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Mauricio (commenter) Vladimir Putin War!

‘It’s time for America to be humiliated’

Sometimes what I call an ‘alarm clock dream’ wakes me up early in the morning. In the dream that woke me up today I was talking to Nick Fuentes about my book Hojas Susurrantes, and when I was wide awake I realised that, just as my autobiographical book breaks taboos (who talks about family tragedies with real names?), so Nick hilariously broke a political taboo in America.

I had originally embedded Nick’s two-minute clip on this post but as its white frame doesn’t match the colours of this site, I just linked to it above. Fuentes says in spoken words what we have been saying here in written word, but it’s far more powerful to use a video and speak out as he does as an American. Pay special attention to what he says: that the US regime must be humiliated, distinguishing it from the American nation. (We recently saw Michael O’Meara distinguish between nation and regime; the American regime being the big foe of Aryan Americans.)

On the other hand, Mauricio’s comment today is so much more insightful, so much profound than what Fuentes says, that it is worth reproducing it below (if this site is censored, the PDFs I’m uploading to the backup don’t pick up the comments, only the entries).

This entry [a passage of Savitri Devi’s book] was such a good read.

We know a Hitlerian society is impossible, and Time was against the Aryans ever since the mustard seeds of destruction were sown long before the Third Reich was born. But I can’t help but dream about how the War for Europe would have played out had it been prolonged into the Atomic Age; a vision of a much more brutal dawn of the Pax Americana.

That’s why Putin’s Show is so exciting—we’re witnessing the dusk of the Amerikwan Sun! We’re living in that scenario of hypothetical mushroom clouds!

‘One incommensurably harder than he will accomplish the final task—the task of rectification—on the ruins of a humanity that believed all was permitted…’ [Savitri]

Even as a degenerate Level 1 normie back in my twenties, I instinctively knew that humanity deserved much ‘worse’ than Hitler; that ultimately an Orwellian global hellscape would come in the 21st century from dwindling resources, ruled by tyrants more cruel, cunning and merciless than every communist leader put together.

Only then will the remnant Aryan thought-criminals begin to worship a deity made of pure Hatred.

Ave Kalki.

But let’s bring it down to a level that ordinary racists can understand.

It’s a pity that O’Meara, the mature American intellectual who studied in Paris, is retired. Given what we have been saying here about white nationalism, should I be surprised that only Nick Fuentes and Andrew Anglin are understanding what is going on in Ukraine (Anglin’s latest post can be read here)?

Sometimes you need a truly juvenile mind, like that of a naughty child, to say that the king is parading naked in front of his subjects.

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