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New witches’ brew

A commenter in the thread of my last post has reminded me an important article on Christian ethics he published online last year (here). Now that I reread some passages of that article this one—:

The doctrine of eternal damnation is surely the most pernicious notion in all the long annals of human history

—makes me think: Can you imagine the level of guilt of a white person who believed this stuff and then abandons Christianity? This is my point: once on a secular level Christian ethics transforms itself into ethnosuicide even if the Jewish help for such ‘assisted suicide’ was not robust. It reminds me my old witches’ brew formula but with a new ingredient (in bold type):
Individualism, universalism, weak ethnocentrism—‘hardwired’ characteristics in the White psyche since prehistoric times—plus egalitarianism, liberalism, capitalism—cultural ‘software’ after the Revolution which ironically strengthened Christian ethics—plus the empowerment of Jewry since the times of Napoleon and the foundation myth after WW2 has created a lethal brew for the white peoples.
This last ingredient proved so fatal that in his interview with Tom Metzger, James Mason said: ‘With the death of Adolf Hitler in the close of the 2nd World War in 1945 Western civilization, as it had existed and is still perceived died once and for all. The only thing that was left now was a gene pool.’

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A correspondant from Europe who doesn’t want to engage in forums emailed me today:

Yeah, WWII is a horrid founding myth.
However, Christianity is a worse founding myth.
Building a nation is like unto building a house. One can layer foundation myths on top of one another.
Christianity is the foundation myth upon which the WWII myth is structured.

Which reminds me that Tom Sunic says that the Yankee problem enabled the Jewish problem.

The Jews lying narrative of WWII is inherently Christian. It identifies Jews with God/the ultimate good and Hitler with Satan/the ultimate evil. As the former head of the ADL Abraham Foxman said “The Holocaust is a singular event. It is not simply one example of genocide but a near successful attempt on the life of God’s chosen children and, thus, on God himself”. Only a Jewish and Christianized mind would identify the Jews as God’s chosen people and view an attempt to genocide them as an attack on the Judeo-Christian God Yahweh.
Adolf Hitler can be viewed as an Anti-Christ figure since the racialist doctrine of National Socialism was the opposite of the universalist doctrine of Jesus Christ in many ways, and National Socialist Germany was the most anti-Christian state in the whole history of the Christian West. Christianity destroyed Paganism but Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists brought about a revival of the Classical world and an antidote to Christinsanity.
The truth about Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Second World War is our race’s salvation, and that truth is the complete opposite of the lies which are currently embraced about those topics (which is logical since the lie is always the inverse of the truth). A future religion of our race could centre around the martyrdom of Adolf Hitler and Germany—the Blood Sacrifice of the German nation that died for the salvation of the Aryan race replacing the Blood Sacrifice of Jesus on the cross dying for our sins. The Jews attempted genocide of our race from 1945 onwards using our weaknesses can also play a part in the new Mythos of the post-Christian White civilization of the future.

Well said. I like your idea of a religion with Adolf Hitler at its core. The antithesis of the debilitating Christ-myth, which both Hitler and I believe was devised with the express purpose of destroying racially homogenous and functioning White societies.

The idea of a religion centred around Adolf Hitler is almost as old as Hitler’s earliest days in politics with the NSDAP. Many people have viewed Hitler as a religious figure. Immediately after the war a great Englishman named James Larratt Battersby wrote The Holy Book of Adolf Hitler which contains the germs of a new religion. He was an associate of Savitri Devi who of course is more well known for her attempts to create a religion of Hitlerism.
The important thing for the future worldview/religion of our race is that our morals undergo a revaluation from Christian morals to Aryan morals. Many Whites have given up believing in the Christ-myth already but retain the most dangerous part of Christianity—the debilitating false morality. That has to go for our race to think clearly and rationally about reality.

Can you imagine the level of guilt of a white person who believed this stuff and then abandons Christianity? Yes: the hyper-judgmental voice of the concious mind (thanks, christianity)—the beast as jack trimpey labels it in his book, rational recovery—refuses to shut up.

William Pierce wrote that “It was the unspeakably atrocious crime of the war itself which served as the catalyst (for the witches’ brew), causing all the elements to react with one another, and the disease itself to metastasize.”
The Aryan race had many weaknesses before WWII but it was not until 1945 that all the combined weaknesses exploded into a toxic ferment that has left Aryans threatened with extinction. The suicide of Adolf Hitler seemed to cause a death-wish in the collective psyche of the Aryan. When Hitler died, the Aryan race died a spiritual death.
It appears to superficial eyes that the beginning of the Aryan race’s decline goes back to 1945 as a consequence of the White peoples imbibing the lying narrative that Hitler and the Nazis are the ultimate Evil who genocided the ultimate Good, God’s chosen people the Jews. But the problems of the Aryan race are much older and more deep rooted than WWII.

…much older and more deep rooted than WWII.

But white nationalists focus as a laser beam on the Jewish question: they are like blindfolded horses who cannot see the sides, and most of them would regard my Saturdays translations of Deschner’s book on the criminal history of the religion of their parents as eccentric, instead of seeing the matter as an ingredient of the brew more toxic than the Jewish catalyst. (For many white nationalists the Jewish question is the only active substance in the poison that kills whites. I see the JQ as a catalyst for a process that has been brewing for centuries.)
More serious is consumerist materialism and how to return to the values of yesteryear: something that many white nationalists do not understand.
Soon I will start uploading podcasts in Spanish where I will talk alone about these topics. Nobody in the Spanish-speaking world wants to talk to me. I recently left a message on a secret Facebook page of neo-Nazis that has almost a thousand Spanish-speaking subscribers. I asked them who wanted to talk to me in the podcast I want to start and nobody answered.

The greatest White Aryan flaw is failure to fully expunge ‘equality’ from real world thinking. It should only be allowed in abstract problem solving, and therefore restricted to such, which must be schooled consciously because of our nature to mix the two modes.
Left unresolved, this becomes an opening for exploitation, e.g. Christianity is based upon the idea of equality on earth.
There is no equality!

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