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Time-tunnel fantasy

Recently I came up with the idea of starting to change our colloquialisms, residues of Judeo-Christianity, for expressions like ‘For the Gods…!’ If people answer us by saying that there is only one god, we shall answer: ‘I don’t believe the god of the Jews exists!’ (not long ago I told exactly that to my very Catholic mother).

It does not matter that the Aryan Gods do not exist either. They exist in another sense. As Jung said, they represent healthy archetypes of the Aryan psyche. Just remember the high opinion of Jung about Hitler and Wotan as a Germanic Renaissance.

Yesterday and today I have continued watching the fifth season of Vikings. My favourite dialogue of everything I’ve seen since the first season appears in S5-E15, after a war against the Christians on English soil (YouTube clip: here).

Harald Finehair: Magnus, son of Ragnar… What is to become of us now, eh?

Magnus: I think our Faith should prevail. No doubt at all. Our Gods will ultimately triumph over the Christian god [contempt in Magnus’s voice] who is a usurper, who has no meaning; is not real. One day not so far away the name ‘Jesus Christ’ will be utterly forgotten [emphasis in Magnus’ voice].

Oh how many times I have fantasised about a time tunnel that will take me to the 9th century to deter the Vikings from entering Europe at the moment…

First, I’d advise, they should conquer the Mesoamericans and the Incas. In a couple of centuries of ethnic cleansing, with all the gold of the New World and those fertile lands producing hundreds of thousands of American Viking warriors, they could then conquer Europe to make Ragnar’s son’s dream come true…

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It will never happen.

Varg Vikernes is right about one thing; whites in America have become too domesticated, too coward and too christian to ever raise in arms againts the system that is destroying them.

When Obama “won” the elections, that should’ve been the trigger for a revolution, but instead, all that happened can be sumarized in one single comment on Stormfront:

“Guys, I really love the idea that, some day, someone, will lead us into expelling the non whites from America and take our country back from all of those who hate us.

But I’m growing tired of waiting for that day, and that someone, and we are all running out of time. We gotta do something now, while we are the majority. Before it is too late…”

People are just waiting for someone else to save them, to take care of the problem… they are just too afraid of changing their lives, their christianized values, their comfort…

They dont fucking want to see how wrong is to mix their children with asians, with negroes. They bent over to dirty latinos and tolerate their rotten spanish when every fucking Scandinavian immigrant here had to learn english eventually. Blonde children are discriminated… persecuted in schools by negro principals with no reason, whatsoever, other than prejudice. Fucking hypocrital.

They just dont want to open their eyes. They are just too domesticated… and those few who do cant do a shit by their own.

Varg Vikernes is fucking right, none of them will ever raise a finger, until something really nasty happens, and even then Im terrified of the idea that they will never take action. Even if one their children gets killed in school by a nonwhite, they would rather apologize and claim for no more hatred againts shitskins.

I dont see any hope for this, other than taking Vikernes solution and just move to the countryside to have a large, uncorrupted family there, and just survive until this civilization collapses by itself.

Sorry for the defeatist comments. I felt like this since this last 4th of july, when I came back from Minneapolis disgusted to see all the interracial couples with Scandinavian women. Is really a dreadful sight.

Thanks for sharing all your content here. I really appreciate it, but I feel powerless of being unable to red pill my fellow whites here, or rather, that they just dont want to swallow it.

The System can receive huge, if not fatal, wounds not only from the coming crash of the dollar. You can imagine what would have happened if Osama bin Laden awaited a couple of decades before his attack and found inspiration in the Chernobyl HBO series. The targets of his hijacked planes would have been quite different… But you’re right: whites aren’t behaving like Muslims.

It’s a crushing sensation, when you show the truth to your friends, siblings and parents, but they don’t want to believe it, no matter how tactfully and eloquently you try to convince them. You approach from every angle, you appeal to every sense of empathy, use analogies they might understand, use logic, reason, facts… repeatedly. Dozens of times. And they just – don’t – want – to hear it. I know, it truly feels hopeless.

You eventually realise, that the only people you will ever successfully red-pill are your children. You don’t even need to red-pill your wife – only your kids. This is your chance: small, uncorrupted, true humans, sharing your blood, with an open mind and a pure heart, listening to every word you say, counting on you to guide them into adulthood.

Yes, Varg has shown valid solutions. Your comments aren’t defeatist. Most Whites aren’t worth saving anyway. Like you said, they won’t move a finger until a catastrophe happens. Even worse, if it does happen, they’re more likely to come after YOU and your stuff, instead of putting in the work to sustain themselves.

Killing niggers is easy; I hate them. But I hope that, when the time comes, I have the courage to put a bullet in the head of the White trying to steal my car. The courage to shoot – not just point, SHOOT – the wretched Whites at my doorstep, begging for food.

I should add:

By no means I’m saying stop red-pilling Whites. Every awakened exterminationist must try and spread the 14 Words, as best as they are able. Just don’t expect good results. The seeds you plant in the dry minds of your friends and family may not sprout for years to come. But these seeds will add weight to the decision-making scale, when eventually racial consciousness becomes a necessity. The scale will tip sooner for your friends than for the normies.


True. And it’s multi-dimensional layers of these issues that have accumulated in the training of the minds of Whites growing up, which prevent them from really being racially conscious.

They might see our points, they might agree with blanket statements, but they just cannot get past what they see and the fact that we are forced to deal and confront with these Non-whites who live among us.

The lifestyles of non-whites are very imposing in their counter-culture and degenerate ways, and because their music and carefree approaches to life seem so charismatic and freeing, our young girls and society in general get seduced by this. It’s a major problem. They’ve been turned to believe that cultural roots and celebration is boring, and to embrace the counter-culture.

In a way, as Aryans, we cannot be carefree like other races. At least not to their degree, because we have so much more value and integrity to protect for our own people, and something which other races ought not to have a claim to our level of civilization.

The majority of Whites are also very naive and unaware of the fact that other cultures have been educated in understanding the mentality of Whites and how to appeal to Whites to subvert our civilization without our people realizing it. Blacks, Indians, Muslims love to play the role of the chameleon and to get on our “Good Aryan Side” to appeal to things that interest us to come across as a friend or equal, when in reality our way of life is alien to them, but they want yet they want to reap the benefits of it.

A lot of Whites have not taken the self-reflection to give great thought to the actual character of these foreigners living among us. Anyone who has really come to understand them knows that they lack empathy and are habitual liars and usurpers. Whites always want to think that others feel and see life the same as them. One thing that becomes a major trap in this world, is that if you are someone who is very intelligent, if you have high empathy and creativity, good morality, it can become very easy to fall into the delusion that everyone else thinks and feels the same as you do. When in fact, most people in the modern world are highly lacking in all of these things.

The average White person does not recognize that most Non-Whites are even more racist and discriminate far more among their own kind and the different sub-races within their own nations, than any white person ever does. They fear the majority of whites understanding this, so they prefer to bank on the idea of using White Guilt and the feeling that Whites always feel this need to prove we are the “better person” by giving back to everyone.

This is why our enemies are totally unhinged and are getting even more aggressive by the minute about making everything about race and suggesting racism at any instance possible, because there is more knowledge floating around about the hypocrisy in their racism and they know the tipping point is close to the tables turning on them, but are doing everything to keep the collective mentality of White people intact. The enemy is also aware of the implications of the coming racial struggle and civil wars which will erupt in going along forward with their agenda, however these goons have no care in the world because their own shithole countries don’t even want them and would never allow them to get away with the racketeering and schemes that they are freely allowed to practice in countries which are Democracies. So they follow the “If you’re going to hell, keep on going” mentality in their March to Bolshevize the entire west. What they don’t realize however, is that even if they successfully Bolshevize the entire West, that just like during the original Bolshevik Revolution, these activists themselves who were nothing but useful idiots, will also be killed off in the wake of such a revolution, because they know too much and saw too much and have served their purpose.

Nevertheless, the struggle continues on, no matter how much our species are dying off. And I believe that in the wake of our revolution, that the Whites which have betrayed us will serve as the necessary slaves for building the Fourth Reich.

In every American city and town, even in the most “conservative” ones, white American young girls are dating and fucking Mexican and negro scum. It’s unbelievable that American men let their daughters to be whores of degenerated apes. They don’t care! It’s like the next generation will be majority brown thanks to those girls for being such traitor sluts, and their cuck fathers who let their daughters to behave that way. Seeing that situation, I would say: fuck them! They really deserve to be gone from America.
And about Varg’s solution, those monkeys are even in small towns trying to steal our women and they won’t stop until there’s no land for whites to live uncorrupted on their own, free of miscegenation.

Yeah, I was thinking in getting a copy of that book. Not available on Amazon anymore, I see.

I didn’t know it had been taken down. At least I guess there must be a PDF somewhere so you can print it and have it in a ring-binder in your bookshelf.


I agree. In fact, the notion of someone who is a “Conservative” is a fallacy in and of itself. It’s a game to make it seem as if the Right Wing is all that different and morally superior from the Left Wing. As far as I’m considered, the Bird is Jewish… The conservative issue is not new, in fact something not commonly known to many, but the Nazis also had to deal with many exclusive issues not only of Left Wing Parties and Lobbies, but also that of many of the Right Wing, Conservative and Christian parties. The Catholic and Protestant parties in Germany become a huge menace as being another offshoot of Jewry. Although I believe the entire time that Hitler had the right idea of his approach to the issue of Christianity because his results allowed him to make the Catholic Church “his bitch”. He even had the world of Islam bending to his knees. If Hitler won, the Musli world would also be in strict obedience to Hitler and the National Socialists and would have to rewrite their Quran’s to be in compatibility with NS.

In order for us National Socialists to become relevant, we must have a total program to identify and expose the Conservatives and also thrust them off our ranks. They have absolutely nothing in common with us. I don’t even trust so-called “racists” because even they ironically don’t even really believe in what they profess to believe. Sometimes, the roots of one’s belief are far more important than the belief itself. We need only members of quality and steadfastness in our Movement.

Things are so bad now that over the years I’ve begun to notice that even at some Italian and German Festival events which are 99% white that I’ve gone to, as a White person, I am treated more as an outsider and a ghosted by everyone while a couple of Negroes and Indians suddenly arrive or are married to someone and are actually welcomed in as “one of the family”. Then they dance and conduct themselves even more confidently than anyone else in the festivities. The absurdity is just becoming unreal.

I can tell you for a fact too that where I live, nearly all White women you see these days who are having any babies (already or on the way) are having mixed-race children with Negroes, nearly 99% of the time. And as I walk by them, their children love to say “Hi!” to me and I cannot force myself whatsoever to respond…

I don’t believe it. I’d need several other commenters overseas claiming the same (99%) to believe such a thing!

Or even better: link to a scholarly article, e.g., in TOO, CC or Unz, that supports your preposterous claim statistically.

@CT, LOL… Good ol’ stats 😉

But yeah like I said, “in my area” where I live that is how it is like. You don’t even see the wealthier class (what’s left of them) having many children these days. You have to come pound the pavement of my grungy city to see it for yourself!

Which town are you living in?

The only way I can believe your claim is that I see, in a one-hour YouTube film on a street in your town, that 99% of babies are mixed.


In all seriousness, it’s a place in Central Massachusetts. When I am talking about 99% of the babies mixed, I mean new ones that White women are having or that are “on the way”. Not necessarily from previous years. My point is that it’s mostly Non-whites reproducing, and that in general the Whites who are either Middle-Class and Poor are mostly only procreating with Non-Whites. The upper class here is rarely having children… It’s been very much more noticeable over the past several years.

Very difficult to put any percentage to it but I’d say a 1,2, perhaps 3 per cent, but that’s it. Depends on where you live of course, but 99% of total is total bullshit.

@Aryan son, yeah most definitely not 99% of the total population. That would obviously be absurd and impossible.

The Vikings-conquer-the-Americas idea is one I’ve also had running around the back of my head for a while. I might write that story, once I’m done with my current projects.

As for “will never happen”: the thing to keep in mind is, first, the dramatic swing in racial and identitarian attitudes across generations, second, in 40 years’ time the white population will by definition be the children of those who valued whiteness. Even if their parents and grandparents only valued it implicitly and didn’t want to be called racist, the fact of their creation of the next white generation will be sufficient. Context and historical trends will do the rest.

I know a couple of young white American Catholics. I’ve watched them get really emotionally involved with each other. I’m expecting a wedding announcement at some point in the next year or two. They’re part of a group of friends that run a local event. One of those other friends – with whom the two lovebirds are fairly close – is a very nice and smart young woman who keeps her hair cut very short and, for the past year, has been increasingly dressing in mannish styles. At last month’s event she was wearing a “They/Them” button. The event regularly posts a “Code of Conduct” which clearly is intended to forestall any negativity about such types of behavior.

I won’t be going back to those events; I don’t see the need to pick fights or to point out the hypocrisy or inconsistency with nominal Catholic teachings, it wouldn’t get me anywhere and I prefer to pick fights I can win. But the lovebirds will, I expect, marry and have children. Those children will mature in an environment of increasing tension, where all contradictions are being brought to the surface. Meanwhile, the short-haired girl will not be solving her problems. She is, I expect, extremely unhappy – possibly because she is very lonely. (The first time I met her, she did occur to me as a possible match. Obviously her own actions have eliminated that possibility.) Her chosen course of action will not resolve that unhappiness; instead it will accelerate her, and those like her, toward a level of confrontation, contradiction of reality, and conflict that the broader society will be forced to realize it cannot tolerate.

What society looks like AFTER that confrontation and conflict are resolved, we cannot yet say. The longer it is put off, the more intense the actual crisis will be, and the greater the scope of options afterward.

The long term trends are on our side, because we are the ones who correctly understand reality, and you can’t lie to reality forever.

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