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Crazy town

I remember that when I lived in California in the 1980s, from time to time I watched a few seconds of the preaching of the televangelist Oral Roberts. But I was unaware of the biographical profile about such a folkloric American until very recently.

The preacher Roberts, leader of a $120 million-a-year Christian organisation, was such a grotesque, and typically American, figure that the mere fact of his existence should invalidate the US as a serious nation.

This is one of the problems of white nationalism. They see Jewry but are unable to see the beam in their own eye: a beam that certainly has to do with the power that Jewry has gained in the country of white nationalists.

If one reads the webzine of Kevin MacDonald, for example, one finds that the subject-matter is Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew… And the Christians, that numerically are more in the country of MacDonald? Or is it that the fact that there are millions of morons who worship the god of the Jews has nothing to do with Jewish power in that country? Last year I quoted some words from Robert Morgan that are worth reciting:

Man has everywhere and at all times been a wolf to man. The big difference between Christians and others is that they lie about it, just as they lie about everything else. Case-in-point: The Christian apologists on this thread, who claim to be fighting Jews by worshiping a Jewish rabbi and calling him God. Needless to say, such people are residents of Crazy Town, with Kevin MacDonald as their mayor, and Andrew Joyce as his chief publicist and amanuensis.

But the problem is not Andrew Joyce or The Occidental Observer. It is the entire movement, and you must not have been born in the US to see something so obvious. I still remember Tom Sunic saying, after witnessing an evangelical event replete of pure whites in Alabama, that that was ‘worse than communism’—despite his sufferings in the communist Yugoslavia of Josip Broz Tito.

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Stupid people get power from their religions, especially christians, who can neglect scientific investigations, years of study, and forego in-depth contemplations in exchange for being oblivious to the complexities of this world, and adopting a simple self righteous meme that makes them “feel” morally superior that those outside of their in-group (cult). This simple minded ignorance, protected, not by logical computations but primitive ego defense, is a threat to the modern world. The religious judge others, not based on intelligence, but emotion, and thus are a threat to the modern rational, intelligent man. You are either scientific or superstitious, and they are not compatible. As I’ve said before, human life is just endless war, and the only vital thing men do is construct weapon systems better than their enemies, which is a scientific pursuit, translating into the cold hard fact that eventually the scientific man will eventually rid the world of these stupid, superstitious, dark aged creatures calling themselves christians, mooslums, buddhists, hindus, etc. I can’t fucking wait!
goddamn pricks all!

Monocausalism? Jews or Christians?

Dear Mr. Tort,

I have been reading your website with great interest and find it very enlightening, especially your points about Christianity. Yet I question your assigning Christianity the primary blame of western civilization’s problems.
You seemingly assign Jews a secondary role, a sort of catalyst that would have no effect were it not for gullible Christian’s acceptance of the Jews’ hated, secondary religion. This leaves one thinking that, as a catalyst, if it were not Jews, any group might serves as such a catalyst, but if not Jews, then who? However, there is more to my question than that.

Some 3700+ years ago, a group of people staged a bloodless invasion of Egypt, as there is no mention of any war with these people’s entry into Egypt. The Hyksos, called “Shepherd Kings” by the Egyptians, moved into Egypt and split the kingdom in half. Setting themselves up as a sort of subculture, the Hyksos then began to rule alongside Egyptian leadership. Tellingly, the Egyptians hated the Hyksos. It took five hundred years, but the Egyptians finally rid themselves of the Hyksos by buying them off.

The Biblical story of the Exodus aligns well with the story of the Hyksos, occurring at approximately the same period. “The Hyksos were a people of diverse origins, possibly from Western Asia, who settled in the eastern Nile Delta some time before 1650 BC.” The Hyksos were obviously Jews.
Anyone reading the Egyptian’s historical account can clearly see the description’s behavioral link to modern Jews. Jews work hard to deny this link, saying the title “Shepherd Kings” Egyptians assigned to the Hyksos, is mistranslated.

However, there is one thing Jews cannot overcome:

“After the conclusion of the treaty they (Hyksos) left with their families and chattels, not fewer than two hundred and forty thousand people, and crossed the desert into Syria. Fearing the Assyrians, who dominated over Asia at that time, they built a city in the country which we now call Judea. It was large enough to contain this great number of men and was called Jerusalem.” (Full quote below.)

Note that Egyptians blame the Hyksos/Jews’ malevolent presence on “god” (singular) becoming “angry” with them. Jews stole the idea of “monotheism” from the Egyptian pharaoh, Akhenaton. Akhenaton, known before the fifth year of his reign as Amenhotep IV, was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty, that ruled for seventeen years and died somewhere around 1336 BC to 1334 BC. Akhenaton is noted for abandoning traditional Egyptian polytheism and introducing worship centered on the sole god “Aten.”

This happened not long before the Hyksos were driven out of Egypt. The Hyksos invaded Egypt before 1650 BC and were said to rule Egypt for 500 years Akhenaton rose to power shortly after the Hyksos invasion, forcing his monotheistic views on Egypt and making him very unpopular with the powerful Egyptian priests. Around 400 years after that, the Hyksos are finally driven out of Egypt by making a deal where Egyptians are forced to pay the Hyksos to leave. So what does one find in the Bible?

“And the children of Israel did according to the word of Moses; and they borrowed of the Egyptians jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment” – Exodus 12:35

Might this be a reference to the Hyksos payoff?

In the Egyptian’s historical account, one finds the true story of the Bible’s mythical “Exodus.” However, instead of Jews being poor, oppressed slaves, working in “slimepits” to build pyramids with bricks of mud and straw, they are pernicious invaders dividing and sacking Egypt while destroying its ancient culture. There is none of that forty years “waling and wandering the desert” as the Jew/Hyksos clearly made a beeline for Judea to build their city called “Jerusalem.”

In his book “Moses the Egyptian,” noted German Egyptologist Dr. Jan Assmann describes the Hyksos/Jews technique of cultural inversion, calling this a “normative inversion” process, meaning the inverted culture becomes the norm, like the way normal heterosexuality has now been inverted and replaced by perverse, queer sex No doubt, the Hyksos adopted Akhenaton’s unpopular monotheism as a form of this cultural inversion process.

I have seen it proposed elsewhere on the web that the Star of David is the symbol of the Jews’ subversive conquest of Egypt, with the upright triangle, symbolizing Egypt, interlinked with the inverted triangle of the Jews’ cultural inversion. I’m not so sure of this being the case, but I will say it fits with the Jews’ penchant for arcane, esoteric symbolism.

Here then are two questions: The Egyptians were a people unrelated to western man and knew nothing of his religion or cultures. Christianity would not exist for another 1400 years. If Christianity is truly the problem as you say, how might one explain the subversion and conquest of Egypt by the prototypical Jewish/Hyksos? Should the Egyptians have blamed themselves for allowing the Hyksos/Jews into Egypt and then submitting to their administrative rule?

Here is the Egyptian account of the Hyksos exhibiting the very same cultural traits as modern Jews. Again, it is interesting how Manetho blames god for Egypt’s Hyksos curse.

Book 1, section 73

Under a king of ours named Timaus (Tutimaeus) God became angry with us, I know not how, and there came, after a surprising manner, men of obscure birth from the east, and had the temerity to invade our country, and easily conquered it by force, as we did not do battle against them. After they had subdued our rulers, they burnt down our cities, and destroyed the temples of the gods, and treated the inhabitants most cruelly; killing some and enslaving their wives and their children.

Then they made one of their own king. His name was Salatis; he lived at Memphis, and both the upper and lower regions had to pay tribute to him. He installed garrisons in places that were the most suited for them. His main aim was to make the eastern parts safe, expecting the Assyrians, at the height of their power, to covet his kingdom, and invade it.

In the Saite Nome there was a city very proper for this purpose, by the Bubastic arm of the Nile. With regard to a certain theologic notion it was called Avaris. He rebuilt and strengthened this city by surrounding it with walls and by stationing a large garrison of two hundred and forty thousand armed men there.

Salitis came there in the summer, to gather corn in order to pay his soldiers, and to exercise his men, and thus to terrify foreigners.
After a reign of thirteen years, he was followed by one whose name was Beon, who ruled for forty-four years. After him reigned Apachnas for thirty-six years and seven months. After him Apophis was king for sixty-one years, followed by Janins for fifty years and one month. After all these Assis reigned during forty-nine years and two months. These six were their first kings. They all along waged war against the Egyptians, and wanted to destroy them to the very roots.

“These people, whom we have called kings before, and shepherds too, and their descendants,” as he says, “held Egypt for five hundred and eleven years. Then,” he says, “the kings of Thebes and the other parts of Egypt rose against the shepherds, and a long and terrible war was fought between them.” He says further, “By a king, named Alisphragmuthosis, the shepherds were subdued, and were driven out of the most parts of Egypt and shut up in a place named Avaris, measuring ten thousand acres.” Manetho says, “The shepherds had built a wall surrounding this city, which was large and strong, in order to keep all their possessions and plunder in a place of strength.

Tethmosis, son of Alisphragmuthosis, attempted to take the city by force and by siege with four hundred and eighty thousand men surrounding it. But he despaired of taking the place by siege, and concluded a treaty with them, that they should leave Egypt, and go, without any harm coming to them, wherever they wished. After the conclusion of the treaty they left with their families and chattels, not fewer than two hundred and forty thousand people, and crossed the desert into Syria. Fearing the Assyrians, who dominated over Asia at that time, they built a city in the country which we now call Judea. It was large enough to contain this great number of men and was called Jerusalem.


Helena Draeger

I don’t know much about Egypt but have reproduced essays by others about the inverted pyramid that you mention: the symbol of Jewish subversion, placing civilizations upside down.

Yet I question your assigning Christianity the primary blame of western civilization’s problems…

Throughout history, imperial greed and miscegenation are the primary cause. Have you read Arthur Kemp’s March of the Titans? After WW2, however, Christian ethics certainly looks like the terminal stage of the suicidal West.

If you are so familiar with this site as you say, surely you have read The Fair Race?

I have not. I have however read your book “Day of Wrath.” In fact I own a copy.

While I agree Christian ethics certainly look like the terminal stage of the suicidal West, and were Christianity to drop down the memory hole, it would be highly advantageous for Western cultures, my point is that the Hyksos present evidence of the Jews’ incredibly subversive powers over advanced nations, despite the absence of the Christian gullibility.

I see the reverse of your idea about Christianity. Jews are the primary problem, Christians simply follow along as did the ancient Egyptians from whom Jews stole the original idea of a singular god. So I’m unsure about Christian ethics being the root of the problem. It seems to be more of an issue with Jews being the tap-root of all civilization’s problems.

Christianity is obviously a Jewish invention, as denoted by the term “Judaeo-Christianity.” Therefore, absent the Jews, there would be no Christianity and there would be no Israel pushing for all out war in the Middle East. There would be no pitting of Christians against Muslims in the west.

There would be no Islam either, so absent the Jew there would be no religious rivalry between followers of the Jews’ religious inventions and no mass immigration of Islamic believers into European countries.

This brings to mind interesting question, do you assign the Middle East problems to Muslim gullibility? Is it their fault because they foolishly follow a Jewish religion?

No doubt absent Christianity, gullibility would still remain, but absent the Jewish presence there wouldn’t be anyone to exploit it, at least anywhere near the level that Jews presently exploit their host nations.

You still have to read Kemp’s book.

To put an example from my own research: The Iberians managed to ruin their gene pool throughout the Americas in times when the Inquisition was targeting crypto-Jews both in the peninsula and in this continent. This alone demonstrates that whites can destroy their ethny without the help of the Jews.

If you read Kemp’s book you’ll place in context what you say about Egypt. The story of the white race comprises all history. And even regarding Egypt, Kemp’s meta-perspective will expand your interpretation of why Egypt fell.


well said. The jews actually believe they were the first, and only civilization in the ancient world, and builders of the great pyramids, which is why the upright triangle is their symbol. The inverted triangle symbol is used by the jews as a war symbol against all the non jews because jews blame all other tribes from displacing their ancestors from their original homeland. We are dealing with a very dangerous international war cult that actually assigns guilt to all non jews for the destruction of their ancestors ancient society, nevermind that man has evolved through warfare simply because the planet is too big and there has never been a centralized world authority that could stop warfare among the various different tribes. This systemic failure of the jews to see clearly into the true chaotic process of man’s evolution, and instead, place blame on the various different peoples of the world for warfare processes beyond the control of all men, is reason enough to make sure these people are removed from this planet. They have evolved mentally blind, and are not only a threat to all humans, but will fight their entire existence to make sure this war they wage against non jews continues until all non jews are destroyed. This is why the jewish religion is full of the worship of war. Jews are, and have always been, a war cult, and are responsible for every war for thousands of years. The blood of billions is on their hands.

There is no question that man is able to destroy himself without help from Jews. Some prime historical examples of this are found in oriental history, the very same region that spawned the Jews.

Other oriental cultures, notably the Japanese and Chinese cultures, display many of the same racial characteristics as Jews, such as a Machiavellian attitude towards achieving their goals, cold blooded, mercilessness and a wicked penchant for torturing their victims.

Like Jews, oriental cultures have no issues sacrificing their own people in the pursuit of the “welfare” of the larger masses. The difference? Other oriental races are tied to historical homelands, whereas Jews have no such terrestrial ties. Lacking a native homeland, the fabled “Diaspora” is the “glue” that has held Jews together as a people.

The question remains, is the global destruction of white civilization, witnessed around the world today, more the work of gullible, accepting, masses of Christians or subversive Jewish influence?

While you accurately note how other groups have destroyed themselves without a Jewish presence, I argue the examples provided are isolated incidents, minuscule in scale by today’s standards; whereas Jews have a proven history of parasitic destruction among advanced cultures dating all the way back to ancient Egypt. I find the destruction found in the isolated examples you and others provide insignificant when compared to almost four millennium of recorded, subversive destruction brought about by Jewish parasites residing in host cultures.

I have heard many of the same arguments you present for Christianity attributed to the Negro, i.e., were Negro influence eliminated, the white races’ problems would soon disappear. I argue that like the Negro, Christianity is merely one of many “tools” used by Jews to achieve their destructive goals.

The Bible’s very first mention of an advanced civilization is found in the Genesis story of the Jewish god’s destruction of Nimrod’s homogeneous culture through the auspices of cultural confusion, i.e. “the confusion of languages.” This same technique can be seen today bringing about the destruction of western civilization. Yet there are no Christians in the book of Genesis.

Therefore, absent Jewish influence, would the destruction resulting from Christian gullibility continue? Can one accept the premise that, absent Christian ethics, western civilization would begin healing itself? If not, then would not the parasitical Jewish influence have to be eliminated prior to any restoration of sanity?

Kemp’s interview is over an hour in length, however I’ll watch it time permitting.

You should read either Kemp’s book or Pierce’s story of the white race. They provide a meta-perspective of all history, well beyond the Judeo-reductionism in WN, including pre-Christian history, that demonstrates that imperial whites have had the nasty little habit of miscegenation (and thus destroying their ethny). What the Spanish and the Portuguese did in an entire continent is not an ‘isolated’ phenomenon as you say, but the standard pattern we see over and over in white history.

Would whites be committing ethno-suicide in a world without Jews or Christianity? Impossible to know, since, for example, the American continent wasn’t conquered by pagan Vikings: a hypothetical New World (‘New Scandinavia’) which could’ve provided a standard of how a white culture develops with no Judeo-Christianity.

If the Jews never existed would whites be committing ethno-suicide? Again, impossible to know. My guess is that probably not. But even so, for the 14 words it’s far more serious to be a traitor (i.e., a Christian or Neo-Christian) than an external enemy (a Jew).

To understand the concept of ‘neochristianity’ you have to read The Fair Race, which includes an abridged version of Pierce’s book. You won’t have a good grasp of my POV unless you read it.

Helena Draeger, what’s up with your obsession with calling the Hyksos Jews? They’re part-Aryan for all we know. Are the Hittites and the Mitanni Jewish, too?

The Hyksos practices horse burials and worshipped a storm god… Oh, and your dating is utterly wrong – they ruled Egypt for 100 years, not 500. Savitri Devi knew it back in the 1940s when writing her fiction book about Akhnaten, meanwhile you are finding it too difficult to make a web search in 2020.

About your monocausalism – Alexander the Great Race Mixer and Ashoka the Great Traitor managed to destroy Aryan societies without either Judaeans or Christians just fine.

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