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George Lincoln Rockwell Lightning and the Sun (book)

He was more woke than you could possibly imagine

by Jake Raymond

Commander Rockwell often spoke of “White Christians” under attack in the West. “White Power” as a slogan can be credited to him. Every North American racist revolutionary has a debt to this man. His populism, theatrics, swagger, and street fighting shaped the Struggle for decades to come. We know what he did, but what did he really believe? Below are some choice selections from his written correspondence with Savitri Devi herself that shed light on his true sentiments.

December 1960, Rockwell writes Devi:

You ask in your latest letter if I will sell your books! OF COURSE!—And PROUDLY!—they are great books which will one day be revered like our present Kike Bible, when our Jew-hypnotized people are once again proud and knowledgeable of their Nordic culture and concepts, and do not need to or want to lean on the nasty mutterings of a bunch of old Jews.

Summer 1965, Rockwell writes Devi:

You simply must try to understand the almost unbelievable difficulties I face in working here with Americans. Perhaps many Europeans are evil and vicious “Democrats” and even “Communists.” Unfortunately, most of my fellow Americans do not have the honor to be even such ideological criminals—they are just plain ignorant and often unbelievably dumb. Europeans simply have no comprehension of the political ignorance of the majority of Americans. It is also true what you write about various religious matters. (For obvious reasons I cannot commit to writing, all the various things involved here.)

June 1966, Rockwell writes Devi:

I cannot mention the subject in writing, for what I hope are obvious reasons, but you will remember it was criticism of one subject you were afraid might be included in the National Socialist World. By now, you should have received your airmail copy of this journal which we are very proud of. I doubt you will find anything about which to quarrel. In fact, I think you will be quite pleased with the tremendous world circulation we have finally given to your wonderful book The Lightning and the Sun. In that very book, and in the condensation in National Socialist World, you and Colin Jordan both point out that National Socialists unhesitatingly and unhypocritically admit that the ends justify the means, providing the means do not contradict the end.

—excerpted from Woman Against Time.

13 replies on “He was more woke than you could possibly imagine”

His assassination was a harbinger that the mass movement strategy was futile. Many in the movement today espouse the same folly Rockwell did in regards to Conservatives. The discrepancy is that Rockwell receives the benefit of the doubt (as he was the pioneer), while today’s movementarians lack a probable excuse for not acknowledging its futility. If the mass movement strategy didn’t work in 1964-1965, it won’t work in today’s climate. Tommasi, the (Italian) Years of Lead, and the lex talionis (for the Christian destruction of the Classical Greco-Roman and pre-Charlemagne Germanic world) demonstrated by the early 90’s Norwegian Black Metal scene constitute the necessary post-Rockwellian revolutionary pneuma.

What Commander Rockwell wrote is still painfully accurate here in America. If anything, what he wrote probably applies more so nowadays.

I feel I became a sort of “exception” among European Americans since I was “unplugged” from all the usual cultural indoctrination’s I too had been programmed to believe at age 13 via sustained sadistic torture/abuse by my parents that caused me to violently awaken. It was during the shock of that I began to question everything I had been taught; and I soon awoke to the Female Question as well (in a basic way).

Before the Mask’s of my parents came down & they publicly smeared me for pathetic superficial betrayal, though I had been fascinated by history (unlike my peers), i was otherwise basically a kosher stamped christ.cuckold Sportsball-wrestling fan who didn’t much care about anything else.

Normie European-American men generally only care about: earning the *verbal* approval of empowered sluts (which we are indoctrinated to equate with “being a ‘real man'” from day one of our lives as most of our “moms” emasculate us & our “fathers” drill into us to “never upset mommy’s feels, you ‘selfish’ asshole”), making money to become a doormat slave to an empowered slut coming off the cock carousel as she begins hitting The Wall; and finally about their beloved Sportsball teams.

Oh, and they care about having plenty of the flammable psychoactive antiseptic carcinogen Ethanol which causes death in even healthy ppl dependent upon it (when detoxing) and also is an active ingredient in Lysol.

In other words, our folk are pozzed here. Not really our fault, in truth. We were sold out by our “forefathers” a very long time ago & we were powerless to resist the programming of our subconscious minds.

After I began to kind of recover & adapt myself to move on after the nervous breakdown my parent’s betrayal+torture (“soul murder,” as I recall reading on this site, Malignant NPD’s “parents” do do that) induced after it had went on all day almost every day for 2 years…after that I became generally hostile to the entire rotten social order (especially as I realized American women were woefully unsuitable as wives…that I would never find a worthy by my standards wife).

I became convinced some-thing was terribly wrong with “society,” and I renounced Xtianity. I started to read, and became interested in politics.

Generally, Americans truly are stunningly stupid & ignorant. In all fairness, the mass cultural programming is just…you’d have to have grown up to understand, and every one of us has been utterly blasted by reinforcing propaganda on a daily basis. Having a hard time phrasing what I want to say.

The socioengineering is just incredible here in America. It was a perfectly run invisible prison when I was coming up as a kid in the 90’s. It really seemed like we were living in paradise back then, and the (((Jews & their Caucasian Philo-Jewish collaborator-enablers))) cultivate in each of us a childish self indulgence…a vanity, that they then exploit to manipulate us.
Consumerist comfort indeed induces an amnesiac anaesthetic effect.

If things stay as they are, your prediction about “American nationalism” will prove correct…


Years ago, when Communism collapsed many people left Eastern Europe and moved to America. Someone asked one of these people what was the biggest difference they noticed when moving to the U.S.. I found the reply interesting and unexpected. They said that the level of propaganda in the U.S. was so incredibly high and so ubiquitous that they were shocked. In the communist countries they had propaganda, but no where near this level.

This is very telling. The Americans have been living in a terrible Matrix with zero tolerance. Keep tuned with my forthcoming post this morning: I’ll quote one of them.

I’m still relatively new to your site, but like the content nonetheless. In my past posts it seems that links are not allowed on your site. Hopefully you can explain this shortcoming.

I will, however, try another approach to links (archived) to George Lincoln Rockwell’s speeches and to someone who personally knew him for the sake of those who are interested. If nothing follows these comments, then the links were not added. Hopefully they are as they are historical treasures.

GLR archived speeches

Interview with a guest who personally know GLR

Fair enough C.T. I will keep that in mind; I always try to post relevant post that at least try to entertain history.

Rockwell was certainly accurate in regard to American ignorance, and that was fifty-four years ago. Nowadays, with access to unlmited amounts of bread-and-circuses, it has increased one-hundred fold.

I remember when Pierce started promoting the white thrash metal trash. I thought he’d gone mad! Trying to attract violent, dysfunctional, unsophisticated youths in hopes of developing them into the future vanguard of his movement was completely futile!!

You can go even further back if you want.
The Nobel prize winning author Knut Hamsun went to the US on a few occasion in the 1880s. In 1889 he wrote at short essay called ‘From the modern American Spiritual Life’ where he completely destroys everything he found ‘over there’ with its shallow sensational-seeking culture.

Loosely translated from one of the passages:
“As the press in America first and foremost are a business venture, and as they earn three times as much on murder than on intelligence and spiritual matters, the content is accordingly.”

Interestingly that was the same decade the jews started to immigrate into the country. The white man seemed to be able to create a perfectly shallow society even without them….

Thank you kindly for the recommendation!
I cannot find that particular essay but am definitely going to read ‘On the Cultural Life of Modern America’ as anyone who described the U.S. of that era as a ‘stud farm for mulattoes’ was as authentic as they come!!
I also plan on reading ‘Pan’ and ‘Mysteries’.

You’re welcome, and sorry for leading you a bit astray, as I did not find any translation to english on that particular essay, and did my own translation of the title.
Hamsun was, as you are probably well aware of, i deep admirer of Hitler. His obituary for Hitler in May 1945 written when Hamsun was 86 is short and telling:

Adolf Hitler
I’m not worthy to speak up for Adolf Hitler, and to any sentimental rousing his life and deeds do not invite.
Hitler was a warrior, a warrior for humankind and a preacher of the gospel of justice for all nations. He was a reforming character of the highest order, and his historical fate was that he functioned in a time of exampleless brutality, which in the end felled him.
Thus may the ordinary Western European look at Adolf Hitler. And we, his close followers, bow our heads at his death.
Knut Hamsun

As to his books, I also find Pan excellent, even if Victoria probably is my favourite.

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