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Justice / revenge Miscegenation

Poetic justice

I’m coming from a funeral.
In the above pic, my uncles and an aunt appear in a costume party called here posada [1] when I was just a small child (ca. 1965). The uncle who appears with the blond beard died this morning.
He had married a very swarthy woman, almost an Amerindian, of very low social class: something harshly criticized in the family. A few months ago his wife and swarthy children confiscated his property, stole his money, and put him in a nursing home—and the whitest of the three biblical magi died of sadness in the asylum.
More than half a century ago, about the times when the pic was taken, a white American woman living in Mexico City was very much in love with him. Imagine the white kids the couple could have had after marrying in the big city, and then perhaps moving to the US.
But my uncle preferred Mexico and the mestiza of a lower class…
[1] Posada: A Christmas festival originating in Latin America that dramatizes the search of Joseph and Mary for lodging.

11 replies on “Poetic justice”

Under no circumstances is it absurd to ‘heap the blame’ on women.
White men made a mistake giving them rights and autonomy, yes but women are by-and-large more prone to miscegenation.
That’s a fact.

Denise is typical of these females in “the movement”. She complains about MGTOWs, which is fair enough, because they are contemptible degenerates. But so much as heap even a small percentage of blame on women, and you are called ‘a homosexual who can’t get laid’. It is an extremely obnoxious method of Shit Testing.
The reason why the Denise types keep doing it, is that in their experience, the men comply.

It really is a shame.
Not an uncommon sight to see here in Texas, the last few Nordic looking girls in relationships with mestizos and mulattoes.
The men are no better for the most part.

combine the short term effects of oxytocin, the bonding neurotransmitter that can easily overwhelm the cognitive structures, with the longer term effects of sense of self and its no wonder child-bearing relationships are a coin-toss. now add the struggle for survival to the mix and life becomes a fuking mess for half of us. (if you know anyone who’s considering suicide, please call the suicide hot line. huh?) add the insanity of the bureaucracy a now the soup gets crazier. the young american joo author david zweig wrote a pretty decent novel about a twenties-something new yorker trying to come to grips with his chemical and psycho forces, swimming inside the sun.

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