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On Voldemort the Mudblood

Today I changed the name of one of the most used categories on this site: from ‘deranged altruism’ to ‘out-group altruism’. The latter term better denotes what happened in the Aryan psyche since it was finished being conquered by the Judeo-Christian ethic. (In the pagan world, neither the Greeks nor the Romans nor the Norseman felt obliged to altruism outside their ethnic groups.)

Lately I have been thinking about the transition from Christian ethics—thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself—to secular ethics—altruism towards non-whites—, and I realised that there is no comprehensive treatise on the subject.

For this reason, I reread ‘Egalitarianism’ which I reproduced on this site four years ago. I was so impressed by the lucidity of the author, who in the forums signed as ‘Kurwenal’ that I was about to request a printed copy of his book, Suprahumanism: European Man and the Regeneration of History by Daniel S. Forrest (London: Arktos, 2014. It is unclear if Daniel S. Forrest is just another penname of Kurwenal or his real name.)

Kurwenal had posted very intelligent comments on this site from 2012 to 2015. I have the impression that he is a German who has lived in Spain. Kurwenal is one of the few white nationalists who has read some of the content of Hojas Susurrantes and I even mention him in the second book of my autobiographical trilogy. A big admirer of Richard Wagner, he used the name of one of the characters in Wagner’s operas: Kurwenal.

However, just before clicking on the shipment from Amazon it seemed pertinent to read a review in Counter-Currents. The book-review title is ‘Daniel Forrest’s Suprahumanism’ and was authored by Ted Sallis. You can imagine my surprise to find, in the comments section, the following comment by Forrest/Kurwenal:

From a political perspective, an inclusive approach is preferable: all Europeans of good will both in the mother continent and overseas are to be considered members of the future European ‘polis’, independently of past ‘admixtures’ or present unprepossessing genetic traits.

Joseph Walsh has told me that not only whites seem to suffer from a death wish, but that even the white nationalists themselves suffer from this ailment. The first time he communicated such an idea, I’m not sure if it was in London, it seemed to me implausible and bizarre. Only over the years did I realise that it was sadly true, and Kurwenal’s quote exemplifies it.

Out-group altruists do not seem to have weighed on my scolding to the editor of Counter-Currents about the most abject confusion between some Meds and real whites. See for example these two photos that I reproduced in 2013 where the face of one of the purest whites of Scandinavia is contrasted with one of the swarthiest Italians in Sicily. Kurwenal’s non-Nordicist philosophy, orthodoxy among most alt-right folks, can only end in their extinction.

Although not as swarthy or ugly as the Sicilian referred above, what is most paradoxical is that a mudblood like me is the one who wants to save what remains of the Aryans. In contrast, pure whites, whether nationalists or not, have been, since WW2, in pursuit of their extinction—and precisely because of their eternal guilt complexes dating from the transit of pagan to Christian axiology.

In the Harry Potter saga Lord Voldemort is a mudblood obsessed with purity. Of course, J. K. Rowling used it as a metaphor for her anti-racist ideology. I kind of project myself on Voldemort because it’s precisely the fact that the dark lord himself has lost his pure pedigree what explains his concern that others could lose it too.

4 replies on “On Voldemort the Mudblood”

Meds are very polarised in terms of racial awareness.
The way I see it, there’s three camps:

Camp A – “We wuz never Nordics”
They believe “Mediterranean” to be a race on it’s own, separate from Aryans. Most will unwittingly glorify the Hollywood versions of the Greek and Roman Empires, and will refuse to admit they were spawned from nigger miscigenation.
It’s like that ‘sour grapes’ tale of the fox, bit with Aryan genes instead of grapes.
These Meds have a crushing inferiority complex, and deep down, they envy the beauty and purity of the Aryan genes. I wouldn’t classify them as anti-White, but they are certainly anti-Nordics, which makes them borderline race-traitors. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them had Jewish ancentry – after all, blood speaks louder than words. Well, at least they hate niggers…

Camp B – “We’re mixed, and that’s fine”
For these Meds, there’s no racial purity anymore; the world is becoming a Big Beige Village, and soon the Aryans will be mixed too. These degenerate quitters are the most common. They secretly lust for brown, easy flesh. They don’t care if they come from Aryans or niggers. They capitulate under PC atmospheric pressure, and won’t even feel an ounce of hate if their daughter is fucking a mulatto. Traitor scum. To the gallows.

Camp C: “We’re mixed, and that sucks”
The minority. Closet racists, they care about their ancestry and descendancy. These Meds are soldier material against ZOG if given the proper 14 words guidance. My guess is, they comprise the least mixed portion of the Meds, and they can see a glimmer of hope in their brown eyes when they look in the mirror.

Last year, I wrote a comment on Varg Vikernes’ youtube channel, on a video about Racial Purity. My comment got pinned at the top and received hundreds of replies. Varg recently got shoah’d, so I can’t link the video, but my comment went something along the lines of:

“The racial standard for Europeans has always been blue eyes and blonde hair. Brown hair and eyes is admixture. We Mediterraneans need to recognise this. Our Eurppean ancestors have miscigenated, and the result is us. But there’s still hope.
If we choose to stay in Europe, and brave the European climate; if we feed ourselves from European wilderness; if we breed only with our own; if we raise our children to be traditional and self-sufficient, then eventually, Nature will reward us, by re-surfacing our dormant Aryan genes in our descendants. Our children will inherit Thule.
So let’s make it happen.”

The next day, I got lambasted by at least 30 comments from Med Camp A. “Meds are glorious too!” “If you like them so much, why don’t you go suck nordic cock” and some 20 comments from Camp B “Haha, you’re a sand-nigger, you’ll never be Aryan.”

And some Aryan commenters, in the same vein as this Kurwenal fellow, actually praised my comment: “That’s the spirit! We’re all together in this fight! Hail our Mediterranean brothers.”

It’s all fun and games until the music stops. And modern Aryans are addicted to music.

So wise is this comment of yours, Mauricio, that I’ll reproduce it tonight or tomorrow as a separate entry.

As I have said, I understand Meds fairly well because I’ve known lots Iberian whites, castizos, harnizos, mestizos and Amerinds (gradual variations of Indian blood among Latin Americans). Last November I lost a harnizo friend because he could not cope even with Alt-Lite info such as those IQ videos by Stefan Molyneux. Meds and Latinos are the easiest to understand because it’s a huge blow to one’s self-image to recognise differential intelligence among the races. So they simply resort to self-delusion.

Spanish speaking folks are beyond hope, even the unmixed offspring of Spaniards living in Mexico, the real ‘Meds’ (e.g., my old classmates of the Madrid School). My beef is with real whites like this Kurwenal (and Greggy et al, who are quite a few). They really feel guilty for their superiority, and unconsciously want to iron it out through miscegenation with Meds (cf. Richard Spencer’s first wife). It’s them the ones whom I shall scold in the strongest terms possible.

‘…but they [some Meds] are certainly anti-Nordics’

So true. Did you read one of my replies last Tuesday?

‘They secretly lust for brown, easy flesh’.

There’s a vulgar saying in Mexico among castizos, harnizos and the lighter mestizos: ‘Carne buena y barata, sólo la de la gata’. Gata means the maid who lives in the rooftop’s room of bourgeois houses, as cats do (as in the film Roma that I have discussed on this site). In English the saying could be translated without the colloquialism as, ‘Good and cheap flesh, only that of the Amerind maid’.

Perhaps you remember that post of mine last year, an obituary recounting what happened to one of my white uncles after he married one of these gatas? Justice.


I would agree that Meds are indeed very polarized when it comes to racial awareness… But more over that their ideas of racial consciousness are rarely defined in the ways that the German Racial Awareness was. Usually Meds just associate racial awareness with egotistical racial pride / nationalism (i.e. waving the flag) and with only marrying their own, but many have been breaking that rule these days as is. But the conception of race, such as different levels of intelligence, empathy or creative qualities along with adhering to a completely new set of spiritual values is still an alien concept to many of them, because they are infected with Christianity and cannot let go of it.

Some Meds have even gone as far as selling out the idea of anything inherit of their culture and racial blood by the idea of Christianity being “their culture”, and they have even gone as far as allowing the Church to manage what are culturally accepted morals, and in preserving the language and other aspects of a given nation. This is especially true with the Greeks, Italians but also of Slavic Nations like with Russia and Serbia, in which the Orthodox Church serves as the backbone of their civilization.

Part of the reason for the inferiority complex with Meds is also rooted in the fact that most Med countries are living off the fumes of glory created by their ancestors, because many of them have been mixed with inferior invaders over the centuries since the fall of their empires, and they know that they are incapable of re-creating the glory and greatness of a civilization such as that which Greece and Rome once had created for themselves.

Since the Middle Ages and Decline of Rome, there really has been no other Nation which has protected the Modern Europe and continued the legacy of this foundation except for Germany.

The whole “Blue Eyes / Blond Hair” standard of Europe, in terms of being the only Aryan pureness is a myth. In fact, most Aryans even among the Northern countries do not have Blue eyes and Blond Hair. In fact, 60% of Germans naturally have either one trait of either Darker Hair or Darker Eye Features, if not both. The “Blue Eyes / Blond Hair” idea has been blown far out of proportion, because the Jews used this piece that Hitler was discussing in Mein Kampf to blow it out to make it seem like anyone who didn’t have it was inferior. Rather, Hitler was simply illustrating the genes of these hair and eye colors to be associated with an Aryan Race that has been discovered in numerous civilizations and geographical regions and brought the attention that these genes are at risk of becoming extinct.

Traditionally, the ruling class of Germany even during Imperial times, the Hohenzollern family did not have both blue eyes and blond hair together but maybe had blue or lighter eyes in some cases.

The statement “We’re all in this together” or “We’re all together in this fight” is a subversive statement that has origins in the New Age Movement. It’s designed to attack Aryan Values.

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