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Exterminationism Hate Mauricio (commenter)

Responding to Jamie

by Mauricio

You need to transvalue your views on Hate and War.

Hate is a source of pure, raw power. The best source of Power.

Aryans need to re-learn how to tap into that source and use it effectively to destroy their enemies completely, forever.

It should be obvious by now, that in order for Aryans to continue to exist, all other human races have to die.

Seven billion humans must be exterminated. There is no other way.

And to accomplish that enormous, herculean, multi-generational task, the Aryan Man must adhere to a religion of infinite Hatred.

The Aryan Man must become a remorseless, relentless, genocidal mass-murderer of non-Whites and White traitors, or he will cease to exist; or Beautiful Eyes will disappear forever.

Therefore he must wage War against Non-whites mercilessly.

War is Chaos, and Chaos is Nature’s way of determining who is Strongest.

Hatred is Strength, and Strength is Power.

To win the War, Aryans must religiously Hate their non-Aryan enemies enough to carry out a Hundred Year Race War of Extermination of 7 Billion. Infinite Hatred.

Kill all sub-humans until there is no more dark skin and dark eyes on this Earth.

I can’t explain it any simpler than this.

Blood Purity will bring the ‘End of Unnecessary Suffering’.

Anything else will inevitably lead to the extinction of White Beauty.

Anything else means Whites were not fit to exist.

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The title of this post, ‘Responding to Jamie’, looks like the title of my next book compilation (once I can re-launch my Daybreak Press).

we’re all under pressure here, but you guys are losing your minds – get a grip


You are a liar. Yesterday you promised you were going to withdraw from trolling, and today you do it again. I think, instead of continuing to confront the troll, it is better not to feed him from today onwards.


P.S. And remember that I don’t even read any comments from proxy IPs that go straight to the spam filter.

In response to Mauricio.

Aryans haven’t forgotten how to use hate.

When it has been useful for them (or better said, their masters) they were capable of doing the most atrocious things out of pure irrational. but well aimed, hatred. Hatred that they focused to push their holy wars. All of that while being J-Christians.

My previous comment was not mean as a rejection of hatred, but rather to add what the aryan man needs to survive, which is mastery over himself. Otherwise, he is vulnerable to further manipulation through that accumulated hatred, and sexual frustration (corruption of women).

We have seen how that works in two world wars.

Caesar has mentioned before the importance of knowing yourself first.

To win the struggle for survival, the Aryan man must first rediscover himself and take the reins of his own destiny once again. The religion of mastery.

Everything else will come naturally.

Hi Caesar,

I reflected about it and I’ve learned more in your blog since then.

Hitler’s victory would’ve been a much better alternative to what it has become today.

I do not reject the transvaluation of values anymore. However, I am just pointing out that hatred is still there within the J-Christianized aryan population, but they are not free to use it as how they truly want it.

They would not have any quarrel at all at culling the populations of Africa or Asia, if told to do so by the masters of mass media and the churches. But this is the problem.

William Pierce once mentioned that slave morality was behind this deadly moral inconsistency, although he omitted that it is through Judeo Christian teachings where it mainly spreads.

So all I’m saying is that they need a religion where they gain mastery over themselves and they act as how their instincts tells them to do and thus they can no longer be manipulated by charlatans.

Man most malleable state is when he is utterly angered or sexually deprived.

The systematic extermination of darker races will come naturally or systematically (like how the American Buffalo was nearly exterminated due to excessive hunting). The dollar collapse will see that coming.

White traitors, however, are going to be a tougher challenge due to their influence on the masses and cunning of mind. Mastery over one self and cold rage are going to be needed before engaging them.

You say hatred is still there, Jamie, but at least among today’s WN sites I see none of it. (I am uninterested of hatred outside WN because it’s not hatred but self-hatred.)

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