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2nd World War Eschatology Kali Yuga Romulus

Worst generation of whites ever – since prehistory!

Many if not all sedentary people have their foundation myth.
For the Romans it began with Romulus and Remus. For the British it is a little more complex; but for the modern UK it goes all the way back to 1066, and for Americans it goes back to the days of the American Revolution and the Founding Fathers.
But the years 1914 to 1945 have irrevocably changed the nature and character of Western civilisation and her foundation myths.
World War I and World War II were, if we look at it reasonably, a single conflict. One that started in 1914 but was not resolved in 1918 and for that reason the grievances created at Versailles were revisited in 1939 and ended with the utter destruction of not only Germany but, as an expressed intention of the Allies, the breaking of the German spirit.
But in the rush to make sure that Germans would never rise up again the same mental virus of cultural shame, self-loathing and contempt for what had come before was contracted by the so-called Western victors of that fratricidal war.
In the summer of 1914 Western civilisation, it could be argued, was at its Zenith. It stood across the world powerful, prosperous, growing and most importantly: confident. By the summer of 1945 and with the only beneficiary of the second bout of war in Europe being the United States, the continent itself was shattered, bankrupt, divided in two camps and in the state of psychological shock. And for the next twenty years the continent took the time to slowly rebuild itself.
But it was the baby-boom generation born after that conflict, and beginning in the 1960s while they began to reject all of the history, morality and beliefs that have been bequeathed them by previous generations.
This generation simply rebelled for the sake of it. And it was at this time that the foundation myth for the entirety of Western civilisation morphed into what we currently enact when we go to school, speak with friends, read the news and watch television. And what you’re witnessing today in 2017 is the result of the steady march and inculcation in our populaces of our new cultural foundation myth with is profoundly negative.
But before I get ahead of myself, first of all what is a foundation myth and what functions does it provides a society? Well, first it comports and provides an origin, framework and superstructure for society and how it interacts with the world and itself. Second, it defines what is the ultimate good and conversely, ultimate evil for the reasons of defining values and from those to justify who holds power. And third it determines and defines what is held sacred in a society.
For the modern West, from Australia to the US and back to the Old Continent, at least the countries that were not subsumed by the Soviet Union, the narrative of the Second World War has become our new foundation myth, and if you think about it, the reason is it fulfils all three functions.
Whenever referring to modern history the line is drawn: we live in the post-war period. For the most part the lines on the maps, the institutions and more importantly how we define our era as a society—all find their origins in World War II.
You learn from a very early young age that the ultimate incarnation of pure evil were the Nazis and thus those that oppose Nazis are the ultimate good. From this stance of ultimate good Western civilisation drives its core values of anti-nationalism; unity being a weakness and diversity being a strength. All measure of civilisational confidence is bigotry. Any questioning with regards to the differences in people, cultures and their compatibility is taboo.
This is why for example the violence perpetrated by groups like Antifa can be morally justified at least to themselves. Anyone who is a nationalist; anyone who wants to retain tradition, anyone who wants to limit immigration or believes in things like gender roles is enacting, in their minds, the narrative of the ultimate evil. It is self-evident when you hear mobs of automatons screeching at any group or individual they disagree with ‘Nazis off our streets. Nazis off our streets’.
So now, maybe perhaps you might be able to understand how a gay, Jewish man who enjoys interracial sex, that would be Milo Yiannopoulos, could ever be so ridiculously labelled with a term like ‘Nazi’. Basically at this point a ‘Nazi’ is anyone that disagrees with any aspect of the current World War II foundation myth.
The only real value, topic or event that is held a sacrosanct and can not be mocked, joked about or even questioned on pain of imprisonment in many countries in Europe is the Holocaust. Throughout the Western world in its entirety, to question even the details of the Holocaust is to have yourself shun by society and made a social pariah.
And it is here when we begin to understand the West’s self-loathing, and what really is a sincere desire for collective, cultural, physical and psychological suicide—because all three functions of our post-war foundation myth are negative in the extreme. Instead of the origin being of strength fertility and of a new and blossoming beginning, it is one of violence, death and destruction. Instead of ultimate good taking the central position in the story, it is in fact occupied by ultimate evil.
In the post-war world Adolf Hitler is the personification of pure, unadulterated evil. And it is he that holds the central position in our World War II narrative.
Instead of the sacred being that which is revered, venerated and mysterious in Nature, it is the Holocaust: a crime against humanity.
Simply put: Our new, World War II foundation myth is an extremely negative one, and has poisoned the spirit of Western civilisation, and has caused it to lose all confidence in itself, its values and even the reason for its very existence—and given time will destroy it, utterly.
All thought and what is considered the bounds and topics one may speak and orient oneself in are all downstream from this myth. And as long as the West’s understanding of itself is determined by this negative foundation myth the only direction is down.
The power of myths is not a trivial thing. Lose your original foundation myth and you will lose your identity.
Look at the United States. Before the World War II foundation myth supplanted its original foundation myth, its origins was settlers founding a new and just land. Ultimate good was central to the narrative and was centered around freedom and the ability to pursue happiness; and the sacred was encapsulated by family, community, country, God. America’s previous specific foundation myth—since the adoption of the all-new encompassing Western World War II foundation myth and through its lands—sees America’s origin in the theft of the land from peaceful and noble natives. Ultimate evil in the form of slavery is central to the narrative, and the sacred is the unquestioning belief in white supremacy and the need to dismantle it at any cost.
The entire West is not only losing their local but also its civilisational identity, and has been changed to this World War II foundation myth, which has born the West its new corrosive, self-hating and malignant identity—and will if not, as did previously, utterly destroy it.
Maybe now you can understand Germany’s wild desire to destroy themselves as quickly as possible. They are the progenitors and genesis of this new foundation myth; whether truthfully or not, doesn’t matter.


The above has been excerpted from ‘Foundation
by the vlogger Black Pigeon Speaks.

10 replies on “Worst generation of whites ever – since prehistory!”

Compared to this, all discussion about the Jewish question over the white nationalist forums looks like a mere purple pill.
From this perspective, the most important knowledge about the West’s darkest hour is what David Irving has said professionally, and Tom Goodrich as an amateur in Hellstorm.
Too bad that neither is widely read among the common white nationalist. I myself still have to purchase Irving’s books!
As far as I know, only Michael O’Meara has spoken about the absolute power of foundation myths in a forum for nationalists, Counter-Currents Publishing. But he’s rarely quoted or mentioned today.
P.S. of September 27. My following post & comments by Joseph Walsh in the comments section (see: here) provides the big picture of the whole problem of white decline. Just follow the white rabbit!

None of our ‘Ultimate Myths’ include the sacred nature of Nordic Man.
In the ‘West’ we have only a recognition of Human Rights which has been perverted via the hypocrisy of slavery, which implies ‘equality’. We are thus psychologically impeded from proclaiming our inheritance and ‘being’ as special despite the historical and biological evidence that demonstrates such a distinction, especially in our organizational and technological eminence. All the world is our benefactor thereby. But ‘Liberals’ have never-the-less managed to superficialize it as merely a contemporary cultural advantage.
We can love Wagner, the Edda, Greek Mythology, et al – but none of it specifically portrays Whites as superior – indeed, all of our myths basically just involve ourselves.
The Hindu Classics help us. The Rig Veda, the Puranas, the Bhagavad Gita – all definitely extol the necessity of social stability through the classification of humanity. But the West is ignorant thereby and see’s them only as myth.
“The Lord of the Rings” inspire us. Tolkien took a mixture of Finnish and Nordic mythologies and integrated them into a world where class’s of beings different but cooperating were known in a time before our own …
Perhaps that could be a beginning for recognizing these important distinction’s today … especially in the Elves realizing their spiritual ascendancy and leaving the world to ‘mankind’ – nothing but White People!
But the real issue is that human history as known is merely 6,000 years old. Something momentous happened before then ineptly described in Genesis and the Sumerian tablets. They both allude to the creation of mankind from beings who preceded us. Is it not logical that they would create something resembling themselves? If the Japanese myths prescribe the Race of Yamato emerging from the Goddess Amertarasu, should we doubt less of ourselves? If the Aztecs describe the Gods creating and replacing failed subsets of humanity before settling on a present type, can we not see ourselves as indicative of someones final iteration?
It is there, however disguised by false doctrine in our bible. Jehovah created Adam, a name that means ruddy, capable of blushing – the White Race, perfect in its generations to Noah via Seth, Adams son.
Noah is described as white as snow with translucent eyes. The Hindu epics ascribed differences in color as the basis of the Caste system. The darker you were the farther from spirituality.
It is plain from the descriptions in Genesis that other people existed before. But we were made from “The Dust of the Earth” – new, whole, distinct, and special to God and all his Elohim.
When this truth is understood the psychological basis for the salvation of the White Race will be implanted as a religious truth. That is when we will triumph!

You are missing the whole point of the post: focusing on WW2 is the sole salvation. Also, when Manu Rodríguez writes in this site—

For hundreds of years our cultural genius was forced to speak in alien terms for our being. Think of the literature, the music or the architecture we would have had if we had not been dominated by a foreign ideology or culture; if we had remained Persians, Greeks, Germans, Slavs…

—he’s referring to the three Abrahamic faiths that contaminated the Aryan psyche. Your ‘Christian Identity’ faith is the last-ditch to save what historically remains of the religion of our parents.

It’s not a scientific fact that only “whites” are capable of blushing; and plenty of lighter-skinned nonwhites have a ruddy complexion so the claim that Adam must have been an “Aryan” because “Adam=ruddy/one who blushes” is complete bogus.

But was it all a natural ending to the centuries of Christianity, the American and Industrial revolutions, or was it orchestrated by the conspiratorial capitalist/Jewish elite in order to crush the rising middle class in the West?

I don’t like the question. You should know by now that I blame the Eloi more than the Morlocks. It’s whites who accepted for 2,000 years the most monstrous religion of the eternal damnation. If you accept that you may also accept ethnosuicide after apostasy.
No racist intellectual that I know focuses on this dark side of whites excepting perhaps the commenter Jack Frost. And what whites committed before, during and after WW2 is more monstrous than what jews did—precisely because it’s treason to the higher ideals of NS.
But I am talking to myself. That’s why I receive very few substantial feedback in this blog (and virtually zero in the Spanish blog).

You are not talking to yourself Cesar. I agree with almost everything you say. If recall when we briefly exchanged a few emails in June and July last year, I wrote a piece for Morgoth’s Review (which, interestingly, went straight into the ‘greatest hits’ section, where it remains. You can read it on the link at the sidebar, it is titled ‘Anyone for Christian Ethics’.) I would be very happy to revise and extend the piece for publication here if you wish (I have several new sources I would have liked to have incorporated into the original but didn’t).

Of course, Christianity was a disaster. But it was not the immediate reason the men in the West disappeared. Look at this list, the 1990s was roughly the time when most of the terror attacks in France started to be perpetrated by non-Whites.
IMO, what you think of is the racialist version of the proletarian revolution. It has not happened yet because White people are ever dumber and ever more pacifist/feminized sheep that are kept in check by the abundance of food and mortgages. So, you’re right about the solution, the only chance is the convergence of catastrophes.

first time i’ve read the judgement –thanks c.t. — of whites committing worse than jews. choosing to believe the monstrous lie — the christian myth — and then “living” that lie is worse than the joo pursuit of accumulation via their despicable tactics of stealing/ killing/ destroying whatever’s in their path. because schizophrenic parents make schizophrenic children. suicide is heroic since it tries to limit the damage to a one’s self. at least leave behind a note, “christianity made me do it.”

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