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Two thousand years together!

by Mauricio

Who is worse, the drug dealer or the drug addict?

When you have a people who have become so dependent on this egalitarian worldview for so many centuries, and failed every single opportunity to break off this addiction, it starts to look like the drug dealer is just doing business, and the drug addict has an incorrigible deathwish.

One could write a history of White decline called ‘Two Thousand Years Together’.

It’s Whites who like to get high on slave morality. They’ve been getting higher and higher on this Christian drug ever since Constantine.

They’ve finally overdosed in 1945, and now the White race is lying comatose on a hospital bed full of Jewish doctors, lucid-dreaming about a perfect world full of brown people.

Nature has tested Whites’ spiritual resilience to a poisonous mental software, and they’ve failed repeatedly. The jews were merely the vector for that poison. Time for the final verdict: genocide.

Had the Third Reich survived, it would’ve brought a superior human race to this world—the Ubermensch—which would be practically immune to this mind poison; then the drug-dealing jew would have to peddle his pity-loving bullshit elsewhere.
It will take a catastrophe of unforeseen magnitude—and centennial duration—for the white human to stop pitying the angry brown subhuman mass that wants to kill him.

Abhor pity towards mankind – four words of Savitrian wisdom.


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Editor’s note: Mauricio was responding to a typical white nationalist (they believe that Jewry is the root cause of white decline). In the comments section I just added these words:

As Thomas Kuhn saw, the same information can be processed in a completely different way between two subjects. So different that, depending on how we process the info, the paradigm shifts. In science, the classic paradigm shift would be from the geocentric to the heliocentric system. Although 17th-century astronomers had exactly the same information, it depended on how they interpreted the data.

This caricature reflects the paradigm shift from the JQ, which currently reigns in white nationalism, to the CQ—Christian question—that I propose. The caricature is interpreted by some white nationalists as archetypal Jewish subversion, as if to imply that the kikes hypnotised us through religion:

Regardless of whether or not that was the intention of the caricaturist, I see the same information differently. The kike didn’t hypnotise us. There is white agency. Just look at the faces of these white idiots. They simply love what the kike tells them. For two millennia white Christians have been willingly indulging in evil by following the gospel. And the same can be said for secular white nationalists who continue to subscribe to the same ethical code that we see in the caricature.

The caricature shows a malicious Jew selling us Christian ethics. The orthodox interpretation of our decline, which we see every day in The Occidental Observer, blames the Jew. But with the same info that MacDonald sees, I see whites as the real culprits. Who dares to believe such bullshit, the white family in the above caricature? The same info can be interpreted differently depending on our internal will. While white nationalists see a couple of kike silhouettes, I see in ochre colour the bitter cup that Christianity made us drink since Constantine:

The image above can also be used as an illustration of a paradigm shift. Who to blame: the Jew who wants to sell us the teachings of Jesus or the white people drinking this poisonous Kool-Aid with their eyes wide shut—including the ‘racist’ commenters linked above from Occidental Dissent and The Unz Review? Who is worse: the white imbecile or the foreign subversive?

5 Replies on “Two thousand years together!

  1. William Pierce once said that to change the paradigm of slave morality (Judeo Christian ethics), it would only requires a change of fashion. This will work for most people.

    However, what about those who still cling to it with cynical hypocrisy?

    The ones like Jared Taylor.

    Recently, I read a book titled “War is a Rackey” by Smedley Butler, where he mentions that the peace activists are useless because they have made a living out of donations while also not doing something real to prevent wars from happening again. Quite the contrary, more wars are beneficial since it will raise the flow of donations coming to their pockets.

    What would these pacifists do if wars truly ended? It will be the end of donations and their lifestyle.

    Same case with WNs. If the white race was safe, what will they do next?

    As long as it is profitable for them to keep the white race endangered, they will never point out the real problems.

  2. My metaphor is erroneus. One cannot hallucinate while unconscious.

    It would be more correct to say: “…lying comatose on a hospital bed full of Jewish doctors, lucid-dreaming about a perfect world full of brown people.”

  3. “Editor’s note: Mauricio was responding to a typical white nationalist (they believe that Jewry is the root cause of white decline).”

    CT, you misunderstand me. Mine is an Order of Battle perspective, not from that of ultimate causality. Though the scum-sucking Jew created Christianity to enslave us, and must be dealt with because of this proclivity, our greatest enemy is, and always has been, our own miserable leadership, a problem which Adolf Hitler had resolved, but for far too brief a period.

  4. Jews are the secondary issue and problem here. Once slave (Judeo-Christian) morality has been completely rejected in favour of Aryan master morality. The Jewish problem will be much easier to dealt with. If all Aryans have the same mind-set, cold calculated ruthlessness, and worldview as Heinrich Himmler and the SS, enemies will tremble and fear.

  5. Well, I’ve always looked at the ‘JQ vs CQ’ in the following way. People tend to go after the easiest most identifiable problem to solve first. The JQ is the most easily identifiable problem when you start looking and the solution is pretty straightforward, so people will tend to want to take care of that problem first. Is that the order in which our problems should be solved? Maybe not, but that’s probably how it’s going to be. The trick is getting people to realize that we have a veritable pack of problems to solve and not to stop after the first problem is taken care of.