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Jane Austen Mauricio (commenter) Sexual degeneracy

On trying to be an Austen fan in today’s West

by Mauricio

Last year, in May, I went on a coffee date with a young Med woman. Thin (vegan), no tattoos, good manners. No siblings, parents divorced. Lives with her mom, avoids her father. She’s graduating in psychology, can’t speak English (but can read), watches tons of Netflix, and wants to travel the world.

I stopped courting her after that date. Too many bad seeds.[1] Sense told me she was a piece of work; sensibility told me she was angry and lonely. Prejudice told me she’s another feminist zombie; pride told me to move on.[2]

A 14-words priest would say “It matters not the contents of her mind. What matters are the contents of her womb. If there isn’t a White fetus in it, that’s a problem that needs fixing”. But we aren’t living in Lane’s world, with Castilian wolves hunting for caperucitas.[3] We live in a world full of Willoughbys and Wickhams.

Whenever I see a damaged young woman, I see a father who didn’t do his fatherly job of raising his daughter properly. I see a boomer who left all the work of fostering a normal, healthy human being, to others; to her neurotic mother, to her selfish friends, to her weak millennial suitors.

May the gods of Wrath bring the Great Suffering before the last of the boomers dies out. [4]


– Embedded clip & notes by the Editor – :

[1] This alludes to the ‘mustard seeds’ in my article ‘Downton Abbey (film)’.

[2] This, and the Willoughbys and Wickhams below, alludes to Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice.

[3] The paragraph alludes to David Lane’s novel and to the ‘little red riding hoods’ in the articles ‘Caperucitas’ and ‘Lycanthropy’.

[4] See the very last essay in The Fair Race: the wise words of William Pierce regarding how the West will go under.

13 replies on “On trying to be an Austen fan in today’s West”

You did the right thing by refusing to date that woman. From my point of view you are lucky to have the intuition in this case to distinguish and the guts to hold yourself responsible to that.
But dont thump yourselves on the chest about this.

Yes , she was probably a damaged female,and you could prevent yourselves a lot of frustrations by not interacting with this female, but what started to irritate me in your attitude is this:

Why are you only focusing on the poor girl ? That means the other .
Are you not having any contribution in this menagerie ? Don t you have any for sure christian conditioning somewhere in your dark corners ( that you are not aware of ) that makes you a participant instead of an observer in this case?

“Whenever I see a damaged young woman I see a father….. ” is where the arrogance comes in.
Have you been in the situation of a father who did not take proper care of his daughter ? Probably not.

Well, I have been , as a so called “boomer “, and I had to leave my daughter to the grace of existence at an early age not because I was not willing to ” take care” of her but because of a crystal clear insight that the way I was functioning I was not in command of my true self. That means: I was aware that the blind leading the blind cannot give any good results.
This points to an issue so many times referred to by Cesar Tort, namely why white nationalism , alt right etcetera is so much bullshit.

It is because on average there is no willingness, even no capacity, to inquire into ones own psyche and its destructive and irrational habits.
It seems that suffering is the way to get confronted with it.

The question is here: Do I know myself enough to make certain statements ?

Moralities not needed here.

I cannot speak for Mauricio but my father really blundered with my sisters’ education by allowing my mother to have all of us in the Colegio Madrid, where they taught my sisters the wonders of Leftism and even Marxism. My father was very conscious of the horrors after 1917 in Russia, but he never complained about the schools and universities his spouse chose for us. My Catholic father was not a boomer though but was born in the middle 1920s.

Incidentally, instead of going back to decent, healthy sexual mores see how even racialist Catholics like Nick Fuentes are courting grotesque degenerates like Catboy in the hope of reaching ‘normies’ (here).

I saw her occasionally on my way to work, and one day I asked her out. The date with this lady was, for me, an informal interview, and I judged her unfit for motherhood.
I know I have high standards, and I know I am damaged too, in fact I don’t even fully meet those standards myself. I’m not disciplined enough to be a good husband yet, let alone a father. But the difference is – I’m working towards the goal of the 14 Words; she isn’t. Her worst bad seed wasn’t her feminist antics, it was her selfish desire to “travel around the world”.

I blame bad seeds mostly on boomer fathers because I’ve seen this pattern so many times: bad girl = bad father. There are exceptions, but I have never seen good girl = bad father. Their responsibility in shaping this generation is undeniable, as even with good efforts in upbringing, boomer liberal values and “happy-mode” presence seeps through into the personality of their children.

We millennials need to be anti-boomers, and not follow on their footsteps. Homeschooling and betrothals are excellent ways to start (or re-start). For that, you need morality.

I’m not sure if there are still crumbs of christianity in my psyche.
To give you an idea of how christian I am: if my boomer father came to me and said:
“I’m sorry I wasn’t a better father to you, that I didn’t help you become the best you can be” – I would forgive him.
And the other day, I was fantasizing about being a Wehrmacht Hauptmann in Army Group Center, starving, ordering my men to tie up and blindfold a whole batch of Red Army captives, and death-march them into the snowy Mozhaisk mine fields. Because every single one of my German soldiers is worth fifty Soviet Hurensöhnen each.
That’s how christian I am.

forgot to specify:
“Homeschooling and arranged betrothals are excellent…”

and to finish my reverie:
“…is worth fifty Soviet Hurensöhnen, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to waste our food supplies on these vermin.”

If my experience is of any use, a dozen years ago I had a very healthy interaction with my little nephew (I live with him and my sister). But when I went to Spain for a year, my sister snatched him from me so to speak. She started telling him to get away from me. When I returned, the psyop campaign followed. Over time my once cute nephew, with zero influence from me after what my sister did, became a disgusting normie.

Laws are responsible of course. If the laws of yesteryear governed—this is why I believe that every visitor to this site should see P&P and S&S—I, as the firstborn, would have inherited all the estate, all assets. None of my siblings would have inherited anything, and the house where I live would be mine alone.

My little nephew would have been raised by me at home and would not be allowed to see his cousins or other children (unless we related to a family of ancient values). My sister would have no voice or vote in her son’s education; only the lord of the house (I would be like Mr. Bennet).

I have currently stopped loving my nephew. Like millions of teenagers, he is a lost case.

If I had a son or a daughter it would be hell on earth. Like my sister, the mother of the child would surely not want me to provide a healthy education, and the laws snatch the children from the fathers to give them to mad mothers.

The only option is to think about the revolution, of course. But for this, the dollar must first collapse and the big American cities fall into chaos. If we don’t change the laws, it is impossible to do anything, unless one is a multimillionaire to buy such a large mansion, with a fenced garden and a submissive woman, that it wouldn’t be necessary to be taking the child out to the street—to Gomorrah (spoiled teens of degenerate families, movies produced by Jews, anti-white school programming, Mammon worship, etc., etc.).

Traditionalism wouldn’t have precluded the possibility (in fact it would have made it more likely) that your parents would have disowned/disinherited you; and then your brother would have inherited everything. Oh but you’re not into traditional traditionalism, you want a modified traditionalism with all the kinks (inconveniences for you) worked out.

And now I am watching again S&S, where Edward is unjustly disinherited because he didn’t break an engagement with a woman, and where Colonel Brandon wasn’t allowed to marry his fiancée when he was much younger. Even so Victorian England was infinitely better than today’s Gomorrah.

You wisely avoided the task of being a parent and a husband !

I agree, victorian Europe was any time better than the fucking mess that we have today. At least responsabilities and tasks were clearly demarcated..Homo Sapiens needs that kind of rigorous structure to be able to uphold a complex civilisation.
But the inherent failure in that was and is as you have extensively made clear, the Christian pestilence that only now has come to is apex.

The only answer is : Revolution.

“I, as the firstborn, would have inherited all the estate, all assets. None of my siblings would have inherited anything, and the house where I live would be mine alone.”

This system of inheritance is also responsible for the spread of European culture throughout the world, people not inheriting things needing to venture into foreign lands to get things.

As far as I know it was Hispanic too. My father used to talk about it even though the laws had changed long ago. I even was called ‘primogénito’ by him.

Thank you for the extensive reply.

I have to let you know a little bit more about my situation because from your response it is obvious that I have not been clear enough.
At the time of separation from my kids I was not so worried that their upbringing would go degenerate because I as well as my ex wife are from decent ” bürgerliche ” family so I had good faith that my ex together with the occasional consutations we had would lead to a normal upbringing.
Of course later on I realised that damage had been done to my daughter on the emotional front.

You are absolutely right in your observation of ” bad girl-bad father ” That is how things have worked generally.
But if you fail to notice that the values that you inherited from your parents most likely will cause you to repeat the same mistakes they made without you being able to do anything about it.!!

Unless you make a great effort of becoming conscious of those inherited values , which you might have done already, you had better forget about improving the life of your kids to be.

It took me a lot of emotional suffering to come to clarity.

Once you are there you have the right to reason the way you do.

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