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Several times I have referred to white nationalism, which is basically an American phenomenon, as ‘charlatanry’. If one keeps in mind a paragraph of the sticky post, the words of a commenter, it will be clear what we mean:

Sooner or later the world will recognise that Hitler was right and that until the West accepts this fact, they will continue their ongoing self-destruction, especially in the US and the UK. Either way, massive destruction is unavoidable because after the Second World War the Allies must pay a massive karmic debt.

My friend Paulina, whom I have referred to elsewhere and whom I constantly quote from the third book of my eleven autobiographical books, sent me a letter to Manchester telling me ‘Cómo es necesaria la humildad para reconocer los propios errores’ (‘How humility is necessary to recognise one’s mistakes’). She was referring to my parents who never recognised what they did. But the same can be said of Americans, including many racialists, who don’t want to see what their parents and grandparents did in the last century: the direct cause of the strange phenomenon of white suicide today.

Paulina, I, and those who have delved into the labyrinths of the human mind know that ‘people do not change’. Even if monthly lists of the 10 most popular WN internet sites existed, my intuition is that none of them would constantly denounce what the Americans did in Germany.
This site is for those Aryans on both sides of the Atlantic who, unlike most white nationalists, are humble enough to acknowledge the mortal sin that their ancestors committed—mortal, as it will cost the fair race its very existence. As long as they don’t atone it, and that means that books like Tom Goodrich’s would have to be on their list of must-reads, white nationalism will continue to be a charlatan movement.

The West’s Darkest Hour does not appeal to racialists who currently hold the highest ratings in Alexa Internet, Inc., but to new generations of racists who are willing to question the dogmas of white nationalism. I am referring to a blind, deaf and self-righteous mono-causality that places all evil in Jewry omitting that it was whites that empowered them. (In today’s America the mere fact of being a Christian empowers Jewry, as it validates both the god of the Jews and their Old Testament.)

The power of the Jews in the West is mere punishment for the mortal sin of whites. Do you want less Jew power? Repent. Straighten your ways. Reject the figure of the fictional Jew from which the West counts its calendars and place a real man, Hitler, in his place. Not doing this is pure ethno-suicide, and white nationalists are an integral part of this disease. If they weren’t part of it none would have held the enemy flag in Charlottesville. (Remember, the US has fought three anti-white wars: the first in the 1860s on its own soil, the second in the 1940s in Europe, and the third one is an international war based on its cultural hegemony over the West: a cold war of gradual white extermination.)

In the future things will go from bad to worse. My wish is that when it really gets black sites like this one, or PDFs like The Fair Race when the Americans repeal their first and second amendments, will come to life.

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America is the most anti-white thing that ever existed. Sold to Christianity from Day 0, then sucked to the Jew shamelessly and continuously. If there are good Americans out there, they should kill themselves in retribution for what their dumb ancestors did to Europe a few decades ago.

I hate stupid fat capitalist white americans more that I hate my stupid ancestors who sentenced my nation to slow death when they betrayed Germany in 1944.

I don’t hate those Neanderthalic Jews by the way. They belong in an oven, but that’s nothing personal.

American christians and those who support ‘the American way’ should definitely kill themselves but I, an American anti-american, am not falling on my sword to atone for Europe’s centuries of moronic and suicidal Christinsanity and it’s consequences!!

A tree can be cloned from a branch, even if only a small branch of whites manages to survive, that branch can be the basis of a revived white race. Right now whites should create a racial cult to rival the jews, developing solidarity and fraternity, sodality.

This is one of the problems I had with George Rockwell’s White Power. He did apologise to Europe for WWII but at the same time he was speculating on a leader for the white race and seemed to think Europe needs America to save itself. This personally irked me because Europe already had that leader. They can blame the Jews all day long but it wasn’t the Jews who gleefully pulled the trigger, they just pointed the gun.

Sometimes I get this feeling that Americans and English care about Europe only so far that they can tie it back to their own exceptionalism.

They’re also naïve and ignorant on the Christian question. They seem to think that because Christianity is “attacked”, this makes it an intrinsically white religion. They would do well to read Celsus’ On the True Doctrine: Jews and Christians, and Christians and Christians have been squabbling since the first inception of that religion.

They can blame the Jews all day long but it wasn’t the Jews who gleefully pulled the trigger…

One of the most infuriating things I see in WN is that they blame WW2 on the jews, as if no gentile was involved; as if Anglo-Saxons were (and still are) innocent for what happened in the last century. Their self-righteous blindness is exasperating. Only a major catastrophe can change their mindset.

@CT, that’s correct… In fact that’s why you can tell the Anglo-Saxons still are behaving like they want a “get out of jail free” pass for their crimes and role in WW2… Their arrogant pride prevents them from any humility or willing to fully accept the truth. Even to whatever extent the Anglo-Saxons are willing to admit they did wrong or fought a war against a brother, or they cry “No More Brothers Wars.”

The bottom line is that they are not willing to contend with a reduction of their role or supremacy on the world stage or a standard of living as well as punishment that will inevitably be dealt to them.

There’s also an attribute about Anglo-Saxons in which they know that they are not capable to lead or dominate other Nations, or the European continent with the same sense of discipline and morality that Germans can… The English were ALWAYS very liberal and had liberal attitudes towards everything and were never content not to be.

The English method of rule has always been to exploit and pilfer other nations, and with their complex network of spies and influences worldwide, they have managed to always emerge as the victor because they get other powers to do their bidding and fight their wars, and they maneuver political events to happen so that other nations shed more blood than they do in every conflict. In turn that every country exhausts their resources in war to a breaking point and the English love to try to keep other Nations at war as long as possible.

Some wealthy Jewish financiers wanted war with Germany and their paid-off politicians made it happen for them and they’re, somehow, not responsible for their actions?

You may as well argue that the Germans who fought against the Allies are responsible for the destruction of the Third Reich because they did their duty by fighting the Allies.

I suggest reading Martin Luther’ s On the Jews And Their Lies and you and C.T. and others tell me again the imposter Yiddish Turks are Israelites. Abraham was a Western Armenian, White, Aryan (to use the Armenian word Ar-yan and yan meaning son of). If one cannot understand the argument Luther makes then any intelligence of theirs is a fake one, a charalatan intelligence. Without an a deep knowledge of various fields and a couple of decades of study at least I suggest the above for it’ s simiplicity and straightforward argument, and no needing a specialist education in several fields to prove the point.

It may also be pointed out it is a logical fallacy to equate forged translations as the original, authentic, and then base a conclusion on the forgeries where those that have read the originals know your assertions are simple and ignorant.

Even in Jewish literature they admit they are not Israelites but Edomite/Khazaks. Look on a map of Russia and their homeland is clearly marked, look up Khazaria when Turks ruled Ukraine.

British Israelism and Christian Identity is where I learnt who the Israelites were and studying Egyptology, reading Greco-Roman authors, etc. It is obvious when one knows Scripture and secular history. To answer your question, Sir, I’ am very acquainted with CI but keep a distance because of their Kabbalic sacred name nonsense. As a Christian (more Orthodox) I will admit they are their own worst enemy.

One book discredits Abram as mythical? There is many more sources that say he is not. Modern scholarship also claims the climate change hoax and then disagrees with itself saying it is a hoax…

Perhaps you don’t know, but in the past a Christian Identist like you, Matthew Crawford, tried to push persistently his POV until I had to ask him to predicate his faith elsewhere. Trouble is: people like you guys come here to push a religious, unhistorical POV without reading the most elemental stuff of this site: the ‘Rome vs. Judea’ essay in The Fair Race and the books by Deschner and Carrier (see sidebar).

I would prefer to read source material closer to the time than post-modern works. How am I pushing my religion? You would not understand it and you have no idea of it. I’ am not Christian Identity by the way.

You obviously have a blindness towards the subject and lack the background knowledge to discuss the secular historical material. I did not come here to push anything, I said my piece and characteristically you rejected it from ignorance and thus I do not give a shit past that. I do not want you in my religion, not my decision anyways, so why would I push my religion on you? The only unhistorical POV here has been yours.

As I said to Matthew C., the POV-pusher, this is not a site for those who believe that what the Bible says is true (it’s just fiction). Only Christians, or unorthodox Christians, believe what the New Testament says.

@Dan-0-lee, There seems to be some sort of twisted sense of moralism and interpretation by your comment. It seems to be a red herring argument.

These “Politicians” or “figures” that were guilty of working for the Jewish interests happened to actually be very secretly British Agents living in Germany who in actuality had ties and loyalty to Britain. The likes of Hjalmar Schacht, Albert Goring and Wilhelm Canaris, if that’s what you mean…

The fact that they betrayed Germany is not a direct reflection of the German people but of the British and Jewry since their loyalties were always with the latter.

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