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Psychoclasses: a vital concept

The video that I embedded in the comments section of my previous post made me think of something.

What happens in China (e.g., a toddler on the road is not rescued by any Chinese who casually passes by, and is finally run over, etc., etc.) is not ‘the battle of morality between different cultures’ as this other vlogger says about China. If it were a moral battle, there would be a substantial proportion of Chinese with greater empathy not only towards other Chinese, but towards animals. In this video there is apparently an image of a Chinese woman boiling a turtle alive in the kitchen of the mentioned vlogger. I didn’t want to see the image again because those atrocities with animals hurt me. The Chinese, on the other hand, a race inferior to ours, have not developed due empathy.

Speaking of the sacrifice of children in the ancient world on Day of Wrath, we have called psychogenesis the historical process of the development of empathy. In that book I explained what a lower psychoclass is and used, as a paradigm, the infanticidal psychoclass of Mesoamerica (Amerindians) before the coming of the Spaniards.

Psychogenesis or development of empathy, and different psychoclasses such as Amerindian and Spanish in the 16th century, are concepts that the common man ignores. Confused by Marxism and attempts to explain everything from economics and the hard sciences, Westerners have yet to realise that there are different psychoclasses of humans on earth. Even today, the burying of living small children is still practiced in certain tribes of the Amazon: an even more primitive psychoclass than that of the Chinese.

The 2020 edition of Day of Wrath is almost identical to that of the last year, except that I added my brief entry of this month’s 18th, ‘Possessed whites’, as a kind of corollary of what I say in ‘Dies Irae’. It is not only available in hard copy (here), from now on there is a PDF (here).

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Both YouTube vloggers are whites. Unfortunately, they have not only lived many years in China but also committed the ultimate sin: marrying Chinese women and breeding with them.

It is interesting that the Asiatic races display many of the same racial traits as Jews; a lack of empathy, a lack of compassion, a need for the urban, hive environment as well as hive mindedness. This is understandable as Jews are an Asiatic people.

The difference I suspect is in the Diaspora. While other oriental cultures were murdering each other over territorial disputes, Jews had only host cultures to murder and steal from.

Imagine Israel the size of China. Perhaps it’s best not to.

Yet the Chinese put out many excellent films. Here is an interesting film,Raise the Red Lantern. This film highlights the Chinese elite’s mentality towards women. Most notable is the century in which the story takes place. From what I see today in the upper levels of power, much the same thing is still going on today in America under the guidance of that other oriental race.

Remember, these are the people of Mao’s “One Child” program that led to the infanticide of untold numbers of female babies in the effort to sire a son.
Which brings us to yet another, more compassionate, film The King of Masks. In this movie a childless man is forced to deal with a disguised female he buys thinking she would be a male heir to his masking craft.

Both films are excellent and far beyond any of the schlock Hollywood puts out these days. But then I do not detect a propaganda agenda in the Chinese films. Talk about an upside down world!

I remember Raise the Red Lantern that I probably saw in Barcelona (ca. 1992) and liked it. Unlike the silly Chinese films depicting martial artists as Asian supermen, Raise was a realistic representation of Old China.

Are you not overreacting/overgeneralizing, however? Time and time again I have searched about the treatment of animals in the Sinosphere, and people always say such barbaric practices are going out of fashion. Especially in South Korea. Is that not a proof that it’s not deeply genetic? That continuous city-dwelling degeneracy makes them care about animals more?

Last time I checked, both Iceland (Nordic/Negro) and Japan (Mongoloid/Jomon) keep whaling.

Often times, I have found funny videos of animals’ being cute (no, not boiled alive) on YouTube which are clearly owned and posted by the Chinese. Isn’t it a clear proof that the Chinese can love their pets?

Maybe it’s an issue of conformity? Or an issue of percentage whereby a larger proportion of Whites both cares and affords to care about animals in their countries? Maybe it’s comparable to how Westerners treat their livestock animals (which a Hindu would not tolerate – are Hindus a higher race?)?

Still, in Russia, for example, there are hordes of stray dogs (because people abandon them like unwanted kids), so a culture of vigilantes has formed who kill them (because they want their human children to be safe from rabies), and those vigilantes are heckled by other groups (because they would prefer wild dogs’ living in their cities, and that makes no sense as even you would have no problem with killing animals in a humane or risky way).

On a different note, is it true that Marxism ignores psyche? Are you not confusing Marxism with biological psychiatry? Because Engels wrote about the evolution of matter which culminates in psyche.

And another one – your idea of psychoclasses tries to explain the swift conquest of the Americas by the Conquistadores. Then how come the Chinese have created a vast and successful civilization that is clearly not as suicidal as either Tenochtitlan or Spain?

“Engels wrote about the evolution of matter which culminates in psyche.”

An alternative perspective to matter evolving to create consciousness is that perhaps every atom carries with it a sort of consciousness. The justification for this notion is that if the brain is conscious, and if the brain is composed of atoms, then each atom it is composed of must be conscious in some way.

And this idea that matter is conscious is used to explain animistic beliefs, such as those found in the iliad which is perhaps the most ancient European text we know of.

I forgot to add a couple of things.

serpentza (along with his friend laowhy86) is an incredible example of an Eternal Anglo. Although it it did not hinder my appreciation for that video you shared, the man himself is odious. Hails from South Africa but has no hint of racism. Married an ugly south Chinese (not even a Han, he researched her ancestry). Drives around on a motorbike. Lies about his credentials (he’s an English teacher, a white monkey for the companies to show off because parading White people around is prestigious, as per his own words). And he constantly bashes China, but then acts surprised when the nationalists want him deported. Anglo = Jew.

Also, today is a double anniversary of the Machtübernahme by the Führer and the killing of Gandhi by Nathuram Godse.

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