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Daybreak Publishing Souvenirs et réflexions d'une aryenne (book)


…the PDF of Savitri Devi’s book is ready and can be accessed here.

An Englishman who has been generous with his donations told me something very true. Such books shouldn’t be read on screen! It is almost a desecration. And in our cancellation culture, I agree with an editor’s advice to me: find a local printer to avoid future cancellations. (After Lulu, Inc., cancelled me, I would be cancelled again if I ever dare to use another print-on-demand service of any company, as they are all notorious for cancelling dissenters’ accounts.)

The editor’s advice is sound. But since I don’t have the funds to print, say, twenty copies of most of ‘Our books’, I have no choice but to bind them myself. A book like Memories and Reflections of an Aryan Woman (original in French: Souvenirs et Réflexions d’une Aryenne) deserves a truly artistic binding, like this one:

For the same reason, I have asked a traditional bookbinder to give me lessons. Except for the machine to make the gilt lettering of the title on the front cover, the binding equipment is not so expensive. Although I have not yet taken my first class, I will be taking them as visitors to this site start asking me for traditionally bound books of Memories and Reflections of an Aryan Woman or any other of our ‘Daybreak Press’ books. He who will be teaching me will be binding them while I learn the craft and buy, bit by bit, the binding apparatus.

For the moment the books will not be as artistic as the one in the embedded video above. I will only be able to do that when my binding technique has matured. But they will look like these that I already have in my home library.

If anyone has a better idea to solve the dilemma that literary gems like Savitri’s book deserve a beautifully printed edition (instead of a bare PDF saved on our hard drives that very few will read), let me know in the comments section.

Those wishing to order a traditionally-bound copy of any of our books, including Savitri’s, please contact me by email (that appears in the middle of this comment).

7 replies on “Finally…!”

This reminds me of the creation of that immense Mein Kampf volume from that Bolshevik propaganda reel.

My gratitude for translating Savitri! Her prose is one of a kind, I honestly have no idea whom else to read at all. She may technically write “hagiographies” par excellence, but they aren’t those sweetened lies told by the likes of good Christian boomers such as Carolyn Yeager, or the dry historical treatises by David Irving. (That said, she would totally send me to a death camp, but that’s the price to pay for an independent mind.)

> …two deadly superstitions: the search for ‘happiness’ and the concern for ‘humanity.’ Beware of ever falling into them if the Gods have granted you the privilege of being free from them from your youth.

Carolyn’s case is very interesting from our POV. She is the only woman who has a notable racialist blog; admires Hitler, and also the only one who didn’t use degenerate music when she did her podcasts. But like KevinMac, they are stuck inside the psychological Rubicon, unable to cross it because of their Christian sympathies.

Well, I’m not surprised since most women would have a very hard time (racialist or no) making the jump. However, it’s not really their job to do so, but the man’s.

I am cutting and pasting these passages that I originally posted above—:

There are many things I’d like to comment on now that, by editing it severely to make it more readable (the French sentences Savitri uses were too long and the thread of discussion was lost), I came to grasp her philosophy.

The first thing that occurs to me, in addition to the preface I added to this translation, is to complement her philosophy by translating for The West’s Darkest Hour (1) an essay originally published in the webzine Evropa Soberana on what Hinduism says about the darkest hour of the Abendland (the West), and (2) a simplified version of the text of Wagner’s The Ring of the Nibelung. That will round off a bit the content of this splendid book by Savitri which, as I say in the ‘Editor’s Preface’, helps us to finish crossing the Rubicon (instead of getting stuck inside the river, as those on the racial right are stuck today).

—-for the simple fact that I have linked this article to ‘Our Books’, and do not wish the visitor who wants to order a copy of this book (or other books) to be distracted by other topics.

I have already read over 60 pages, and what a treat! What a plethora of ideas! But first things first, unfortunately, I have caught a number of typos – p. 19 (“rid” without of), p. 28 (no comma after “added”), p. 61 (“curbs”).

1. First of all, her point of noblesse oblige (p. 19) seems to be that man as a creature of the Word possesses the duty of overcoming oneself, of not living for individualistic happiness. Yet she also explicitly recognises the diversity of humans – all the way to many men not possessing said Word? (My personal materialistic model thus clashes with this conception as I view human NPCs as equal to animals, hence not morally abominable – they do not possess reason anyway. Akin to how men are responsible for their women.)

2. Second, I tend to view history as a string of battles, of experiments, with results only possibly relevant to the life forms themselves (because there is no higher power). The only truth is survival – and 2+2=4 only because those who think otherwise go extinct, not because maths exists. Similarly, Christianity is uniquely revolting to my otherwise nihilistic outlook only because it is a cultural poison the Jew injected into the Aryan’s veins leading to our collective suicide – not more, not less.

I view the “spiritual scourge” of intolerance as a useful invention by the Jew akin to the American atomic bomb – and the triumph of Jewry as an indelible mark of the method’s truth (not arguing for miscegenation, of course, merely for the genocidal hated of all foreigners along with their cultures).

3. This is a minor point, but on p. 64, you seem to have missed a curious point. If Savitri’s vision of a Negro world subservient to the Aryan had materialised, and the hypothetical Roman Empire had conquered the Aztecs, preserving their temples, the Aryans could have inserted themselves into the Aztec pantheon, using such authority to stop the child/animal sacrifices?.. Either way, it saddens me that even the best of our race need excuses to exterminate foreigners.

Sent you an e-mail.

Another minor point of contention could be that I don’t think Savitri to be correct in her assessment of personal material comfort as the main pillar of Western life. With hindsight, such economistic thinking seems to be the mainstay of Marxist Russia in the main, not of America. Of course, Americans adore their luxurious lifestyle, and may well disintegrate with hardship, but the centerpiece of their culture is occupied by the neo-Christian concepts of “[Western] democracy” and “human (=transvestite) rights”.

Case in point – my grandma left the Ukraine decades ago for the West in search of higher-paying jobs. Whenever we spoke, she blamed “the rich people”. (In the past year, however, she started blaming “the Russians”.) A microcosm of a perfect little Marxist NPC! You can see it in the comment sections on YouTube – if Westerners evaluate countries based on “human rights records”, Russians base it on “the standard of living”. This is why Russia disintegrated in the 1990s into money-grubbing gangster anarcho-capitalism – Marxism fried our brains along the economic axis.

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