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Pride and Prejudice (2005 adaptation)

In the early hours of the day after midnight, I began to watch once again the 2005 film Pride and Prejudice, based on Jane Austen’s novel. I felt really tired and had to suspend the function, already after two in the morning. I left when, advised by Mr. Darcy, Mr. Bingley struggles with himself to propose to Jane Bennet. Tonight I will see the rest.

Over the years I have talked about that movie, even since the old incarnation of this site. While what I said last week is true, that even seemingly benign films contain a subversive mustard seed that can grow, in this P&P adaptation there is no bad seed. It is a movie that may well have been filmed in a parallel world in which Hitler had won the war.

There are several readings we could make of the film. Personally, the actress who plays the blonde Jane represents, in flesh and blood, the ethereal nymphs that I place on the sidebar: the inspiration of David Lane. If there is something that I fail to understand in the white nationalist movement, it is this lack of praise for the most beautiful specimens of the Aryan race. I just do not get it. Eros’ force about women like Jane should, on its own, move millions of whites to Lane’s words. And I don’t mean only ‘That the beauty of the white Aryan women shall not perish from the earth’, but the consequence of Eros, lots of children: ‘We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children’.

The other issue is marriage. If ours is the darkest of all times, it is because they inverted values in everything related to sexuality and the reproduction of the Aryan race. Needless to say, salvation consists of transvaluing values as they were before, in the world of Austen. But with the exception of Anglin and Devlin, who, among the white nationalists, insists so much on the subject? This is one of the many reasons I don’t take the movement seriously. In Hitler’s Germany, on the other hand, the sacredness of marriage and Aryan reproduction was primordial.

As I said, tonight I will finish watching the movie where I left after midnight. Those who want to capture the spirit of this site, what moves me to write, will have to buy the DVD of P&P and watch it from time to time. The music of Dario Marianelli, the landscapes of bucolic England, and even the buildings—for example when Mr. Darcy proposes to Elizabeth—should move the deepest fibre of the white man.

If you visit my Facebook or Twitter pages, you will find the same painting of Claude le Lorrain above the pages. It is known that the wealthy 19th-century English tried to bring the beautiful architecture of some paintings of le Lorrain (paintings that I contemplated during my last visit to London’s museums) to the countryside of the island. The building that served as a refuge from the copious rain for the future couple, when Mr. Darcy proposes to Elizabeth, is the perfect framework for the fourteen words (or twenty-eight, if we are to count the two meanings of the Lane words).

Art, architecture, Aryan beauty, Puritan sexual customs, the 14 words, good music (the very antithesis of what whites listen today), bucolic landscapes—it is all the same. Hitler, who sometime in his life wanted to be an artist, saw it clearly. When will white nationalists see something so obvious?

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I prefer S & S. It’s a better cautionary tale.

Last year, in May, I went on a coffee date with a young Med woman. Thin (vegan), no tattoos, good manners. No siblings, parents divorced. Lives with her mom, avoids her father. She’s graduating in psychology, can’t speak english (but can read), watches tons of Netflix, and wants to travel the world.

I stopped courting her after that date. Too many bad seeds. Sense told me she was a piece of work; sensibility told me she was angry and lonely. Prejudice told me she’s another feminist zombie; pride told me to move on.

A 14-Words priest would say “It matters not the contents of her mind. What matters are the contents of her womb. If there isn’t a White fetus in it, that’s a problem that needs fixing”. But we aren’t living in Lane’s world, with Castilian wolves hunting for caperucitas . We live in a world full of Willoughbys and Wickhams.

Whenever I see a damaged young woman, I see a father who didn’t do his fatherly job of raising his daughter properly. I see a boomer who left all the work of fostering a normal, healthy human being, to others; to her neurotic mother, to her selfish friends, to her weak millenial suitors.

May the gods of Wrath bring the Great Suffering before the last of the boomers dies out.

Any woman studying ‘psychology’ or whatever is by definition spoiled. Without a 4th Reich reinstating patriarchy, I don’t see how we could live again in Austen’s world.

Incidentally, the P&P film is superior to the film S&S in music and artistic scenes such as the one with nude sculptures embedded above: perfect Eros sublimation for a virgin like Lizzie living in puritanical England.

@CT “Any woman studying ‘psychology’ or whatever is by definition spoiled.”

Why? Because she is preparing to work? Well, she got the right to attain an education and a job from men a century ago.

And what’s about those women who go to university not to get a degree but to get a man? There’s probably a better selection of possible partners there. Some hop on the carousel, whereas a minority may as well not.

“We could change the name to ‘voluntary celibates’ in the sense that we don’t want to simply get laid.”

To be fair, incels don’t consider prostitution as a proper way to “ascend”.

@jungezeit “But my parents didn’t arrange me a marriage.”

This is funny because arranged marriage is explicitly anti-Darwinian and Abrahamic. Doesn’t Nature want us to fight over women? And isn’t a good reason not to precisely because of our technological civilization? – A homeopathy quack might have money and evolutionary success, but he is an exterminable parasite (or the opposite, he helps to kill the stupid who buy his medicine?..).

Would you not prefer the modest Bosniak Muslim women in burkas from Austria-Hungary? Why or why not?

No woman should go to the university in Austen’s futuristic world (what you see in the above film is how I envision the ethnostate). The current system corrupts women so much that on this site I’ve even talked of an horror story of an Opus Dei family I know, where the man, younger than I, is now in an asylum and the woman enjoys his state. (Opus Dei Catholics are supposed to be the most conservative in town.) In other words, anti-male laws and mores must be transvalued back to normalcy. Ot haven’t you read the sidebar (‘Women understood: here’)?

I think a good relationship with her father is the number one factor when looking for a wife. Generally women with a bad relationship with their father seek destructive behaviors to precisely attack him, like fucking niggers.

That and as young as possible. For me the maximum is 24 years old. After that age it is extremely difficult to find a good one nowadays, the woman’s pyche has been abused by her last suitors.

Being an incel is a badge of honor in today’s world. I am not an incel due to being ugly or something; in fact I’m better looking than most males in my country. I am an incel because of the socio-political climate. All I see is whoredom, and most of the time I spend outside is at the library! Can you imagine? And I don’t want to screw women like the atomized individualist capitalist Americans, I want to possess a woman and have children. But my parents didn’t arrange me a marriage.

And why all this? Because our cucked ancestors sold our race to the Jew.

Indeed. In the past, some neanderthals in the comments section of this site didn’t get it. They claimed that it is all our fault.

We could change the name to ‘voluntary celibates’ in the sense that we don’t want to simply get laid. As I’ve said many times to myself, using condoms with sluts we randomly met ‘Es como probar el sabor de una caperucita envuelta en celofán’ (‘It’s like tasting a little red riding hood wrapped in cellophane’).

Only degenerates use condoms / cellophane. We want the real thing, and with non-sluts:


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