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Downton Abbey (film)

All the films of the last decades contain bad messages, sometimes in a subtle way, even films that could be used as Aryan pride. From the second film of the LOTR trilogy filmed by Jackson, for example, the beautiful Éowyn is empowered as if she was simply another warrior. At least by the end it is implied that Éowyn is going to marry (and have children) with Faramir, fulfilling the traditional role of woman in any normal society. But in the novels of George R.R. Martin who respond to LOTR, Arya, the equivalent to Éowyn, is already a runaway feminist who won’t marry.

Both the television series and the Downton Abbey film contain subversive messages for Aryan preservation presented in a subtle, and sometimes not so subtle way. In Jane Austen’s England women could not inherit in order to force them to marry, depend on a man and have children. That began to change since the late 19th century. Even in the television series, Downton Abbey records the beginnings of the social changes resulting from the first feminist wave that hit England. And in last year’s movie, it is understood at the end that Lady Mary, not an Englishman, will inherit Downton Abbey.

A parenthesis: it’s precisely skinny English ladies like Lady Mary, who below appears at the centre, whom I fancy the most.

That’s not all. In the recent movie, which I saw a couple of days ago, the seeds of a future normalisation of homosexuality are sown. No wonder that Trevor Lynch (Greg Johnson) wrote a review of the film. He may have liked it, but what I saw in Downton Abbey is a description of the first mustard seeds that would grow big, like the evangelical parable about the kingdom of the Jewish god on gentile lands.

I have a hard rule when dealing with movies and television. Keep in mind that as a child I didn’t see non-whites playing leading roles, neither on the small screen nor on the big screen. My rule is: if I see a non-white (usually a black) I immediately change the channel. I do that even in the news (although it is harder to know if one of the anchors is Jewish).

If white nationalists were as purist as a priest of the 14 words, they would do the same. And they would write destructive reviews about products of mass consumption, even about comparatively benign movies such as LOTR and Downton Abbey.


The parable of mustard seed is the only parable attributed to Jesus that has three independent attestations in the NT. From our POV, the moral of the story is to weed the tiny plant as soon as it appears: the exact opposite of what Johnson said in his movie review.

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Hey Caesar, I know this is unrelated but do you have any thoughts to give on the potential civil war brewing in Virginia over gun control? If you are unfamiliar with it I highly recommend looking into it. Many speculate this will be the flashpoint for a new Civil War in America between multiracial urban centers and white rural areas. ADL is already slapping it with anti-white labels. Clearly the ramifications in concern to race is not lost on them.

I haven’t looked at all of the latest John Mark videos yet, but one thing I do know. If these pro-gun people don’t go “all in” when the time comes, the government will eat them alive. However as usual, I’m sure my fellow Americans will shoot it out with the local plods and National Guard and then think they can just go back home and the government will leave them alone. It’s all terribly depressing, because I don’t think they’re bright enough to figure out proper target selection, and the useful idiots in the Police/Military aren’t it.

HINT: The IRA didn’t see much success shooting up the Government’s useful idiots, because the Government had an endless supply of those and didn’t care if they got killed. When the IRA started doing things that cost the elite real money (which they do care about) then the Government was all too happy to negotiate a settlement.

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