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Black Pigeon Speaks' best video

This is the perfect complement to my article “Witches’ brew” of 2012. I am even tempted to include Black Pigeon Speaks’ text of the above video in the 2018 edition of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour.

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I personally use the date of Hitler’s death to mark the beginning of the Aryan race’s downward slide to extinction. Our race clearly underwent some collective psychological change during WWII as it immediately begins destroying itself from 1945 onwards, even before the Holohoax myth became widely institutionalized.
Of course, Hitler and WWII can also be used to build a heroic founding myth for a future Aryan civilization, if we survive. Our calendar could begin with Hitler’s birthdate and the Hellstorm Holocaust of heroic martyred Germany and the subsequent attempt by the Jews to genocide our race could form the substance of a new religion for our kind.
But yeah, when the majority of Aryans believed the lie that Hitler was evil a serious, and perhaps fatal, blow was dealt to our race. It is now doing everything to destroy itself in an assisted suicide with Jewish support and unlike past destruction of Aryan civilizations, there are no healthy Aryan tribes left remaining (except for maybe Slavs and Balts in Eastern Europe). The whole of Western civilization is undergoing destruction this time.

“But yeah, when the majority of Aryans believed the lie that Hitler was evil…”

Tell that to Kevin MacDonald who has considered Hitlerism a “disaster” (cf. Carolyn’s recent post in this site).
Also remember that one of Hunter Wallace’s featured authors posted a piece on Hitler at Occidental Dissent this year and Wallace took it down.
Remember also how Greg Johnson “defends” Nationals Socialism against Vox Day but then says that it had an evil side and invents an impossible chimera that Johnson calls “American New Right”.
Jared Taylor does not even mention Hitler.
And remember how Richard Spencer cucked before a black TV anchor about Hitler when the black pressed him a bit on this issue.
What happened today (“President Cuck to immediately sign resolution condemning the Alt-Right”) is related to the fact that not only Donald Trump but white nationalists are incapable of real honesty, true nobility and consistency.

When pressed in no small way, they usually shows their true face. And after all they conclude by the same song: link

@ Cesar White Nationalism is defined by a squeamishness to confront the whole Truth. They are not as bad as the Aryan masses but they still mix lies with truth like the masses. The Lie is popular, and by mixing in some lies with some truth Spencer, Taylor etc. may appear to have some success. But it will be short-term and will not save the Aryan race from extinction. Only the extreme Truth coupled with extreme methods can ensure the survival of our race. And the minority of Aryans capable of both must assume leadership of our race at some point in the future or all is lost.

Hitler’s death is just an evidence of failure in the last attempt to believe in White man’s healthy essence. Talking frankly, that health was undecided for a long time, long before Hitler came the scene: it seems great White race has some hidden and dreadful existential defect… National Socialism was really the most humane attempt of political, biological and aesthetic enlightenment concerning the White race soundness. But European nations have preferred to kill each other again and again, as they always did through history. And now there are no humane means, only Apocalyptic scenario will draw a line between Old Order and New Order to transform the fair race and to heal its defects.

A stunning and profoundly brilliant analysis of the reason for our decline.
The concept of our Foundation Myth and its deleterious replacement should be the primary critique and essential introduction to any discussion with a liberal. It is the means by which reason can displace emotion.

I don‘t know in which relation VertigoPolitix stands to “BPS“, but they did a very similar video a couple of weeks ago which seems to be taken down momentarily as the channel is on hiatus after getting ( ( attacked ) ). It was also themed in the manner that the Second Thirty Yrs.‘ War in and against the German Nation (death, destruction) is the new foundation⸗myth for the White world, and more comprehensive if memory serves me right. With the conclusion that it can only lead to the ultimate death in every way possible of the White world it⸗self — being a negative myth of de⸗generation and White evilness.
“BPS“ is so. or an entitiy that makes a video about “cool“ flags — praises the Communists‘ flag, and other ridiculous examples — and doesn‘t even mention in any way the objectively “cool(est)“ flags there are (classic National⸗Socialist flag, the Third Reich‘s Kriegs⸗Flagge, and so on). Don‘t trust “BPS“ an inch.
His conclusion in the video is that “Germany“ is the fore⸗runner of the Jewish anti⸗White Global⸗Socialist propaganda of self⸗destruction and ( ( Polack ) ) Kacmierczak‘s Willkommens⸗Kultur for the Mussul⸗man fake refugees sent by the very same Radanite vampyres.
Sth. that “even“ Anglin does — talking about Germany or Sweden, and condemning these countries for ( ( their ) ) current actions, when it‘s the anti⸗thesis of these countries that is talked about: Sozi⸗Germany, Sozi⸗Sweden.
Listen to this: “G.‘s wild desire to destroy it⸗self.“ Are you fucking kidding me — you dirty cunt living in Japan or where⸗ever ?? G. and its allies (Axis), as you know, were the only ones going down with a fight — a hell of a fight ! When the U. S. and “Great“ Britain got fucked in the ass by Little Schlomo while ripping Germany — the sole protection⸗force of the White world, and Man⸗kind for that matter — a new one. Excuse my ( ( French ) ).

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