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Crazy white nationalist Christians

Whatever you want to call it, thinking you can aid in saving the white race while, at the same time, bending the knee to Jewish deities (Yahweh and Yeshua) is some kind of combination of insane, dishonest, cowardly, naive, or very stupid. To bottom line it, it won’t and can’t work.


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Take a look at what one of the nutjobs by the name of “Tom Kawczynski” of Maine, from his WN movement “New Albion” posted today under his Public Posts on Facebook about Christianity. And many of his friends are Jews, he himself is a Crypto-Jew (Polish Jew) who only occasionally blames the Jews, and he even has some trannies and continuously collaborates as well with some non-whites here and there.

And be sure you read the comments of his zombie followers, and one will quickly understand just how looney these American WN’s are. They are lost without their Christianity because they are incapable of building any culture.

This is the price ANY Aryan person will pay by refusing to give up Christianity.

I am an American citizen, and I made the same error that “white nationalist Christians” do. And because of that mistake, I suffered and suffered and suffered to the point of suicidal despair.

But over time, I grasped that Christianity = the cause of white decline AND the root cause of my own personal problems. I HAD TO get the little jew out of my head, or I wasn’t going to make it. It’s a very personal issue for me. THEN, grace, mercy and redemption started to filter into my life. How about that.

Thank you, dear Pagans on GAB, Alex Linder, and for sites like TWDH for making me aware of “The Christian Question.” I couldn’t
t have done it without you!

I was blind, but now I see.

Dear Mike: On January 1st, I’ll add your comment as another entry.

Christianity drove me mad. You wouldn’t believe the levels of inner destruction that my father’s religion brought to my earlier life. That’s why I had to write all those autobiographical books, to gain my sanity back…

I have hope, because “traditional White Nationalists” are beginning to acknowledge that We Pagans make a BIG NOISE. We don’t back off. We don’t give up. And we are not going away. The Normie Gate Keepers pay very close attention to WN – and they regard are a teeny tiny fringe.

It always starts this way….

We are RIGHT. OUR Gods are Racial, and Our Gods are REAL. Have TRUE Faith gents! Believe in our Race Gods – and they’ll believe in us. They have been waiting for their errant children to return….

Is Tom K really a Crypto? Yikes.

One not only looks aghast at the blatant contradiction in reason but also at how long this mind virus has festered in the European (and also ‘new world’) psyche – almost two millennia!

To those who finally receive the insight to escape from the jewdeo-christian pit, take my advice and follow your roots and culture back to pre-christian times and see what you’ve been missing. There really is an ‘ancestral voice’ that resonates in all of us!
Also, avoid the trappings of materialism, scientism, new age/eastern religions, techno cults and other forms of mind-numbing excrement while on your journey. I passed through all of these while trying to fill a spiritual and philosophical void. Dead ends all!!

I’ve never heard of “Scientism” till now. The first site I looked at about it didn’t paint it in a very positive light. This from the AAAS site:


“It is one thing to celebrate science for its achievements and remarkable ability to explain a wide variety of phenomena in the natural world. But to claim there is nothing knowable outside the scope of science would be similar to a successful fisherman saying that whatever he can’t catch in his nets does not exist (15). Once you accept that science is the only source of human knowledge, you have adopted a philosophical position (scientism) that cannot be verified, or falsified, by science itself. It is, in a word, unscientific.”

Sounds like a kind of dogmatic religion.

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