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Leaving the courtroom

In a post that five months ago I called ‘Ron Unz and JFK: Leaving the courtroom’ I criticised Unz for believing conspiracy theories. Now this Jew goes back to his old ways in an article whose discussion thread already has more than a thousand comments.

I will not repeat what I wrote five months ago, including what I commented in the discussion thread. Suffice it to say that it seems pathetic to me that racially conscious whites continue to believe conspiracy theories like those of JFK and 9/11, discussed in the recent Unz article.

Everything has to do with what I have said several times: most humans are unable to distinguish between the structure of their inner selves and the empirical world. The fact that conspiracy theories are so endemic in the movement only demonstrates that the process of psychogenesis in the human today still carries many ‘paleological’ atavisms.

If the commenters of the Jew’s webzine were preparing for the Chinese virus pandemic instead of this nonsense, they would do themselves a great favour…

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But wasn’t the idea, at least with WNs, that JFK was a fond of Hitler and could have acted against Jews while in power? This is what I’ve got out of them,
I’m not sure how fond can an American president be of Hitler and did that in the end matter, what was true of it, but on the subject, I have not read Fred Litwin’s book but in his interview he was most reasonable. I think indeed, many are trying to find the
“How can such a great man die on the hands of a lowly Communist?”.
I think this line is a solving case, it can be just a communist, one man, and with two bullets. Can that be it? Likely so.

But it’s hard to trust the Jewnited America on most anything, and what the American cares about, such care would hardly come from me..

I’m also intrigued about how Liberals will say that “[something] is a conspiracy theory”, used as a buzzword/mean word, people have come to avoid believing them.
If they say 9/11 CT is bad, nobody of CTs will believe them.

The idea is, media covers up a lot of stuff, public fakes a lot of things, liberals are their usual selves, how can the majority of CTs believe that there was nothing behind the attacks?
It’s a weird case. I think I’m not qualified to speak of it.

Have you read my post ‘Ron Unz and JFK’, also linked above? My perspective is that racialists can be as paranoid as normies (normies who also believe in conspiracy theories like fake moon landing, satanic ritual abuse, etc).

My meta-perspective is even more comprehensive: humans in general still think in paleologic terms (gratuitously assign agency to very powerful characters rather than more parsimonious explanations, e.g., Oswald acted alone). Have you read my book Day of Wrath? No one who visits this site has read it to the point of addressing the big picture presented there.


“It is important because, among racially conscious whites, conspiracy theories drive enormous amounts of energy away from the path of revolution.”

I’d take it a step further; talking is the greatest hijacking of right wing Aryan men.

Whatever little it may matter, I’d remind (as I am certain you’re already aware..) that it was the Jewish infested & serving Central Intelligence Agency which coined the term “conspiracy theorist” to smear anyone – especially right wing leaning Hu-White men – who so much as questions The Narrative (which seems to be publicized via the Jew York Times).

“Deception is a state of mind & the mind of the Staat.” CIA legend James Jesus Angleton.

Can’t find the vid anymore of a CIA director/big-shot admitting they have newspapers under their sway (& stations) during a US Congress hearing back in the 1970’s…but it was openly admitted.

What do humans truly know, Cesar? For myself, I choose to believe my fellow Aryan’s are “Chosen” (not that i believe in a literal dude with beard in sky either).

For the simple sake of argument, how are we to know Occam’s Razor is an infallible principle “Law” of which Nature herself is a slave 100% of the time.

I am not taking a position about Occam’s Razor itself, in this case; however, I am taking the position any supposed “infallible” concept originating from a human mind should still be

Guy below is a highly respectable & accredited scientist: not a blanket endorsement of what he says


Our subconscious minds internalize storytelling Man’s stories, the one’s that really resonate, and become hostile to basically anything else.

I was vehemently suspicious & skeptical when I was first exposed to the paradigm shifting materials below. Hostile to it. Months & months later, after having entertained it best as possible logically, I have no doubt it is most cynically speaking less untruthful than our largely Jewish inspired & created “Standard Model.”


To believe the vipers who are working overtime 24/7 to annihilate us and deceive the last white woman to have sex with rabid monkeys…they have every motive to lie & lie more. They lied every step of the way, remember? When they fought to end segregation, they first claimed it was solely for equal rights, no motive to start massive race-mixing. Same with homosexuals.

When the fair sex marched en masse demanding to be empowered politically they insisted it was something about “equal pay” when in truth it was to satisfy their hypergamous biological imperatives.

Point being, to ever accept what they claim at face value about topics like 9/11 is now absurd to me (Cui Bono exposes Israel as most probable culprits insofar as that affair, but we may disagree… I’m reaching a point wherein ppl can think as they do & I grin instead of chagrin).

Apparently you are proving Bugliosi’s point: like those lawyers you are not thinking clearly.

If you were doing it, you would simply read his book. As I said five months ago, all the people who believe in these theories never dare to listen to the prosecutor for a moment.

Prove me wrong. Read Bugliosi’s book (or at least see the conference that I link in bold-type above) and try to argue against his arguments (instead of your aprioristic stance).

All you say a priori is simply refusing to listen to the prosecutor and refuting him. I mean, there’s no real evidence that Oswald didn’t act alone.

If we compare it to chess, it’s similar to what happened to me last year with a high-IQ friend with whom I used to play chess. I tried to tell him about the differential IQ among the races. After the first exchange he dissented vehemently and did not try to answer my arguments again. It’s as if, on the board, I had played 1. e4, and he would have answered me furiously 1 … e5 and, after I played 2. Nf3 he threw away the pieces, believing that he won the game!

It’s no hyperbole. Those who cannot handle cognitive dissonance behave exactly thus. I have already linked this video about JFK buffs five months ago. It expresses exactly my experience I’ve had with people who believed religiously the claims of parapsychology. One of these parapsychologists told me vehemently that ‘not a minute of my life’ would be devoted to reading sceptical literature about the paranormal. Yes: not even 60 seconds.

Leaving the courtroom every time your opponent speaks… This is exactly what happens to those who believe conspiracy theories, such as Ron Unz’s theories. He can read hundreds of books but not a single one authored by a ‘prosecutor’.

Absolutely, lots of trouble with my thinking.

Vincent Bugliosi…the Helter Skelter guy..

Some recent info came out about that guy, “Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties.” Of course its a logical fallacy to say ole Bugliosi was always wrong/liar because he apparently ignored/suppressed a massive amount of info pertaining to a quest for truth.

I’d argue its massive cognitive dissonance to believe your executioner’s stories.

The cultural zeitgeist is shifting to profound distrust of ZOG’s stories (cuz they twisted truth if not blatantly lied… about almost all things); it’s why we have tons of people ready to believe the earth is flat.

Point being, if you on some level perhaps fear the optics of the right wing’s love affair with “conspiracy theories,” at the rate we’re going with distrust of government rising it won’t be a problem a few years down the road.

As far as Oswald’s concerned, maybe he did kill Kennedy all on his lonesome… don’t really care. I just know that some Zio minions seem to have had a huge motive snuffing Kennedy out and the big cultural transformations took place after his assassination…in his name too.

What i care more about are 9/11…the official narrative is absurd. It has Mossad’s fingerprints all over it.

I used to believe that Oswald did it all by himself, but that was before I knew anything about Dallas. It’s easier to believe that JFK went back in time an shot himself from the grassy knoll than to believe Oswald did it. (Red Dwarf) remember that episode.

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