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On Norman Spear

Too bad that he got doxxed today. In 2018 I had the opportunity to talk to him through Skype. His ideology was revolutionary, yes; but Spear always maintained his activities without breaking the law. I have written short articles mentioning Spear: here. I wish him well…

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I am primum mon nocere. Do no harm. Break no laws. Alex Linder advocates a white liberation army. However, this would likewise be infiltrated, coopted and destroyed from within. Why I don’t advocate for same. Do you ever be on eradica, Cesar?

Not until I clicked your link.

In my humble opinion, revolution is premature because you need about 2% of white males willing to fight, and we don’t have the numbers.

However horrible it may seem to say, Greg Johnson has a point: we need metapolitics first.

What Johnson and most white nationalists ignore is that their precious dollar will crash relatively soon. The Fed already started QE4. When it lowers the rates back to zero, the markets will start to figure out that the Fed had been bluffing all along: the preliminary stages to start losing confidence in the American dollar.

Before that crash all revolutionary action is, as I said, premature.

Anglin wrote an article on the doxxing of ‘Norman Spear’ today in which he warned his obedient followers who hang on his every word to be non-violent and Christian and keep away from any white person who advocates for violence as a solution and/or is anti-Christian. Truly pathetic. There is no effective resistance to international Jewry or the global Zionist order on the part of white males, whether racist or not.

As far I’m aware no species on Earth has deserved their extinction like Aryans. Not even Jews, as they have abided by the laws of Nature their entire existence. It’s like the entire ‘white race’ is literally begging for extinction, an extinction they will richly deserve and for which the White Man will have no-one to blame but himself (and that includes Adolf Hitler who lost the Second World War due to lack of ruthlessness).

Anglin is bewildered after the failure of Charlottesville. Before that, he was more determined to unite his followers and form a Männerbund with his Stormer Book Club. Now everyone is a fed and we are going to seek a solution by making memes.
It became a platform that unifies the worst news of that Brave New World and advocates for a democratic solution with creatures like Nick Fuentes infiltrating the system and magically electing a white nationalist president. That and all the monocausalism that we know.

It was a site that ignored Christianity and focused more on National Socialism. Today he has no reference to NS and preaches the word of Yahweh and Yeshua. Look below how pathetic these phrases are.

“I would also advise you to stay away from anyone who isn’t pro-Christian, …anyone who is anti-Christian should be viewed with equal suspicion.” – Anglin.

That’s the kind of message I expected to hear from Constantine.
I thought that Anglin’s approach was to attract Christians to their website and radicalize them, but this paragraph shows that it is more about turning everyone into a Christian.

About The Base, why was The Base be telling members to do pointless illegal stuff like vandalize synagogues? Go full McVeigh or keep growing, training and waiting for an opportunity when the dollar crashes.
How does that assist in organizing a revolution, or whatever their stated objective was? As far as I know survivalism, arms training and even militia stuff are legal.

Good to see you back Joseph Walsh.

It is not even clear that The Base told its adherents to do such illegal activities. They make no sense at all. I would’t trust the fake news in the MSM.

Andrew Anglin needs to beg his lord and savior, Rabbi Yeshua, for forgiveness of his sin of breaking the .8th commandment. It’s my understanding that he raised over 100K for a “legal defense” concerning Montana. But then, I understand, he never even showed up to court.

That wasn’t very “Christian” of him, was it?

I still post a few comments from time to time on TWDH, although ‘m not as prolific as before.

If you’d like to speak with me personally we can always arrange contact over Skype, Facebook etc. Let me know if you want to.

I am sure Charlottesville is part of it, but that cuckold has no one but himself to blame. He did the “everyone reading this must believe Donald J. Trump (‘Mr. Pwezedent!!! pwease hire me, i see myself as a White House Press Secretary & helped elect you’) is a closeted National Socialist, the U.S. Armed forces is ‘undefeatable’ domestically (the diversity-feminized assets actually deployed here) against a would be Aryan revolution, …” don’t even want to rehash it, it was very painful going through it. He mocked me in 2017 when i said Trump was a Jewish shill who may very well start a nuclear war (not that that’d be the worse thing for us in the strategic long-term). He literally ran headlines “Trump Starts WW3” (2018) yet insisted we must all just sit back having blind faith Trump was /ourguy/, a pathetic Trumptard who only stopped wielding his massive influence (wherein AA preaches to would be Aryan revolutionairies, “do no-thing,” wait for someone to rescue all of us…he put up a supposed doomsday countdown of Aryans being a minority in America that shows it taking more than 20 fucking years…very urgent indeed!)…

He is a coward, a cuckold, and a traitor! Sad i ever believed he were a true patriot. He is probably no more than a true troll who just likes fucking with ppl. He claimed to see himself as a white house press secretary during the Q Anon is real nightmare of 2017.

People tend to (unconsciously) project their own mentalities unto others, myself included. Did you read the lengthy article series he wrote basically (probly to cover his own ass for shilling for Trump so damn long squandering & destroying the Alt-Right)? The Kushner crime series.

His big theory is that Trump was blindly convinced he would never win the 2016 election, and that the whole ostensible purpose of his candidacy was “…to create a massive spectacle around himself…” thus, (theoretically) never did Trump bother to come up with any sort of plan/goals in the event he *did* win POTUS.

The Daily Stormer was just a trolling farm before Trump showed up. There were even articles Anglin wrote in 2015 around the time whatever-whoever political commentator wrote an article calling the Alt-Right/deplorables a legitimate movement…

Point being, i think Anglin was totally caught off guard when Trump came along and bet everything on it being his ticket to the big time. That is my general “innocent/non-cynical” version of Andrew Anglin. Worse case, he and his Jew buddy Weev are the “Feds” he once wrote about as having said (heh) that one of Feds greatest tactics is to label fellow ostensible patriots as being “Feds.”

Whatever, men like myself survived & surmounted the infinite hoops of our programming since birth to make it to the Daily Stormer. When AA turned out to be a charlatan, several of us made it here. We already won the most difficult struggle, overcoming lifelong indoctrination and tremendous social pressures.

“Rinaldo Nazarro” [if that is indeed his name] appears to have been a Catholic student: a bad sign for his psyche. In addition he has a Russian wife, which for those who don’t know much about Russia, entails anything from black-eyed Georgian dwarves to Asiatic Altai tribeswomen with gigantic cheekbones and weird, long faces. Why he could not have chosen a better nation for a spouse is baffling. Then again Pierce made a similar mistake with a Hungarian woman. It seems Western women are so spoiled that the average hut-dwelling Slav/Magyar/Turk woman appears better by comparison.

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