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Top 10 white nationalist sites

I don’t find on the Internet information about the hundred, or at least ten, webzines, YouTube channels or blogs of the alt-right, WN, neo-Nazism or even the alt-lite ranked by traffic. I used two search engines but (1) there is no information about it or (2) search engines purposely hide this type of information.

There should be updated info every month, don’t you think?

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Are you using the Google/Bing/Yahoo search engine? Because Duckduckgo is far superior. I have just found a beautiful pastebin on the very first page, “A list of good White Nationalist sites”. Whereas Google is so pathetic, it even censors the incelsco forum!

The only information I could find were various lists, most of which were out-of-date.
Considering the prevailing political climate and general volatility of such sites, I would think that the only entities tracking that data would be the jew watchdog organizations and their government handmaidens.

Since I am not very techno/internet savvy I could only speculate as to why ‘the good guys’ haven’t attempted to do anything:
1. Lack of funding/manpower for the task.
2. Would rather use the available funding/manpower to fight in the courts once they’re taken down (again).
3. Don’t wish to publish what may be construed as a popularity contest.
4. Don’t wish to do the work (i.e. provide a hit list) for the entities mentioned my last post.
5. The better funded groups (Stormfront, Amren etc.) don’t want any other groups – especially those of a different ideological bend – siphoning off their money. See # 3.

Regarding your #1 ‘aggregation sites’ of the type of Goebbels Hub, if founded properly, could start hiring employees to rank a hundred top sites. The idea is to have a monthly idea where the zeitgeist lies within WN, including the alt-lite. (My guess is that sites like Stefan Molyneux’s and Andrew Anglin’s would rank among the first ten.)

Funding is the biggest problem. I sacrificed a few hours every night on weekdays after work, all days on weekends commonly. For 3 years, and had a massive resource library. Not one cent donated. I had a plan to start a buisiness and be self-employed and support the cause. Our ilk think we should be doing this for free though while working for the man. Heh.

There’s much work that needs founding. In my case, it’s a torture to translate my books in Spanish as it’s not supposed to be my business (founded authors have their work translated by professionals).

The nitty-gritty job of checking up regularly Alexa ratings for a hundred sites would mean some hiring ($$), as we cannot spend precious time in such nose-to-the-grindstone level.

Exactly. The Left rose to their epoch by being massively funded by the plebs. Also, their market is those with a little change in their accounts. The working man is left with only his blood to spend.

It is also hard to find those with business acument to help. I could not sell a rope to a drowning man but I could convince him he is not drowning. It seems most of us that can see through the veil are in the same predictament.

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