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George Lincoln Rockwell Racial right Vikings Who We Are (book)

Criticising G.L. Rockwell

by Verdigris

This is one of the problems I had with George Rockwell’s White Power. He did apologise to Europe for WWII but at the same time he was speculating on a leader for the white race and seemed to think Europe needs America to save itself. This personally irked me because Europe already had that leader. They can blame the Jews all day long but it wasn’t the Jews who gleefully pulled the trigger, they just pointed the gun.

Sometimes I get this feeling that Americans and English care about Europe only so far that they can tie it back to their own exceptionalism.

They’re also naïve and ignorant on the Christian question. They seem to think that because Christianity is “attacked”, this makes it an intrinsically white religion. They would do well to read Celsus’ On the True Doctrine: Jews and Christians, and Christians and Christians have been squabbling since the first inception of that religion.

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Editor’s reply: I have complained dozens of times why Pierce’s Who We Are, published on National Vanguard from 1978 to 1982, never was popular among white nationalists. Presently I am the only one who publishes part of it in my Daybreak Press!

Gradually the thought dawned in my mind that it’s simply because Pierce introduces the most relevant chapters of white history outside the American continent. And American white nationalists are still stuck with their provincial history (just as Mexican nationalists don’t want to know much of the history of Spain).

Recently, for example, Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent published a series of articles about the Vikings. He is stuck with the story that the Norsemen were the bad guys and the European Christians the good guys; and that only their Christianization solved the Viking problem. Just compare this interpretation of history with what Pierce wrote in Who We Are about the Vikings.

My prediction is that white and southern nationalists won’t become National Socialists in the US. They will cling to their American and Confederate flags. Fortunately, the collapse of the dollar that is coming will start their lesson in humility…

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Yep… Well, Rockwell comes from the same racial stocks which are actually related to the ones which pushed the LGBT, KKK and Calvinist Protestant values in the US…

I hope someday that whatever is left or valuable of the Germanic stocks here come to understand and break away from both the Scots-Irish like Rockwell, as well as the Anglo-Saxons. But I am not banking on it.

Interestingly enough, German Philosophers from the last century had a lot to say on that matter, if America were ever going to have any kind of future. The problem though is that in my experience, German-Americans are even more emotionally bound to their forms of Christianity than even Germans in Modern Germany…

Rockwell co-opted the term “White Power” from the “Black Power” movement.

There’s an early saying that was once floating around in America about the Irish / Scots… They are White on the outside, but Black on the inside.

While many Americans are oblivious to these facts, the Scots-Irish are also some of the quickest to make common cause with the Negro, even in modern times, while on another hand even pretending to be Pro-White.

Figures like Rockwell, and nearly all the other stocks of their Caledonian counterparts, have proven this to be the case in their behavior and cheapening of anything to do with White Nationalism / National Socialism as a whole. Even their behavior in the Military, such as the likes of General Patton and Douglas MacArthur also was a bunch of baloney. They were able to receive worship and present themselves as upstanding Men or true fighters against Communism, of which they were not… They were able to come out looking clean to the public even after their atrocities.

For all those reasons alone, I actually am against the “Confederacy” and any smart White Aryan in the US or elsewhere would also be against it or ever raising the Confederate Flag with the Saint Andrews Cross.

The bottom line is that all tribes and races which come from the British Isles are nothing but trouble and always have been. They have a lot to answer for their collaboration with Jews and aggressive involvement in genocidal wars and suppression of the good peoples of Europe.

I can assure you that any type of Nationalists or so-called NS who come out of the British Isles are not altruistic or a reliable source to deal with. You cannot trust a word they say, and they aren’t capable of building a higher culture. All they are even capable of is making sure that the ammo is stocked and that the whiskey is flowing.

Americans should realise that either they need to go full National Socialists, or they need to collapse so thoroughly that they can no longer intervene militarily in other nations’ affairs.

Rockwell had other problems in White Power, such as being long-winded and having Christian vocabulary. The introduction in the book even compares him to St Paul of all people.

If Adolf Hitler stands as the author of National Socialism, then Commander Rockwell is certainly the St. Paul of the new Aryan creed.

This is why most nationalists in America (and England) are useless. They complain about Jews while they worship Jews. The schizophrenia — colloquially speaking — is astounding. Then they all attack “pagans” when they point out this hypocrisy.

I would still recommend Rockwell’s book as it is an interesting window to the history of the nationalist movement in America.

>Americans should realise that either they need to go full National Socialists, or they need to collapse so thoroughly that they can no longer intervene militarily in other nations’ affairs.

Americans (especially philo-Semitic, pure-blooded Aryan peasants) identify strongly with individualism and separation of state/religion.

What they need is not a full-blown NS renaissance or an imitation of Hitler’s party, but a leader with Catholic education/training (i.e. JFK), as well as a total exposure of FDR’s criminality.

>Rockwell had other problems in White Power, such as being long-winded and having Christian vocabulary.

That’s why Protestant types are unsuitable as leaders, even if they are occasionally excellent orators.

>This is why most nationalists in America (and England) are useless. They complain about Jews while they worship Jews. The schizophrenia — colloquially speaking — is astounding. Then they all attack “pagans” when they point out this hypocrisy.

This is spot-on, but I think you mean cognitive dissonance. Schizophrenia is a misleading diagnosis invented by hack writers to stigmatize dissidents. Harry Guntrip identified schizoids first and foremost as anti-Christian, pro-ancient Greek thinkers, who care more about ideas than people.
In politics, Guntrip classified dictators who elevate a party creed over humanitarianism and coerced people to subscribe to a doctrine as schizoids. Charlemagne and Stalin ruled over people who were at a low level of culture for their times, force was the only way to unite them.
Schizophrenia is just another word for ancient Jewish contempt for national intelligentsia and national leaders.

Also, sometimes even pagans are guilty of the same self-contradiction, attacking Christianity while overlooking Judaism. I’ve encountered a Strasserist and a British fella who espoused paganism and were ambivalent towards Jews while belittling Christianity (and at times wanting to establish a rival copy of the Church institution, as well as emulating their creeds).

Whatever you want to call it, thinking you can aid in “saving” the “white race(s)” while, at the same time bending the knee to Jewish deities (Yahweh and Yeshua) is some kind of combination of insane, dishonest, cowardly, naive, or very stupid. To bottom line it, it won’t and can’t work.

Citing a “British psychologist” who “accepted many of Freud’s theories” like Harry Guntrip as an attempt to discredit “anti-Christian, pro-ancient Greek thinkers” as “schizoids” can’t change this basic fact. If that’s what you’re trying to do, I mean, LINK.

I kindly offer the unsolicited advice that “white nationalist Christians” pull their heads out of their asses, ASAP..

I’m not Christian, I think I’ve already made that clear plenty of times on this blog. Like Hitler, I found it necessary to make some concessions to the Christian sects (especially Catholicism), but I know precisely what will finish off the religion for good. Not Darwinism. Not paganism. Monism.

1. Hitler invoked the un-Christian maxim “god helps those who help themselves” in a number of speeches (I counted at least 13, some of which were only available in the German, although there are plenty with audio intact online) and in the Table Talk.

In the Wonders of Life, Ernst Haeckel explicitly declared that this maxim was the antithesis to Christianity’s conception of Providence. Hitler’s usage of “Providence” was a veiled reference to Fate/Destiny in the ancient Greek sense.

2. Hitler employs the title “Lord/God of the worlds” (think Giordano Bruno) in at least three speeches and in the Table Talk (Dec. 28-29, 1941). Why did he eschew the title “Lord of heaven and earth”, which would’ve resonated better with his audience?

3. In his September 6, 1938 speech, he publicly admitted to a scientific monistic view of life, which he declared would become an indictment of Christianity’s absurdity in the Table Talk (Oct. 14 & 24, 1941). The reliability of this speech can be partially confirmed in the German transcript/surviving audio clip.

The recording begins with “Wir bemühen uns daher auch nicht, dem internationalen Judentum etwa die deutsche Kunst und Kultur schmackhaft zu machen” and ends with: “Im Augenblick, in dem sie der Öffentlichkeit durch den einen zuteil wird, ist sie allen zu eigen, weil sie von jeher aller eigen war.”

“Also, sometimes even pagans are guilty of the same self-contradiction, attacking Christianity while overlooking Judaism”.

It’s not a contradiction, it’s a different worldview. The “pagan (non-Christian)” worldview is:

Christian Problem > Jewish Problem.

While yours is, I think is

Jewish Problem > Christian Problem or anything else.

There are a lot of subversive opportunists posing as Germanic pagans, they are a perfect match for the missionaries who Hitler warned about in Mein Kampf. The last thing we need is another Luther to call them out of their stupor. I’ve met “pagans” who tried to rouse the Christians to action by belittling them or appealing to their past history instead of trying to wean them off of it.

I’m aware that in Julian’s time, Christianity wielded so much influence that he found it necessary to play the Jewish element against them, but nowadays Christianity is on the wane and the leading Jews once tried to supplant it with communism. Hitler wanted to blow up the Church with dynamite, but eventually settled on a natural death for the religion, through increased knowledge of the universe.

Of course, I recognize the futility in Aryanizing Christ and kicking out the Old Testament. The mentality is almost ineradicable, as seen in liberals, who apply the teachings better than the conservatives. Protestants, Evangelicals, Jesuits, and missionaries are more likely to bear the imprint of their Christian indoctrination than Catholics. Only a Catholic type can successfully defy the Church without relapsing into the crippling mentality.

Weishaupt, a former Jesuit, rejected a natural religion. Hitler, a former Catholic, was weaning Germans towards a natural religion. Admittedly he almost made a mistake in trying to unite the Protestants under one Reich bishop. IIRC in Goebbels’ German diaries, Goebbels drew a distinction between the Jesuit and Catholic indoctrination.

The case could be made that Hitler wasn’t an ordinary Catholic, but there’s plenty of indication that much of his praise for the Church (especially in Austria), it’s organization/hierarchy, recruiting method, and dogma, as well as respect for it’s delegates wasn’t feigned. A Protestant like Bismarck or Ludendorff makes for an infinitely worse leader.

With the Guntrip quote, I was trying to illustrate the antipathy and disinterest for the ancient Greeks, especially Sparta. It seems only great individuals turn to the Greeks for inspiration. Everyone else turns to the Romans or some other civilization. The time of the Romans is long past, what would entail the disappearance of Rome from this earth so that Hellenism would again come to the forefront? Hellenism is the most dangerous ideology on the planet, even Jews almost succumbed to it. Christianity would’ve gotten nowhere without Plato’s influence.

Apology, I misread you, Janus Quirinus. My bad. I have a tendency
to react ferociously to anything that I even THINK smacks of “white nationalist Christianity” and can over-react.

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