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El Grial (book)

El Grial

I have deleted the category ‘De Jesús a Hitler (book)’ for the simple reason that I changed the title of the book. Now it is called El Grial (The Grail), and it contains a couple of texts more compared to the edition with the previous title. El Grial is a corollary to my two thick volumes, written in my mother tongue, that appear almost to the bottom of the sidebar.

Changing the subject, Mike’s expression, ‘bending the knee to Jewish deities, Yahweh and Yeshua’ is terrific. It should be used by trolls in the comments section of the sites of purported anti-Semitic racists tolerant of Christianity.

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The Lulu, Inc. price is prohibitive because I confess autobiographical stuff that shouldn’t reach the wrong ears. If someone is interested in getting a copy, let me know and you will have it for a more reasonable price.

Over a year ago, I was having a conversation with a pro-white friend. Something came out causally in the conversation, and I didn’t give it much thought at the time. The truth of it hit me later..

It was close to “If you’re trying to beat the Jews, but you’re bending your knees to the Jewish Gods, you’re already beaten before you start.”

It’s the same thing you’re saying, C.T. and many others, well before I realized it. But it’s something a person has to see for themselves, in their own way, for it to make sense.

Indeed. If you see my discussion on the other thread with a woman (the one who uses the Egypt paradigm), as a typical WN she ignores that Xtianity is more to blame than Judaism.

In some of my autobiographical books (the above is the 11th and last) I try to analyze my father’s siding with the conquered Amerinds by the Spanish. After decades of listening to him I had to conclude that that treason (my father looked like a swarthy Spaniard) didn’t come from Jewish brainwashing. It came directly from Catholicism (specifically, what the monastic orders did in the Americas since the 16th century).

Yes I read the exchange. She is quite lucid and a very good writer.

I don’t know much about the Egyptians, so I can’t say much about
the history. But if the Egyptians has adopted Yahweh worship (or Moloch worship, or any deity that the Jews worshiped or pretended to worship) they would have been destroyed, and never would have been able to recover.

Look, I agree with most everything people have to say about the Jews. These horrid creatures are swimming in an ocean of blood, and have and do cause untold misery and suffering. For EVERYBODY, not just white people.

But I am of the firm(ing) belief that if Euros don’t get the little jew out of their head called “Christianity” and it’s by-products, in sufficient number, we are doomed.

We may be doomed anyway, but maybe if at least we do this, we still have a chance. I hope!

Don’t quite like the wording. Let’s see if I can tweek it to get it just

If you’re trying to beat the Jews, but you bend the knee to the Jewish Gods Yahweh and Yeshua, you’re already beaten before you start.

That’s better.

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