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Vladimir Putin


I just watched the interview Tucker did with Putin, who gave a great Russian history lesson to the American (as our visitors know, history and biography are the most important subjects for my POV). The media will suffer a hysterical meltdown after this interview. We can already imagine Biden talking in the same depth, half an hour, about American history to a naïve Russian interviewer!

But there is one thing Putin got it wrong: Ukrainian neo-Nazis were, are and apparently will remain, pseudo-Nazis (and the same goes for neo-Nazis in other countries).

On this site we already know who is a real Hitlerist. Those Ukrainians who hold up as heroes other Ukrainians who fought on the side of Germany in WW2 have little, if anything, to do with real Hitlerism. These so-called neo-Nazis in Ukraine even subscribe to feminism, listen to degenerate music imported from the more Western countries, have a Jew as their president, etc.

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The Ukrainians are not neo nazis, but rather neo americans. They bring saxophones and drums instead of banduras or accordions, and embrace whatever degeneracy is trendy, including anti racism.

They have become what the 3th Reich wanted to destroy, and are being used by the USA government and its lackeys as cannon fodder for their conflict against Russia.

What can I think about it? Putin looks like an intellectual in comparison to Biden.

A lot of people are truly imbecile, and so for them having a figure leader like Joe Biden fit them well.

Funny how Putin says “I’ll explain in under a minute” then starts a long sermon.
I only watched the first 10 minutes.
Putin talks about the rulers of Russia and Ukraine. Putin most likely skimmed over the part of Russian history where the Golden Horde took many slav women as concubines, thus seeding a nation of half-mongoloids.
A true Ukrainian Hitlerist would venerate the Aryan race as superior, and recognise that a great opportunity to cleanse their blood of gook sludge was lost, when the Russians killed the conquering Germans in WW2. There had never been such an attempt to purify the Slav peoples, who were content to live debased under Boyar rule.
But this is asking too much humility of the Ukrainian ‘Neo-nazis’. They will continue to adore the Yellow and Blue instead of the Swastika.

The term, ‘The West’ doesn’t really mean anything, anymore. It used to mean two things: the preconciliar Western Latin-rite Catholic Church and the White Race. The former no longer exists—although sedevacanteists like to pretend that it does!—and the latter soon won’t. Already in the UK, the cities are majority non-white. Already, in the UK, the majority of births are non-white. I tried to confirm this with the office of national statistics, but, unsurprisingly, they don’t record the ethnicities of new births. Neither does the French Government… You know, it is almost as if the Great Replacement were an international conspiracy!

However, what the Putin interview proves is that ‘the West’ are a bunch of snakes that will stab their geopolitical opponents and allies in the back constantly. On numerous occasions, Putin showed good faith, and restraint, and this was never reciprocated. Putin condemns the shameful bombing of Serbia, by Nato, in defense of Kosovar Albanian Muslims. Indeed, whatever is antiwhite, (((our))) “Western” governments are sure to do. Indeed, the West is in contempt of its own native indigenous White population.

What Afghanistan proved is that the West are treacherous as allies, and toothless lions as enemies. These snakes only understand one thing: force. Putin, of course is not on our side. He is an enemy of Nazis. However, his interview with Carlson made manifest just how contemptible ‘Western’ governments are. They are hated and despised by their geopolitical opponents and native populations alike.

As I said before: we can only hope that the US pirate state will collapse in the coming election cycle. The flag of the US government should be the Jolly Roger. The US will even repeatedly bomb its allies—like Iraq—if Israel requests it.

As White Nationalists, we can sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that this or that ZOG emperor is secretly on our side. None of them are. There is no cavalry, who will ride out to save us. We are on our own.

Indeed, thinking that the Zionist ZOG emperor, Trump, was on our side, led to a massive deradicalisation of White Nationalists. Former Neo-Nazis and White Nationalists became ‘Alt rite’. Japanese Anime and pepe the frog replaced the swastika. We ought not to fall into the trap that Putin will save us from our own governments.

Western governments will move mountains in order to keep the illusion of diversity and equality alive. I still have a video of morrocans who beheaded Norwegian women

As I usually say, better to have Russia as enemy than the USA as ally.

I have hopes that pushing Russian sanctions is accelerating the dollar collapse.

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