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The three Asses

Decades ago a friend from the park where I played chess, a great lover of literature, paraphrased something he had read from Schopenhauer: That doctors teach us how weak man is; the lawyers, what the fuck he is, and the theologians how assholes men are.
Most white nationalists are ignorant of the grotesquery inherent in the ‘Byzantine discussions’ of the founders of their religion. In the next thirty entries translating Karlheinz Deschner’s first volume, we will present the thought of the political theologians who defined the Christian dogma as it has reached our days: Athanasius, Ambrose and Augustine, ‘the three Asses’ as I call them.
Taking into account that to date I have received almost no feedback about Deschner’s book, visitors will wonder why I’m now wasting my time to enter into the details of the foundational theology of the 4th and 5th centuries.
The answer is simple: if the Christian problem encompasses the Jewish problem, we must approach more systematically the subject than the essayistic way les philosophes of the Enlightenment tried to defenestrate Christianity.
The serious student of the aetiology of Aryan decline would do well to become familiar with these Deschner texts. If to the casual visitor the forthcoming incursion into the world of theology seems a little boring, at least he should address it through the very entertaining novels by Gore Vidal, Julian, and Umberto Eco, The Name of the Rose: although the latter describes the mature theology of the 14th century.

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To make fundamental changes to a culture, one cannot begin with “Everything you know and believe is wrong and I am here to show you the right way.”
While Jesus was strongly opposed to Temple law and culture, he had to work within the confines of the reigning religious theology to run his opposition to the corrupt sacrificial system. His answer was to “fulfill” Temple law and its prophet’s prophecies. What better way than to say, “Let me show you the ways of your corruption.”
Likewise, Hitler had to work within the confines of the Christian belief structure that had long permeated Europe. Recognizing this limitation, he allowed the German’s Christian underpinnings to remain under National Socialist culture.
Notably, Jewish communist did implement overnight proscription of all religious structure, excepting of course Judaism, replacing “god” with the Soviet terror state. However, the Jew’s idea of changing a culture has always been to slaughter everyone, man, woman and child, failing to immediately fall lockstep into line with either their “god” or godless state.
Yet even obsequious compliance to (((their))) merciless dictates has never been a guarantee Jews will allow one to continue living.

To make fundamental changes to a culture, one cannot begin with “Everything you know and believe is wrong and I am here to show you the right way.”

Quite the contrary. What’s killing whites is Christian ethics and gluttony. Even MacDonald is now publishing kikes in his webzine as I say in the latest WDH podcast. In these apocalyptic times whites need to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Since WNsts are not prepared to do it I will do.

So how is that working out?
This conversation is reminiscent of those I once had over an electronic voting system (EVS) for which I wrote a rather detailed outline. Basically, my premise was to remove the politician, while allowing people to personally review issues concerning them over a three to six month span, with the very first topic being what issues would be presented for a vote. During the specified time frame, a voter could cast a direct vote on those issues at any time.
To my surprise the reaction was uniformly negative. The reason? “That would be a true democracy, it would mean mob rule! The average voter is far too stupid to ever allow such a system!” Of course the people saying this were always those smart enough to vote.
My response was, “so how is the present system working out for you personally? Do you like the results you see? Is it best we all stay safely within the confines of the present utterly corrupt political system because of unfounded fear something worse might arise from a new system?” The answer? Yes! That was back in the mid-eighties. So how is the political system working out today for the common man?
A mere glance at what Jews have accomplished with their bald-faced secular and religious lies demonstrates the power of lies over truth. Unvarnished truth is often so ugly that no one wants to hear it. To wit,

Taking into account that to date I have received almost no feedback about Deschner’s book, visitors will wonder why I’m now wasting my time to enter into the details of the foundational theology of the 4th and 5th centuries.

I have been watching and participating in conventional religious debate for many years. To date, the two camps, believers versus non-believers, have yet to come to any agreement.
No matter how much evidence is presented that God/Jesus doesn’t exist, no matter how much evidence is presented that religion is merely a phony facade of the priesthood’s avaricious grab for money and power, true believers go right on believing in the Jew’s obviously phony gods, both old and new.
I dare say evidence is overwhelming there are far more true believers than non-believers. As for the atheist and agnostics, for the most part they merely dismiss religion and it’s gods with a shrug of the shoulder, while ignoring the continuing horror created by the true believers.
Is this not proof enough that a new approach is needed if the issue of hag Judaism and its two ugly daughters are to be successfully addressed and eliminated?

@Arch Stanton
1. Mob rule is degenerate. What Chechar is doing here is preparing the ideological base for the hypothetical new Aryan elite which has to know the truth.
2. From my experience, people are far from shying away from “revolutionary truths”. Just look at any “eye-opening” conspiracy, be it JFK, 9/11, the New Chronology or the Great Tartaria. What’s the point of coining out new garbage? Monocausalism is enough if you want a joke.

I have two books written by the lawyer, Joseph Wheless. Is it God’s Word. and Forgery in Christianity, written in the l920’s and 30’s, these books thoroughly expose Biblical fallacies. As would any lawyer taking a case, he examined the facts and putting the numbers to them, show the absurdity of the Biblical claims, e.g. 2.5 million Jews ~ er ~ “Israelites” from the exodus wandering the desert for forty years!
How were these masses fed, as they constantly complained about the lack of food? Yet, according to the Bible, they had large herds of cattle! How were these herds fed and what did they drink as water was also in short supply? The desert nomads established camps that, given the numbers, would have been twelve miles across; yet the purity laws required establishing privies outside the camp.
Therefore, people in the center of the camp would have had to make a six mile walk out of camp every time they used the privy! Point by point, story by story, Mr. Wheless deconstructs and destroys the Bible’s myths. Yet as anyone listened or given these books any notice over the last eighty-plus years? And therein lies the problem with exposing the Bible.
Why the Bible? Why has it lasted so long when other books of the same primitive, religious nature have long since been relegated to history’s dust bin? Because the Bible is all about power and its structure. It is a book of how an elite few can control the gullible so they can thrive upon the masses, enriching themselves without laboring. Turn on any TV Evangelist and the Bible’s true purpose and power is visible. The Mormon church is the Old Testament’s sacrificial system writ large in modern times.
Is it any wonder that we are still living out stories like the Tower of Babel’s confusion of language and culture, pressing one for English or two for Spanish? Is it any wonder we look on as the moral imperative of Sodom and Gomorrah is invoked repeatedly to justify the destruction of utterly “evil”, irredeemable countries like Iraq and Iran?
The Catholic church was nothing more then the Jew’s sacrificial system resurrected with a new god, while the sacrifice of money was substituted for the sacrifice of animals. Even the second Temple of Jesus’ era was rapidly moving towards a form of monetary tithing, while maintaining animal sacrifice as a religious facade.
As for elite ruling classes, therein lies an even more thorny problem. Elites always rise to a position of power that is invariably misused at some point. History provides a long list of various elite power structures subsumed and controlled by Jewish “administrators” working behind the scenes.
As I pointed out previously, in its original form, National Socialism would have not lasted long past Hitler as such a highly centralized system of ruling elites would eventually been infiltrated by lesser men who in time, would have been again compromised by Jews. In fact this very thing was happening at the end of the war when German officials like Goering attempted to assume Hitler’s command.
There is only one answer to this issue, i.e. the total deconstruction of any elite, ruling class wielding centralized power. Jews have long favored such vertical systems as it is much easier to control the elite few than it is the masses. Even the American system of hundreds of so-called “representatives” have been thoroughly compromised by Jews.
Of course this leads to another issue, if there is to be a wide, horizontal, base of people making decisions for themselves, they must be intelligent and moral enough to do so. This is especially problematical given the quality of today’s white citizenry. What is required to alleviate this problem is a benevolent dictator, like Hitler, who, after putting the social system back into a proper economic and moral perspective, then deconstructs his centralized power base into a system of self rule.
The Spanish Anarchist had a good idea for a working system governed by the people. Yet while working at the outset, the Anarchist movement was soon subsumed by Jewish communism. This led to war between communism and “fascism,” both highly centralized power structures, using Spain as their battle ground. It was not long before the Anarchist were eliminated by both sides. Eric Blair provides an account of what happened with the POUM in his book Homage to Catalonia.
People are natural followers, herd animals with no ability or desire to think for themselves, never mind assuming personal responsibility for their lives and actions. That is where elite leadership comes into play. Followers need leaders to make their decisions and more importantly leaders can be blamed when things go awry.
Given man’s history, I see little hope for anything other than more of the same, i.e. more centralizing of the power structure, more corruption, more ignorant sheeple being sacrificed for the gain of an elite power structure, for that has always been the way of the world. All the way back to the earliest times of ancient Egypt and China it has been this way.
No matter where one looks, it has always the same, an elite scum rise to the top to take advantage of those following them. Man will have to transcend his present base human condition if any progress is to be expected. Yet nowhere do I see any indication of man doing anything but sinking ever lower into his most base, animal state.
The world is this way by design. Were it otherwise, then its purpose would be negated and it would cease to exist. However, that does not mean the human condition cannot be improved and I extend my very best wishes to anyone attempting to do so without ulterior motives of personal, materiel gain.

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