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The Red Wedding

A couple of posts ago I said that in 2013 Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding caused a tremendous stir among fans of the series, especially in women. Today watching this clip I thought that the abyss that separates me from white women is abysmal:

The woman’s reaction was because she was seeing the moment when Robb Stark’s pregnant mudblood was stabbed in the belly as a punishment that Robb broke his pact to marry a younger and prettier girl (a completely Aryan girl by the way).

As you will remember, one of the guidelines of conduct that I have developed for the priest of the 14 words is: ‘Speak only with Aryan men’. We can already imagine if, instead of comforting this woman as her partner did in the clip above, I tried to reason with her by saying: ‘I stabbed her for you; so beauty like yours never get lost. I can’t let the pregnant mudblood leave brown offspring instead of Robb’s white skin. All the blood that I spill is spilled indirectly for you…’ Obviously the white woman would look at me with pure hatred; she would block herself before my reasons, and would embrace the most progressive anti-racism we can imagine.

Let’s face it: Women think with their emotions, which is not bad at all. It’s just their nature. Cold and ruthless reason is up to men. What the partner of this disconsolate woman did is the proper way to treat our women. It is absolutely delusional to believe that they are able to reason with the ruthless coldness with which we can reason.

My guideline remains and it is a disgrace that, except Andrew Anglin, the people of white nationalism haven’t come to realise that we come from Mars and they from Venus. And that it makes no sense to use reasons and good judgment to try to persuade the fair sex in martial matters.

Unlike feminist products that demoralise Aryan males such as The Rise of Skywalker, when civilisation collapses later in this century the bloodthirsty warriors who recover the West will belong to a Boys Only Club.

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Watching the video above, I think the real problem isn’t so much that women are emotional basket cases (like the woman in the video, and in my experience she isn’t exactly a reflection of average women*) but that they get emotional over the wrong things. Such as a degenerate, Jewish-directed fictional television show.

I don’t disagree with you that cold and ruthless reason should be up to men, but I think we should also remember that men have an immense capacity for beauty. After all, the majority of our architects, sculptors, and artists have been men.

And well, I think we should also remember that women can be ruthless even if it is in different context; see criminal or abusive women.

But regardless, all of it will eventually balance itself naturally.

(*I say this because I have not met any woman in real life who has gotten that emotional over a fictional story.)

Yes, I am well aware of the overemotional reactions over fiction that women (or their acquaintances) post on YouTube. I am simply saying that I have not seen or known a single woman in real life react that way to television. For which I am thankful, to be perfectly honest.

And yes, the majority of fans of the television show have not read Martin’s books. Myself, I tried for about 200 pages but the story had very little interest for me.

You have to skip all threads except Bran Stark’s story in the novels. I only own the first novel. But if in addition to the published books Martin manages to write the two remaining novels, I’ll purchase the complete collection and read only Bran’s thread, a sort of emblem of this site.

Yes, the killing of the mudblood was both expected (although I had never read the book) and incredibly satisfying to me when I watched it years after the premier. It’s so obvious that I didn’t mention it in my previous post.

But this? I utterly disagree with you here, César.

How is it in female nature to pity the niggers? I refuse to believe it! I have the blackest view of my race! I am calling them faggots and sluts every waking moment! And yet I will not say that it is in our women’s nature to side with the enemy at all times!

The true “motherly instinct” is the same as the fatherly one – to murder the different! This is nothing else but Christian indoctrination. It has no excuse. Do not give it a pass. Burn it away at the first sight. I am sure it can be cleansed. There is no other way.

(Yes, the cynics will say women will side with “us” when “we” get the power, à la Andrei Rublev. I do not deny it. I would also support the crucifixion/stoning of the traitors. But I do not consider any pity towards non-Aryans as above Nazi Law when it is professed by our mothers, sisters and daughters!)

What I meant is that if white women forfeit motherhood, an incredibly perverse psychic phenomenon occurs: they start to transfer their maternal feelings towards the oppressed, even blacks, especially if the System indoctrinates them to do so. Thus I am glad that the show shocked these little women:


Cesar, i want to share with you an experience of some years ago.

A friend of mine (who had a mother of asian/mongoloid origin) died due to a car accident. During his funeral, his Iberian father, who until then we never saw him being upset about anything, was profoundly crying in a corner because of his son´s death.

The woman, on the other hand, never drop a single tear in the funeral, and had the most indifferent face you could imagine. Me and my mother were shocked because of this, and I still remember it until today.

I believe that the white woman has an outstanding instinct for motherhood and empathy, compared to the females of other races.

The jewry world made a master move at targeting our precious women.

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