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Wikipedia: Kosher encyclopaedia

Before discovering white nationalism I edited Wikipedia a few years. I eventually realised that the real trick lies in its policy of what they call ‘reliable sources’. In plain English, ‘reliable sources’ are nothing else than what throughout Christendom was called Imprimatur and Nihil obstat: it was only possible to publish with the approval of the Catholic Church.

Exactly the same happens on Wikipedia today, with the difference that now Christianity no longer holds the monopoly of the media but Judaism. For example, you can only reference wiki-articles with publications of official journals and publishing houses of the System, the mainstream media.

Since most of the controlled media is at the hands of Jewry, the ‘reliable sources’ policy means that every wiki-article dealing with social issues must be, de facto, kosher approved. That’s why no unbiased article that touches white identity can be fixed on Wikipedia. This anti-white encyclopaedia is rigged to the core.

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