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On serving two masters

The problem with white nationalists is their damn Christian ethics: a set of moral values shared by even those atheists who live under the illusion of having abandoned our parents’ religion.

Christianity not only has a dogmatic facet but an axiological one as we have said so many times.

Last week Ramzpaul said in one of his videos that ‘they literally take a bat, I think he is alive, and they throw it in the fryers, seems really cruel’. But a minute later he added that he didn’t condemn the Chinese but that he admired them. Typical Christian ethics: compulsory universal love by obeying what the son of Yahweh commands us in the New Testament.

Compare Ramzpaul’s words with the novel that I most recommend to every visitor to this site, The Turner Diaries, which culminates when the Aryan ethnostate exterminates the Chinese through a combination of nuclear, chemical and biological attacks on their continent.

It is impossible to serve two masters because one will always end up loving one and abhorring the other. It is impossible to love your neighbour and at the same time the 14 words. What white nationalists have chosen is to love their neighbour as themselves, even those bastards who torture animals. In other words, these apprentices of racists have barely taken a few steps to cross the psychological Rubicon and imagine they already crossed it.

Loving those who torment animals is what in my soliloquies I call ‘un quebranto psicótico marca diablo’ (literally, a psychotic breakdown of the devil brand): a huge voluntary surrender to evil, self-deceivingly believing that that by subscribing universal love you’re doing good.

Since the times of Greece and Rome the moral compass of the White Man has been shifted from North to South by the religion of our parents, and these poor devils who believe they defend the white race haven’t even noticed it.

4 replies on “On serving two masters”

The mainland Chinese been heartless is not a modern capitalist or communist evolution.

There were books written by Americans inside China early in 1920 where they describe the bald faced corruption at every level, cruelty and sadism of Chinese. One story I recall now is when a boat carrying pigs sank and everyone rushed to help the pigs but let the people die.

If this apathy was the product of “The Great Leap Backwards” and other Maoist disasters as this man believes, then the same should be observable in other former Communist nations. One should find plenty of apathy in Russia or Poland yet I believe that one could not find even remotely the same level of obvious disinterest in helping others at least in the whiter parts of East Europe.

In TPS #656, which at the moment of writing is still alive, JFG says he is for ‘reparations’ for Indians because JFG doesn’t like how they were treated in the past, and says that American whites must atone with ‘large concessions of land’! Just compare the neo-Christianity of this atheist man with the cover I chose for my book, where a white god seems to be throwing out the Amerindians of Mesoamerica!

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