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Chris Martenson

Brace yourself, 2

Listen to what Chris Martenson and
Mike Maloney say (second clip: here).

4 replies on “Brace yourself, 2”

This is better than what 20 Breiviks or Tarrants could have done! We are living in wonderful times. Can you imagine tens of millions of fat American corpses? I wonder what Savitri Devi would have said.

The West is already dead. Corona is merely dispelling the ruse.

And just to think that it was started by a based South Korean death cult! A country of 50 mil. decides the fate of the world! Once in the past, Europeans led the way, now our civilization is senile, cannot even produce its own Dr. Peters…

No, I mean the Shincheonji Church of Jesus, a “doomsday sect at the heart of the COVID-19 outbreak in South Korea” (The Guardian). For once, Christians are doing something useful!

Can you believe that these heroes literally ventured to Israel as pilgrims to cough on the Jews? Such an impeccable cover considering the millions of Jesus-worshippers coming to Jerusalem! Fascinating stuff.

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