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Beautiful eyes!

It might seem excessive what I did yesterday: using the Führertag as an opportunity to continue badmouthing the white nationalists. But paraphrasing a Ukrainian who used to comment here, the problem with Christian nationalists is that they entertain illusions that their suicidal cuckoldry will get rewarded in an afterlife by a certain crucified Galilean! Just compare them with my religion of hate:

The Aryan Race needs a religion of war, not a religion of peace!
The Aryan Race needs a religion of hate, not a religion of love!
The Aryan Race needs a religion of boldness, not a religion of meekness!
The Aryan Race needs a religion of anger, not a religion of sorrow!
The Aryan Race needs a religion of severity, not a religion of mercy!

In a single word, what the white Volk needs is: Kalki. And before I continue with the Deschner series or the new English translation of the German preface to the Führer’s after-dinner talks, I would like to say something more about American white nationalism.

It is precisely because I have already transvalued my Christian values (I was born into a very Catholic family) to Greco-Roman values that the talk of IQ, so common in American race realism, seems almost Byzantine to me.

For a spiritual Greek like me, it is beauty that counts. Even supposing that people of colour had the same IQ as whites, I would still think of the latter’s physical beauty; and what must we do to make a lineage of the future look more and more like the statuary of the Greek and Roman gods.

On the other hand, everything you read in American Renaissance, The Occidental Observer, The Daily Stormer and Counter-Currents smacks of something written in the Christian Era: not in a post-Christian Era.

9 Replies on “Beautiful eyes!

  1. How do you Mr. Tort sees attraction and love among Nordic ephebes?
    I’m currently in a relationship with another Nordic ephebe, his name Eilert, he’s 14 months older than me (he’s 17) and very handsome.
    But sometimes I’m a bit embarrassed (maybe due to my Xtian upbringing?), and I tell my concerns to Hendrick, he just smiles and say that we’re just discovering our bodies, and that ancient Nordics in Sparta, Rome and elsewhere saw love and affection between Nordic ephebes pretty positively…

    So please what your thoughts about this issue?

  2. what is the use of bringing in foreigners with a “high IQ” if that high IQ is just used to defeat you? the hidden premise is that they will act the same as us and to our benefit, which as invaders is simply not true. as usual, if we accept the jew premise, we lose.

      1. hi, as you probably guessed that’s not a real email – just maintaining online opsec, and trying to make helpful comments – if you don’t find the comment helpful please feel free to not post, cheers

        1. I am just trying to see if you are not Dr Morales. If you want to comment here, (1) never use proxy IPs and (2) use a legit email.

  3. Somehow you and your Nordic softwares are able to detect even the slightest trolling activity. The enterprise has been extremely inglorious and difficult.

    So Dr. Morales and his numerous proxies and sock puppets are retiring and all their internet activities will cease from now on.

  4. Hello Caesar, if you don’t mind me, I would like to mention some comments to your religion of hate.

    Boldness, anger and especially, war, are attributes that Judeo Christians already have, given their historical records.

    What they also have, however, is their inherently hypocrisy, from Judeo Christian leaders, and slave morality preached to their followers.

    So, I would think that it is not a religion of hate, but a religion of mastery, that the white race need. This is how I will state such religion:

    The Aryan Race needs a religion of order, not war(1)!

    The Aryan Race needs a religion of integrity, not a religion of hypocrisy!

    The Aryan Race needs a religion of mastery(over one self), not a religion of slavery!

    1.- According to its etymological meaning, the transvaluated value of war is not peace, but order. War is the epitome of chaos in its practice, and thus the preferred tool of plundering and domination (through intimidation and confusion) by jews and being alike.

    1. @Jamie:
      You need to transvalue your views on Hate and War.
      Hate is a source of pure, raw power. The best source of Power.
      Aryans need to re-learn how to tap into that source and use it effectively to destroy their enemies completely, forever.

      It should be obvious by now, that in order for Aryans to continue to exist, all other human races have to die.
      7 billion humans must be exterminated. There is no other way.

      And to accomplish that enormous, herculean, multi-generational task, the Aryan Man must adhere to a religion of infinite Hatred.

      The Aryan Man must become a remorseless, relentless, genocidal mass-murderer of non-Whites and White traitors, or he will cease to exist; or Beautiful Eyes will disappear forever.

      Therefore he must wage War against Non-whites mercilessly.
      War is Chaos, and Chaos is Nature’s way of determining who is Strongest.
      Hatred is Strength, and Strength is Power.
      To win the War, Aryans must religiously Hate their non-Aryan enemies enough to carry out a Hundred Year Race War of Extermination of 7 Billion. Infinite Hatred.
      Kill all sub-humans until there is no more dark skin and dark eyes on this Earth.

      I can’t explain it any simpler than this.

      Blood Purity will bring the End of Unnecessary Suffering.
      Anything else will inevitably lead to the extinction of White Beauty.
      Anything else means Whites were not fit to exist.