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Carolyn Yeager: the only honourable

On the first day of this month I made a promise I didn’t keep (‘I have decided to freeze this blogsite with this entry’) insofar as, a week ago, I announced the translation of my first book (whose first draft, by the way, was written in 1988).

The idea of freezing that post (Chris Martenson is really the best on this subject) was for racially conscious whites to take preparatory measures for the Chinese virus pandemic, which has reached this continent.

Most of my time I indeed occupy in the translation, but once the promise of the first of this month was violated, I cannot resist the temptation to definitively distance myself from some commenters who, in the past, I had come to admire.

In this recent discussion thread on Unz Review the only person—a woman!—who in her life has dedicated herself to defending the image of the Führer has been Carolyn Yeager.

Most of the evil karma that the white race now suffers comes from their betrayal of the most heroic man of the modern age, whom I have been comparing with Leonidas and Hermann (both betrayed by another Greek and by another Germanic respectivelly). It’s a surreal shame that some American racists continue to throw dirt on the image of Hitler. From my point of view, everything has to do with the fact that whites have completely lost their story, even the white nationalists. Following the metaphor of George R.R. Martin, the perpetual night has fallen on Westeros.

Together with another racist who no longer comment here, one of the commenters who now discusses with Yeager came to opine here, last year, that Charles Manson was above Hitler! I wonder if the members of Atomwaffen, who are being arrested these days and who also admire Manson, share such infinitely surreal madness (I’ve heard that some of these losers are proud readers of Siege and despise the ‘bourgeois’ NS men)?

Don’t be surprised if I don’t let these commenters and others to comment here again now that, except for some preparatory purchases, I am so busy working in the translation. (In the afternoon I will buy more N-95 masks, which I’ll begin to use religiously from next month every time I go out.)

23 replies on “Carolyn Yeager: the only honourable”

Hitler was the best we’ve had, and yet it wasn’t enough. You cannot deny that he was purple-pilled on the Anglos. And from what I’ve gathered, Spahn Ranch also blames the Führer’s belief in Providence. I don’t think it qualifies as the denigration of his contribution.

Savitri Devi herself said that Hitler was not perfect, and was complemented by the other great ones – Goering, Goebbels, Himmler. She actually admitted that Himmler was more “In Time”, and if he had been the Führer, he would have won the war – only to have his triumph wash away with Time, like what happened to Alexander.

It’s as if we could not have won. Let’s hope that now we can.

Spahn Ranch was the commenter I referred to above. His penname was nothing else but the ranch where Charles Manson had his California cult & ‘family’ (Spahn Ranch). At Unz Review he uses another penname, Robert Morgan.

Like dishonest Richard Carrier, Spahn Ranch / Robert Morgan (previously known as Jack Frost on The Occidental Observer) fails to mention that Hitler’s view on the providence was pantheistic, not theistic. That is, he was closer to Schelling and Hegel than to the Abrahamic faiths, which worship a personal god.

Robert Morgan’s comment was very dishonest. He said Hitler believed in “Providence” but he also claimed Hitler believed Jesus was Aryan! Again, he did not quote where he had Hitler say this, and the time (Was it 1933 – 1939 where he was trying to win the hearts of the Germans, while keeping Xtianity intact) or was it later, when his criticisms of Xtianity became more profound or perhaps, his voice was heard amongst his comrades?

Savitri Devi saw Hitlerism as a Religion, and everything was for race, Aryanism, Nationalsocialism and Hitler. He was a center-mass for the idea. I would argue that Himmler was a great man, but still not as great as Hitler. One of the commenters at Unz said that (he claims a hitler “quote” then states;) “There was something inhuman about him”, whilst he was the most human. Thus he cannot be perfect, the human qualities remain and we are though, thankful for that.

What you say about not being fully human reminds me the second quote in my comment within the thread ‘Forgive GoT’. Yes: only a 3-eyed raven like Hitler could become a wise ruler of Westeros.

In his after-dinner conversation of 21st October 1941, he did say that Jesus was not fully Jewish. In Hitler’s times Richard Carrier hadn’t been born, and secular scholars believed that an all-too human Jesus existed. (I believed this too until I read Carrier’s book, whose image appears on the sidebar.) Hitler believed the legend that Jesus was the son of a Roman soldier who raped Mary, which makes this hypothetical Jesus ‘Aryan’ from his father’s side.

But the real trick is that Frost/Ranch/Morgan is framing his argument as if Hitler believed in the Hebrew god, something that clearly is untrue. Hitler’s pantheism must have been influenced by the classic German idealism of the century in which he was born. Morgan is just ignorant about German philosophy.

And no WN commenter that I remember grasped Martin’s philosophy. Even the most sophisticated pundits in WN failed to grasp why Martin had Bran the Broken as the ideal ruler, in the grand finale…

I’m not sure the masks will prevent COVID-19 but besides that point, it is sad to see that a while ago I read how my race, Finno-Ugric has some great genetic qualities, etc. and I suddenly see this article, where they release G. Durocher’s texts.
I’m glad Yeager is as passionate as we would need our men to be. Her line about europeans cutting their own throats as they hate the most greatest european man there was, was strikingly true.

Indeed. As to the N-95 masks (not regular surgical masks), together with swimming goggles for the eyes (as this demonic virus spreads thru aerosols as well!) they may be helpful.

I have researched the Tate – LaBianca murders, as well as the 60’s era, for many years and find it quite bizarre that Charles Manson is given anything more than a footnote by some National Socialists.
While Manson rebelled against a thoroughly corrupt system none of his exhibitions concerning race or Nazism should be taken at face value.
Yeager is a dedicated and valuable resource!!
What disturbs me the most regarding Covid 19 is not the virus itself but the thought of all the illegals, ignoramuses and emotional cripples panicking en masse and turning collapse into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

As soon as any of these people accomplish anything remotely close to what Hitler did, then maybe I’ll start to put more stock in all their criticisms of him. Until the then, Hitler is “the man” as far as I’m concerned. I’ve had some disagreements with Carolyn Yeager in the past, but I am glad that she defended Hitler from these know-it-alls in the linked thread.

Thank you for the recognition. It’s funny how I get the idea to look at your site, which I hadn’t done for a long time, and there is a post about me! It happened once before this way.

I also appreciate the info on “Dr. Robert Morgan.” What a buffoon! Although I understand why people use screen names, and I don’t want to find fault with that, I still find it a great handicap not to have any knowledge of the background of the person I’m disagreeing with. Wonderful to know he is Spahn Ranch (who I never related to), and Jack Frost, who I recall as a pretty ordinary WN. So I have to wonder what this person’s purpose is in that Durocher thread. Probably just to support his friend Durocher. His use of female-insult terms, like “spinster”, when he finds he cannot easily dismiss the woman-commenter who’s coming after him (which I run into often – including here in the past a few times) really makes him look weak. I commend you, Ceasar, for never doing that. It puts you head and shoulders above those others as to the sincerity of your concern for the race; and, in addition, you use your own name. .

I recall Justin Huber’s name but not what we disagreed on. Special greetings to “myjourneytonicolaso” and “saoirse”. Regards …


Dr Morgan is hypnotized with the idea that technology is the bad guy of the movie. That’s why he admires the Unabomber. He’s good when discussing with those racialists of the conservative type, but not so good when he’s losing an argument. (Anyone who, like Morgan, admires Charles Manson and the Unabomber at the expense of the Führer is a sort of nihilist.)

I have no patience with those pygmies who don’t reach the heels of uncle Adolf. If whites reclaimed their story (I insist on George R.R. Martin’s philosophy) they would have Hitler as the one who should have ruled the entire Westeros.

P.S. I collected some of Jack Frost’s old comments on the Observer: here.

Hitlers ideology for the most part was good, his military strategy may have faltered a bit though towards the end.

It should be more widely recognised that “fascist” ideology won in times of peace, but lost WW2 in a battle of force of violence.

The only two mistakes Hitler did in my understanding was : Not completely finishing off the British at Dunkirk and directly afterwards invading and destroying that evil Anglo-jew empire that is called ” Great Britain “, and second attacking the Soviet Union .

Even if the cost would have been immense to let the Bolhevists attack first, the whole world would have become aware of the nature of jewish Bolhevism much earlier.
National Socialism would not have been synonymous with evil as it is in the eyes of the masses right now.This is called Karma.

Technologically the Germans were far more superior and would have dealt with the hordes of Siberians ultimately, especially when they had focussed on building their ” Langstreckenbomber “.

Exactly what I think!, and it amazes me that white nationalists cannot see something so obvious.

From my perspective, the perspective of ‘a priest of the 4 & 14 words’, we must honor him and re-start counting history from his birthday—or death, if you want to induce guilt among whites (a transvalued guilt*) about what the anglo-Saxons committed in the century when we were born, the Hellstorm Holocaust.

The sure-fire sign that WN is charlatanry can be seen every 20th of April, as articles praising the Führer are absent in white nationalists’ main forums and blogsites.


(*) A transvalued world whose calendar replaces the Jewish Yeshu for an Aryan hero could have its holiest day in the hero’s death, just as Easter is supposedly the most sacred day in Xtianity, technically, even more important than Christmas itself.

One of the great crimes Europeans must repent of is the execution of Julius Streicher. He was executed for warning Europeans about the danger that Jews posed to children. He was not involved in any military activity, he was simply a writer and publisher of information designed to help Europeans be safe. The fact Europeans punished him for trying to help them protect their children is something which Europeans have to repent of and psychologically process, this repentance would help with Europeans advancing their ethnic agenda.

I will say right now: I do not denounce any relatives of mine, I love them, but I admit that my blood carries a sin because they opposed the savior of Europe: Adolph Hitler. My relatives were courageous and honorable, yet misguided. So I repent of the sin carried by my blood and my nation, I regret they opposed Hitler. I declare right now, I am loyal to Hitler.

Any errors of strategy made by Hitler, we must avoid. But the soundness of his ideology we must adhere too.

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