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White Nationalism has something in common with the FBI

I had resolved not to upload any more posts until the translation of Savitri Devi’s Souvenirs et Réflexions d’une Aryenne was ready. But I couldn’t resist responding to an anti-Nordicist piece that Counter-Currents published on Saturday.

If I have maintained for years that the internet movement that since the mid-1990s began to call itself white nationalism is phoney, it is precisely because they broke with the Nordicist tradition that proceeds from the French aristocrat Gobineau, the British Houston Stewart Chamberlain and the German Hans F. K. Günther to Americans like Madison Grant and even the eugenicists on both sides of the Atlantic, who flourished before World War II. After the war, the Establishment suspended these activities, and recently even Grant’s bust in an American park was removed permanently by the anti-white Establishment itself.

Has the author of the Counter-Currents piece read the work of Gobineau, Chamberlain, Günther or Grant? Rather, he cherry-picks out of context from Hitler’s legacy, omitting that the Great Plan of Himmler and his henchmen was to conquer Europe for the Nordics (not just the Germans). Although I am arranging our NS POV in a very orderly fashion with the PDFs in the featured post, very few on the racial right seem to read not only our Daybreak Press books, but not even the books of other authors! Remember: The West’s Darkest Hour will always be incomprehensible to those who don’t read entire books. The following is a passage (pages 117-129) from ‘Lebensraum’ which appears in On Exterminationism:

‘If we could establish the Nordic race and, from this seedbed, produce a race of 200 million, the world would be ours,’ Himmler said eloquently. A few months after its founding Lebensborn opened Heim Hochland, the first home for pregnant women. For this purpose, the National Socialists took over the building of a Catholic orphanage in the city of Munich. Initially, the institution could accommodate up to thirty mothers and fifty-five children, and the applicants were carefully selected. Only women who met the characteristics of the dominant race were admitted. Candidates had their skulls measured, and only those with the coveted elongated skull, typical of the Nordid type, could be admitted. They also had to meet other requirements, such as blond hair, blue or green eyes and good health.

And this one is a passage from Daybreak (pages: 91-93):

The Germans clearly defined their ethnicity as Germanic, including Austria, the Scandinavian and Low Countries, Switzerland and parts of the old Soviet Union. Hitler even dreamt of sharing the world with the British Empire. For the eugenicists of the last century on both sides of the Atlantic, Nordicism was taken for granted. Those who advocate white nationalism either ignore eugenics or don’t care about Nordicism at all. Like the conservatives of the Republican Party who treat mestizos as equals, in order not to offend Mediterranean sensibilities white nationalists refuse to recognise that the standard of whiteness is the Nordic type. Many have no objection to conceding amnesty to the Caucasoid population in Europe with their bloodline compromised, even if that means the eventual mongrelisation of true whites.

Because the American racial right has rejected the legacy of Hitler and his predecessors in race studies, it has slipped into a slippery slope that leads to positions very similar to those of the US government, that in its FBI statistics categorises mestizos as white. The author of the aforementioned Counter-Currents article, for example, speaks of ‘white’ Latin Americans. In reality, except for true whites such as the Mexican Mennonites, of Germanic descent, who do not interbreed with mestizos, and other immigrants who have very recently emigrated from Europe, there are no pure whites in Latin America. Centuries of miscegenation with Indians and mulattoes have diluted the white gene to such a degree that more than ninety-nine per cent of the inhabitants of Latin America have tainted blood. Yes: compared to the bulk of Mexican mestizos I would be a sort of ‘castizo’ or ‘harnizo’ who phenotypically could pass for a Spaniard, but I am not Aryan genotypically speaking (unless we use the parameters of the FBI or Counter-Currents).

Pure Nordid. I would suggest that people who are unclear about how to classify the various Caucasoid groups (and remember that even Jews are Caucasoid, especially Ashkenazis who have absorbed a lot of white blood) read the appendix to The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour. The best way to refute anti-Nordicism is simply to look at a lot of pictures of the various European groups (Meds, Nordics and Semites) and their interbreeding with each other: including those with black blood such as the Portuguese.

Sicilian man. I would also suggest watching the short YouTube clips these days, in which the players of the 2022 World Cup parade in the stadium, with camera close-ups of their faces before the actual games, revealing that not only the Latin American footballers, but the Latin American public in the stadium in Qatar, and even the players and public of some European countries, are no longer authentically white. Those who still refuse to read whole books should at least read the abstract of the final article of The Fair Race, written by the Spaniard Evropa Soberana and a colleague who specialises in racial classification.

If we keep in mind the new subtitle of this site (‘May the beauty of the White Aryan woman not disappear from the Earth’), I would fight for the blonde genes above to produce the beautiful nymphs of the Daybreak painting. But what would be the point of fighting for the Sicilian’s genes if he can’t produce such beautiful creatures?

As I said, WN is phoney.

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You are saying that there are no white regions in Latin america but What about southern Brazil ? I think that the quantity of whites(Nords) living there is significant. What is your opinion about that region ? As far as I know German and polish descedendants have been living there without mixing massively with non whites since nineteenth century.

I lived in Santa Catarina for several months.
It’s the whitest state in Brazil, but not for long.
While there, I went to several dinner parties with college students of pure German ancestry.
And there I saw the niggers these Catarinenses were dating, and it made me want to go all out and murder their rich boomer parents in the style of Trebor from KD Rebel.

Have you heard of the alleged recent coup d’état attempt in Germany? (Weird things going on, like that alleged attempt at Lukashenko’s life in March 2021, utterly unreported in Western press.) But it is mightily unfortunate if true. I’m curious whether Germany of all places might raise its head ever again. Or have they born too much?

Returning to the blog entry at hand, I always wondered what placed Germany on the side of Darwinism and anti-Christianity. What is fact, however, is that their defeat was such a great blow doubly so because Germany managed to unite the venerated mysticism of the continental East with the rationalist academia of the Anglo West. (Compared to their glory, now you only see mad clowns in Russia and schizo luna-park scientists in America.)

My wife’s grandparents came to the USA from Denmark and Norway. I have grandparents on both sides from Norway and Northern Germany(Ostfriesland) and other relatives from the Netherlands. Growing up around only whites from Scandinavia, Ostfriesland and The Netherlands, I generally can spot people that appear to be white but are not. I think some of the problems of White Nationalism is that many individuals become involved in White Nationalism because of their hatred of nonwhites for various reasons, (especially blacks) when they themselves would not be considered white by Himmler. Figuring in the misguided attempt to connect White Nationalism with a religion with Jewish origins like Christianity because of its perceived moral superiority, White Nationalists fail on the basic litmus test, who they are and what they believe and why? Hitler, Himmler, and Alfred Rosenberg can answer all those questions but the average White Nationalist has already been indoctrinated with lies about the Third Reich that need to be corrected. Only when people seek truth will they follow the way already established by men like George Lincoln Rockwell.

What is your opinion about the The Sámi who live in the extreme north of the scandinavian Peninsula, for example would you consider white someone like the footballer Erling Håland ? Or What about North Europeans who dont look north european like Sean Connery or Catherine Zeta jones ?

The Sami people are Asian. If someone doesn’t look North European, they probably aren’t.

Apologies, but could you please refrain from using newspeak words? It is the Lapps, the Esquimau/Eskimo, the Indians and the Mongoloids – not the Sami, Inuit, “native Americans” and “Asians”. (Incidentally, the same way as “Ukrainians” is a fake identity of the suicidal Little Russians.)

What does it matter in the long haul of things? Do you plan on living among them? I tend to stick to my own and not worry about those with which I have no business other than staying away from. Robert J Matthews(Yes, I knew him) had much to say about sticking with your own and only concentrating on what really matters. David Lane and Pastor Butler thought the same, heard them both say it right out of their mouths. Good advice.

A couple of days ago I tried to post a very brief comment on the Counter-Currents article that the above post criticises: ‘I have responded to this article here’, with the word ‘here’ linking to the above post.

Greg Johnson doesn’t argue with people to his right. He simply ignores us. It’s a shame because visitors to his site can’t even find out from reading the above post that Nordicism was the common POV of racialism until WW2, including Americans.

The American racial right not only ignores what we say here; they don’t even want to see that very important Americans like Madison Grant were Nordicists. Blacks remove Grant’s bust from a park. And these so-called American racists remove it too, albeit from their heads!

By now The West’s Darkest Hour should have a troll battalion of teenagers trolling the racial right’s sites with info like the post above. But we don’t have them…

I’m sure Greg Johnson is aware of people like us and our concerns, he isn’t intellectually capable of arguing with us. (and he’s a homosexual, not welcome in my folk’s presence) I used to post on American Renaissance but was banned after I had a poster attack my stance on Christianity being a Jewish tool to control whites and that I didn’t believe “jesus” ever existed and my stance on religion being native to each civilization, or ethnic group. Many white nationalist, in fact, most of them, are too programmed to change.

Social media and the internet has created a medium for people with no perspective to spout off about topics they have no intensive knowledge of. And the worst of it is that these idiots on sites like Counter Currents and American Renaissance can Google topics and get biased answers from Jewish control sites like Wikipedia or the ADL and SPLC. These people are too stupid to know they are stupid and being programmed with ZOG approved material and being lead down a path to their destruction and the destruction of their people.

That being said, I certainly pay attention to what other groups of people think and are doing, but it pains me to see Aryans so incapable of the cognitive ability to use the volition to form rational thought in their best interest. Instead, they are acting just like they were programmed to, consumers practicing mindless materialism and refusing to remove ZOG’s head off the back of their heads.

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