists. One of them, Charles Stanley, said something before an audience of well-to-do white worshipers that I will never forget: ‘… because I deserve hell’. Obviously only his faith in Jesus could save him from everlasting torture, but the conviction with which he said that, and the expression of the faithful Aryans who listened to him, I have not been able to get out of my head.

Now that the Aryans are without their Jesus, insofar Christianity is in crisis, what remains has been malware of infinite guilt albeit in secular form. Several times I have pointed out that this is what Tom Sunic said, with milder words, in Hungary during that dinner at which the government (supposedly the most nationalist in Europe) put Richard Spencer in jail.

I don’t know how to reiterate it anymore, but the links in the sticky post contain the key to understanding this suicidal passion of the white man. It is unfortunate that very few are following me on this site. Let’s just compare the number of my followers, those fully aware of the CQ, with the number of neo-Christian whites who were fascinated by the Tweet of the pretty ethno-traitor.

What can save the white man from this suicidal drive which dwarfs the Jewish problem as in the image above? As I reiterated recently in one of the discussion threads: only an apocalyptic convergence of catastrophes! At the moment the only thing a desperate reader can do is trolling other racialist sites with, say, the essay on Judea versus Rome also linked in ‘The Iron Throne’.

7 replies on “The iceberg”

@ Judeo-Christianity

The image of the iceberg illustrates what we have been saying, that the JQ and the CQ are the same thing, although there are more Christians and neochristians than Jews.

Yes Christianity is the root cause of this sickness but since jews invented Christianity specifically to psycho-pathologize Aryans, doesn’t that mean that jews are still ultimately to blame? Shouldn’t we hate them more than we hate the Aryans they have brainwashed into self-destruction?

Personally, I hate more Bill Clinton, who long ago celebrated that whites will become a minority in the US, than George Soros.

You cannot pity Clinton as a poor ‘brainwashed’ dude, as you say. Whites do have agency and, as Savitri Devi said in 1945, ‘the [Western] world has chosen Hell’.

Aryan Christians and liberals may “choose” hell, but that’s because their options are limited to whatever jews have already chosen for them, based on the Christian ideology that jews created for them.

That doesn’t exonerate race traitors in any way, but it does mean that 2,000 years of Christian-inspired breeding has turned many Aryans into cattle who are literally incapable of thinking beyond jewish parameters.

I believe it is extremely dangerous to under-estimate the ability of Jews to control the way people think. Their entire religion is a guide on how they are supposed to take over host nations and then guide them to destruction.

Have you read anything from Mark Brahmin? His basic idea is that jews control the thinking and behavior of Aryans based on esoteric symbolic language. Definitely worth a read.

But that is exactly the opposite point of view to what we put forward on this site: that whites aren’t mere ‘Manchurian candidates’, hypnotized poor men by the all-powerful Jews.

The reality is closer to what the historical record says in the books about the white race by Pierce and Kemp: there is Aryan agency, and it was used for imperialisms that result in interbreeding (even before Alexander the Great), and by betraying the Aryan gods, as Julian the Apostate said in the 4th century.

What is the cause of this kind of acute ethno-masochism? Most likely, such individuals are feeling guilty that they are more intelligent, successful, wealthy, and civilized than the bulk of the non-Anglophone outgroup. The result is a kind of xenophilia, where everything foreign and bizarre is elevated above everything domestic and sensible.

The pretzel logic necessary to support this kind of worldview is untenable. Surely—as with Charles Stanley—Christian piety is an easy drop-in solution to virtue-signal away their guilty feelings. Done en masse, the results are what we have begotten.

The solution is easy: connect with your roots. c.f. Ostara Publications’ Original European Religions series, etc.

Indeed: I visited the editor of Ostara Publications on my last trip to the UK.

But the key here is what Sunic and others say: The white man’s guilt complex has to do with our Christian upbringing.

There is no use trying to educate whites about the old religions if they aren’t going to abandon their Xtianity (cf. what I say about one of them in my post this Sunday).

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