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Hate Savitri Devi

Only for hatred’s sake…

Savitri was devastated by the defeat of Germany in World War II. In June of 1945, near Varkala on the Malabar Coast, she resolved to kill herself by walking into the ocean.

But when the water was up to her shoulders, suddenly the Life Force stirred within her. A thought flashed through her mind like lightning. It was a command: live! Live to bear witness to the truth. Live to see the day of vengeance, when the victors of 1945 are hurled into pits. Live to say, ‘I told you so!’

As Savitri put it in a letter to George Lincoln Rockwell dated 28 August 1965, ‘I walked out of the sea for the sake of that future possible enjoyment, and for that alone, and started living without hope, only for hatred’s sake’.

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12 replies on “Only for hatred’s sake…”

I wish for Whites to go through a devastating sadness like what Savitri felt in June of ’45 (year 0).
Total despair, the death of hope.
The long night of the soul.
Eat a mountain of pain.

There are some whites who would choose to give up and drown in sorrow.

But some whites would choose to hate, because hate is a liberating force. It gives strength, it breaks illusions. They will choose it because it’s the only way out; to quote Kai Murros: “Hate will be all they have left.”

Perhaps then we will see the return of a world where reality reigns.

The long night of the soul started in WW2, and even more in the aftermath, after Hitler shot himself in his bunker.

The following decades, to this day, mark the gradual psychosis that conquered the collective unconscious of whites (now it has reached a state of acute, florid psychosis throughout the West).

Eating a mountain of pain means reading books like Hellstorm, the most straightforward way to start regaining our lost sanity.

For normies, after fully digesting Hellstorm compilations like The Fair Race start to make sense.

I am sure that later, especially in the last years of her life, she thought that she would have been better off not giving in to this command of life force. Not one of her fervent dreams came into reality. Not one of her earnest prayers was answered by higher powers. The great Idea, trampled upon by the morons, has not been avenged. And never will be, for all the witnesses of Its majestic epiphany are dead.

Where are those “pure, hard, certain” and hateful ones? Human history has been telling the beads of nonsensical events for thousands of years until April 1889. And, after May 1945, it seems that the history intends to do so for several thousand more years.

Kalki starts with the crash of the dollar, and the aftermath converges with a catastrophic devolution of oil.

I was tempted to post the image of the Tarot’s Moon in my previous comment. In this one I am tempted to use the Tarot’s Star, which means hope.

Mauricio seems familiar with expressions I’ve used on this site (in long articles) like the ‘long night of the soul’ and ‘eating a mountain of pain’. Have you been following this site for a while to grasp its meaning (the second one is a quote from The Gulag Archipelago)?

I believe that I understand their meaning well enough not to associate the first glimmer of a Star of Hope with such feeble events of everyday life as the collapse of the dollar or oil / gas shenanigans.

Several generations passed after 1945, repeating, among their best representatives, that this postwar world was doomed and just about to end in a grand collapse. But it still stands on its clay feet.

I do tell, our world was the same abominable thing long before 1889-1945 and probably will be worse after we pass away.

I can’t trust in these human, all too human political and social squabbles to restart a new noble universum. This requires a real paradigm shift, a Supernova Star of the Hope, against which all the global turmoil will seem like nothing. I see no reason to derive the possibility of utopia from purely materialistic calculations involving economic and other labyrinths of insane homo (non)sapiens.

I believe that I understand their meaning well enough not to associate the first glimmer of a Star of Hope with such feeble events of everyday life as the collapse of the dollar or oil / gas shenanigans.

The collapse of the dollar will end the American hegemony that began precisely in 1945: a mere ray of light of hope of my Kalki star, if you want to see it that way. But what big energy devolution means is neither more nor less than billions of unnatural deaths (famine, war, plague and death, my favourite horses!).

Before he retired from the internet, the eccentric Sebastian Ronin predicted that the peak oil crisis will open a window of opportunity for racialists, and I think he’s right.

There is even the possibility of a third catastrophe that converges with the first two: a nuclear exchange in an international war. The latter is not something I’m sure will happen; only a possibility when millions are starving from oil shortages and some nations invade others in search of what little oil is left.

But the first two catastrophes together will be a huge blow for the System. So much so that, as Ronin used to say, a window of opportunity will open up for us (or mixing metaphors, ‘Chaos is a ladder’—Littlefinger).

That is why I spoke about Martenson yesterday. Have you seen his course on peak oil on YouTube? When I was discussing the subject on this site several years ago with Matt Parrott, he told me that he was already watching that course. (Ronin had criticised the two Matts very harshly in some racialist forums, and Parrott was originally sceptical of these predictions.)

“Think only of the German people; never despair; and praise victory!”

Adolf Hitler.

That “never despair” part is important. Nil desperandum.

Personally, I have realised that the only way not to despair is hatred, as Savitri suggests. Only hatred heals the wounded soul.

Where there is a will, there is a way. If hatred for the System is absolute, there will always be a way, a way to contrive how to destroy the System and regain the lands that once belonged to the white man.

But to hate it is necessary first to transvalue our Christian values. White nationalists, despite the slander from the left and Jewry, are not creatures of pure hatred, as I am.

Perhaps this lecture by Kai Murros at the London Forum is worth listening to?

Dr. Robert Morgan is correct. Hatred is what makes this world go around, and not love.

The Masonic black tile is superior to the white tile. Hatred is superior to love. Yang is superior to Yin.

Love, the white tile, and Yin have their place, but they are secondary to hate, the black tile and Yang.

Christianity teaches the exact opposite of this. Nay, it goes much farther: classifying hatred as “mortal sin”; as something punished by Yahweh with an eternal fiery hell.

Our differences with Christian theology are not slight: nay, as Loyola puts it: it is: ‘oppositiō per diametrum’. We are diametrically opposed to Christian theology.

Morgan is wrong, because the yang element of life is not superior to yin but its complement.

I hate because I love (animal welfare and the nymphs on the sidebar).

I mean only in the Pessimistic Shopenhauer-ian sense that evil is this planet’s natural state… and that all good is negative. Thus hatred is this planet’s natural state, and love is its negation.

I love animals too … and I also hate the Japs Coolies and chinks that slaughter and abuse them and eat them alive.

You’ve said “The long night of the soul started in WW2, and even more in the aftermath, after Hitler shot himself in his bunker.”

Are you certain that Hitler committed suicide?

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