Racial right

On Andrew Joyce et al

by Robert Morgan

Man has everywhere and at all times been a wolf to man. The big difference between Christians and others is that they lie about it, just as they lie about everything else. Case-in-point: The Christian apologists on this thread, who claim to be fighting Jews by worshiping a Jewish rabbi and calling him God. Needless to say, such people are residents of Crazy Town, with Kevin MacDonald as their mayor, and Andrew Joyce as his chief publicist and amanuensis.

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No Christian has ever been able to explain to me the cosmic dynamics by which a tortured, bleeding jew on a stick negates every sin I have commited. But it’s a trick question, because I know the answer. I know how utterly idiotic and primitive this idea is. It’s the idea only a bunch of wandering, parasitic, desert kikes could come up with. The idea that slitting some goat’s throat atones for your wrong doing. And Christians subscribe to these primitive Semitic carnographic fantasies. And they are too dumb to even realize it. Christianity was invented to create the perfect goyim. Jews call them cattle. Christians call them sheep.

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