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Anyone interested?

Listen to this YouTube audio involving Andrew Anglin and Mike Enoch. In my humble opinion these guys are dead wrong. I know nothing about the AWD group they mention but I wonder if Anglin or Enoch have read The Turner Diaries or even The Brigade or Siege?
I believe that in this age of treason ‘black hats’ should coexist with ‘white hats’ even if the two sides never, ever meet each other for obvious security reasons. Incidentally, by having this site on the open internet I’m obviously a ‘white hat’. But I’d never condemn people like Breivik or Roof.
I wish I could speak fluent English but I can’t. Anyone interested to debate this kind of anti-black-hat guys in the WDH Radio Show within the limits of the Brandenburg v. Ohio ?

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Virtue signaling by condemning violence such as that of Roof or Breivik is utterly futile. It’s hard to see what those on the right who do it are hoping to accomplish. They’ll never convince their opponents that they aren’t racists by doing it. They’ll still be called Nazis, accurately or not; and as recent history has shown, they’ll still try to de-platform you and use it as an excuse to censor you. Trying to avoid it by abjuring violence just makes those doing it look weak.
Like it or not, and whether it’s advisable or not, violence is how human beings show they are serious about something. The relative rarity of Breiviks and Roofs is how we know that white people as a group don’t yet feel their survival is threatened.

Anglin’s stock has been going down in my eyes. He’s telling people to become Republicans and NOT to homeschool. Horrible advice. I will say that I do find the Stormer funny at times at least.

“The relative rarity of Breiviks and Roofs is how we know that white people as a group don’t yet feel their survival is threatened.”
Very well formulated. Excellent.
Never apologise for being a White racist. Any white person who is not, or considers himself not a racist is either a race traitor or at best an edjewcated fool. To hell with them. No loss to us.
Dylann Roof, Anders Breivik and Thomas Mair have more guts in their little finger than any of these fake so-called WNsts who denounce them, or even us here. They are war heroes and should be honoured as such. They gave up their comfy lives to kill mortal enemies. Any so-called WN who denounces them is a traitor and part of the problem, an enemy even.
Keep up the good work.

That’s a great point about how killers like Roof, Breivik and Mair gave up their comfy lives to take action. They will die in prison as Men while most of us Whites will die in meaningless ‘freedom’ as cowards.
Our race is getting everything it deserves for its craven refusal to fight and will fully deserve the racial extinction that is coming its way. At this point I think Jews deserve to win. They have remained loyal to the laws of Nature their entire existence, remaining racially loyal and killing their enemies, remembering the morality of ‘eye for an eye’. They have enacted mass genocides of their goyim enemies without a qualm of remorse. They have worked persistently to achieve world domination and finally achieved it. Aryans on the other hand have miscegenated over and over again, destroying countless White tribes/nations/civilizations in the process, they have murdered each other to spread Jewish fables like Christianity, they have been too compassionate/too squeamish to annihilate Negroes when they had the power to do so and now they won’t even kill their enemies. It would be an injustice if a species that can’t or won’t kill its enemies is permitted to survive by Nature. Aryans have given up their Gods, their land, their media, their banking, their own children to Jewish hands. They appear unfit to survive.
If our race’s survival depends on taking illegal action we’ve probably had it since most Whites are docile sheep who obey the laws created by ZOG. So many WN seem to think that if something is illegal it is wrong. Why do they obey the rules made by the Jews? Can’t they see these rules are designed to prevent us from winning? The ZOG System breaks it’s own laws all the time and we have to break them also. Then you have the optics cucks who argue terrorism and murder make the movement look bad. Well the US government enacts terror and murder on a colossal scale and the masses don’t think it looks bad. Where I live the masses celebrate the mass genocide of 17 million Germans in WWII every year. They are sheep who think there’s nothing wrong with killing when authority figures do it but that it is the most evil thing in the world when those without power carry it out on a far smaller scale.
I could go on and on but my point is Jews have probably rendered Aryans as docile goyim unfit to survive in the real world and therefore only worthy of slaughter and extinction. 73 years of evidence is on my side.

“A real National socialist, is one who, in the last resort, even if could be proved to him with mathematical certainty that physical defeat would attend all his efforts, would still go on fighting.
He would do so, inflicting as much punishment as possible on the enemy, and with a warriors song in his heart, because it is in his nature to do so, and because a victory of the spirit is always won thereby”
Colin Jordan

They also think that the media is lying about Hitler, but must be telling the truth about Charles Manson. These people honestly believe that they are something special because they found out Hitler isn’t the devil he is cracked up to be. They support the media on everything else, however. Being sympathetic towards Hitler is not impressive, and it does not make you worth anymore to me than if you were running around in a Che Guevara shirt.
I am a pessimistic optimist, and I think Nietzsche was one too in a sense. When I watch videos like the above, I become very sad about the future of our Race and the world. When I see the tweets of Andy Donner or Norman Spear, I become optimistic again. Sure, I don’t think that a PNW State will last very long, but who is to rule out that a potential NF can’t get its hands on some nukes? The Germanic Reich that Hitler envisioned in his Table Talks isn’t going to happen anymore, that ship has sailed, and it’s a real shame too. The NF is the only thing out their with a plan to save us, no matter how much I detest what comes out of Covington’s mouth.
As a book, The Turner Diaries fits that pessimistic optimist view, but the NF has an outlined plan. I believe there should be changes to the goal, for example, the secession of the PNW is not enough to preserve our existence, and I would definitely get rid of that poorly written NW Constitution. Norman Spear stated that the NF is not NS, but rather, WNst. This is an immediate blunder, as I think that any Nation which is hoping to preserve the existence of White people must be NS.
I don’t think Anglin and Enoch believe what they say about violence in this video. They understand what the situation is more than us, they just don’t take any of it seriously. They are true scum. Supposedly Mike is Jewish, but that is irrelevant. The supporters of Daily Stormer and the rest of the Alt-Right are mostly young Whites who are looking for guidance, and being lied to, or misused. But them being young is no excuse for their mindlessness and subservience. They should be able to grasp the obvious fact that the Alt-Right “leaders” don’t care about them, and that they are a means to an end, rather than the very reason for why we fight. It makes no matter really – These same youths will grow up into adults and still have a sheep-like mindset no matter what political affiliation they are. They will never be fighters, whether in a literal sense or a political one.

“I could go on and on but my point is Jews have probably rendered Aryans as docile goyim unfit to survive in the real world and therefore only worthy of slaughter and extinction. 73 years of evidence is on my side.”
You make some great points, but I’m not convinced this is entirely due to the actions of Jews. There are at least a couple of dynamics at work here, and one — perhaps the most important one — would seem to be a matter of technique, a technology, if you will, of empire. For example, the ancient Greeks under Alexander were equally subject to this force. To consolidate his empire, Alexander urged his soldiers to take local women as wives. The Romans, too, diluted their blood by mixing with conquered populations. They were quite proud of this; like Alexander, they thought it a clever way to solve the problem of how to keep the peace. Notoriously, the Vikings also tamed themselves in this way; at least, if it’s true what I’ve often heard repeated, that the present-day Swedes, Danes, and Norwegians are descendants mainly of the slaves they brought home.
The moral justification for race-mixing is currently provided by Christianity, but in practical terms, it would seem to be an unavoidable part of empire. More than 2000 years of evidence attests to it.
To use a Star Trek analogy, the civilization whites have created is like the Borg; it’s race-less, world-conquering, and above everything else technological, growing by assimilation of diverse peoples and cultures. Jewish fables such as Christianity have helped this process of expansion and control along. Christianity is in fact a relic handed down to whites from the Borg-like growth of the Roman Empire.

@Jack Halliday It is only because of a tiny minority of white males who have a grasp on reality that I see any potential for our race surviving. On this type of men’s leadership depends the entire future of Whites. I am pessimistic, but at the same time I’m very aware of how quickly things can change for the better, even in the most dire circumstances. We still have a chance to survive, we haven’t reached the point of no return yet.
On any future White racial state needing to be NS, I am not a National Socialist. National Socialism was devised by Adolf Hitler in 1919, 99 years ago, as an ideology for the situation in 1920’s Germany. It is outdated. Hitler was even quoted as saying that NS was intended for Germany of that era and for nowhere else at any other time. In the 1920’s Whites were completely racist, they ruled 9/10th’s of the globe and were the largest race on Earth. Our race wasn’t threatened with extinction like it is today. All White countries were homogenous, no mass immigration. The situation today, a 100 years later, is much worse. We have given up all our former colonies, our own cities and are now in the process of giving up our own countries. We don’t even rule our own streets let alone the globe! We are now the smallest race on the globe and have lost any form of racial consciousness. And to think there are those who say “things aren’t bad enough yet”!
Point is we need an ideology intended for the situation of the 2020’s. NS didn’t even succeed in it’s own time militarily. Hitler and the Germans proved too tolerant and lacking in ruthlessness and brutality to prevail in war unlike the Allies. I know this will not be popular but the Allies deserved to win WWII IMO. They understood the meaning of all out cruelty in war and applied it while Hitler fought like a gentlemen, especially in the early stages of the war.
What doesn’t change is the laws of Nature that NS was based on. They have always been the foundation of existence for all species on the Earth and will always remain so as long as Earth exists. I just prefer to think of our worldview as one based on Nature and Truth that transcends the National Socialism of 1920-1945.

“I don’t think Anglin and Enoch believe what they say about violence in this video. They understand what the situation is more than us, they just don’t take any of it seriously. ”
I think most on the right aren’t serious. If they were, there would be a lot more violence. Of course, they would claim that they are trying to spread their message and wake whites up, but what good does it do to know that you are being killed unless you do something about it? They would defend, perhaps, by saying that there is a time for violence, but that time is not yet. They’d say that first there must be more message spreading; and in the meantime, violence can get in the way of that. It could cause a reaction from the state that might impact them. But when has fear of a reaction from the state ever stopped a true revolutionary? If the Founding Fathers had let such a fear deter them, the USA would never have been formed. Even a small band of comrades, such as this AWD they are trashing in the video, could cause a great deal of havoc, perhaps leading ultimately to destabilizing the state itself. In the American Civil War, abolitionist John Brown’s terroristic killings were not based in a preconceived plan to start the conflict that followed. The assassin who shot Archduke Ferdinand to kick off WWI could not necessarily foresee the consequence of his actions in reshaping Europe; but without them, Hitler would likely have never come to power.
As a thought experiment, just try to imagine what the outcome might have been if AWD’s planned attack on a nuclear power plant had succeeded. Imagine a nuclear meltdown making a large part of Florida uninhabitable! There are too many variables at play to calculate a precise outcome, but it’s at least conceivable that in addition to provoking an hysterical overreaction from the state, white supremacist ideologies would have gained some soldiers. In the ensuing chaos, anything could happen. Chances for a favorable racial outcome may be small, but isn’t that better than going quietly, sheep-like, into the slaughterhouse?

I think Enoch and Anglin are here to intentionally spread lies and false hopes, in order to make Whites happy while they are going to the slaughterhouse. God forbid that Whites get angry enough to do something. These frustrated Whites who would most likely be another Dylann Roof are pacified by TRS and DS because a part of their mind believes that by reading articles, they are doing their part. This is the same as what the half-Jew Alex Jones does: He circles an audience of angry White men, who have the potential for huge acts of violence, and he uses his histrionic personality and “anti-establishment”, pro-gun views to make sure that no violence erupts. He is one of the System’s best friends and he knows why he is there. He also calls the Globalists “Nazis” very subtly as a form of subliminal messaging, so his fans get it in their unconscious that Nazis are evil, just in case they were eventually going to turn to antisemitism and Hitlerian sympathy (most of his audience would, but he soon puts a stop to that).
The Alt-Right is no different from this, of course. There are many in the Movement that even spit upon Hitler, like Greg Johnson, and supposedly Matt Heimbach. The last thing any of the people I have mentioned want is for a violent insurgency. In the video, when Anglin says that an overthrow of the US Government is “never gonna happen”, he understands that his audience is young and impressionable and not going to question such a non-argument.
The Alt-Right is scared to death of a violent insurgency because it would spoil their party time, and so they want their audience to be deathly afraid of the same. Of course, the audience is at fault here for sucking up whatever they are told.
Want to know something: This Satanism AWD situation is the best thing that could happen for the Alt-Right. They want to paint every terrorist group that fights for Whites with the same brush, and they now have the chance to do so. Now any time there is another terrorist act that is in the interest of White people, they have something to demonise. Everything that fights for Whites is now “Fed-operated”, a satanic conspiracy, an Islamic death cult, you name it – Brilliant, right?
This situation with AWD is quite confusing to me, and I am more inclined to be sceptical than to believe what media outlets are telling me about a pro-White terrorist group. It is like with Charles Manson: Lies about sex orgies, and being head of a cult which was obsessed with a crappy band that the “Family” never listened to. So why can’t they be lying about AWD? I have so far found no evidence for what people are saying. In fact. the leader who goes by the name of “Rape” and Vincent Snyder has written some articles on Siegeculture which are not evident of Satanic leanings. In these articles he seems extremely stand-up and smart. He even wrote one criticising the Alt-Right.
Like I said: They think that the media is lying about Hitler, but must be telling the truth about Charles Manson. Our Race needs thinkers, not even more parrots. And the reason why AWD has not been dismantled by the Feds is because the Feds are not these omnipresent, omnipotent forces that everybody thinks they are. If one visits the AWD website, they can see that recruiting is only done if you are vouched in by someone who is already a member. This sounds to me like a group of people who plan on living up to their word and actually doing something “bad”.
“As a thought experiment, just try to imagine what the outcome might have been if AWD’s planned attack on a nuclear power plant had succeeded. Imagine a nuclear meltdown making a large part of Florida uninhabitable! ”
100 Dylann Roofs and the System would have a panic attack.

I don’t think that the media lied about Charles Manson when I was a child: I’m old enough to remember the scandal. Even William Pierce advised James Mason to distance himself from idealising the Charles cult. Mason declined because he had a loose screw (remember how he later relapsed into Xtianity).
Re: AWD I know nothing. But even Jake, who used to comment here under the penname of Snake, once said on this site that the SIEGE readers of the Iron March group were unhinged, to say the least.
By the way, the one WN who constantly spits on Hitler is a countryman of yours, Colin Liddell. I hate the cockroach.
What bothers me is Richie Spence. After 1:08, when a kike recently asked him about Hitler: ‘I don’t think you adore him; I don’t think you believe he’s a good guy’, Richie flatly said, ‘No’:
German NS will only be dead until the last German repudiates it.
Instead of Richie’s faggy term ‘identitarian’ we should start using the term ‘Hitlerism’. If Xtian values are to be revalued 180º as the only way to save the race, the new age will be counted from his birth.
I don’t believe that Hitler was soft, as he empowered Himmler to do the dirty work. The 3rd Reich failed not because he didn’t annihilate the Britons in a battle, but because they should never have invaded the Soviet Union in the first place: it was an overreach.

I can say this: we are not “unhinged” or crazy or even Satanists as many would like to believe.
As for Manson the case was obviously sensationalized, but that’s besides the point. AWD is committed to radical action in order to save the portions of this race that are worth and able to be saved.

@Joseph Walsh
I am fully behind you when you say that NS is basically moot now. I see the philosophy of this site as a spiritual inheritor of the views of the top elite in the 3rd Reich. I was more referring to the fact that Covington’s ideology does not have enough of Hitlerism in it to ensure the long term survival of Whites after the republic is consolidated. Covington and his NW State are both fundamentally flawed. One should only read the NW Constitution to understand this: It is rooted in the founding principles of America, namely Democracy, Libertarianism, and a sort of “eye-in-the-sky” outlook, which is typical amongst Yanks. Plus, Covington is a 2nd/3rd wave feminist, and importantly, there was a part of one of his books where he describes the NW State allowing people to kill animals for fun (or “sport” as it is watered down into).
There was also a little niggle in the Constitution, where it claims that the State will be focused much more on space exploration. We are nowhere near ready to go into space, both due to the fact that we are lacking in our behaviour in order to be worthy of such a privilege, and also because the Human species is not physically ready to leave Earth. Just see the bodily effects that going to the moon has had on the people who did so.
Like you, I am optimistic due to the fact that it has always been a small minority that has done the fighting and made the changes. There can never be a mass uprising. You know, concerning Empires, like Spahn Ranch speaks of – Thomas Jefferson once said that America must never create metropolitan areas, the New World should be mostly rural, “otherwise we would become corrupt, like the Europeans”. Well, it seems that America gave into the very mammon worship that it was founded upon, and the very Enlightenment politics which shunned the “barbarian”, and wanted to turn Humans into cattle. Ted Kaczynski had the right idea in both his manifesto and in his actions as the Unabomber.
The point I am trying to make with this is that civilisation in levels like we see now are one of the main causes for our decline and feminisation. This is not how man was supposed to live, especially Aryans. This was the point of A.B Guthrie’s trilogy, The Big Sky, The Way West, and Fair Land, Fair Land.
P.S TTD is a glimpse at that ruthlessness that Hitler never had.

Spot on. If we now use the LOTR novel, unlike the Jackson film it only ends with a war to reclaim the Shire, which had been Mammonised by Saruman. In Wagner’s tetralogy, the Ring was a metaphor for gold worship.

@Joseph Walsh I disagree that the world was so good for the Whites in the 1920s. What you’re saying is true, but you’re forgetting things. France was already lost at that time. They gave citizenship to Negroes as early as in 1848 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_Communes).
And if an unprepared pessimist would have seen the abominations of Expressionists, he could have correctly predicted the entire 20th century with all of its inexplicable and maddening horror.
@César Wouldn’t Stalin have attacked then instead? And wouldn’t Germany’s loss have come even swifter? Are you a believer in a permanent alliance with Bolsheviks?
@Spahn Ranch To be fair, the White race still has decades, maybe even a century. The course is towards extinction, no doubt, but the urgency just isn’t there yet. Especially for Central European nations such as Hungary or Poland. Or do you think they will literally be invaded by Turkey?

The Alliance should have been Germany with the UK, and the excuse of Stalin attacking a Western country, with due propaganda from the Germans, could even move some American sectors against the ‘atheist’ Soviet Union.
Surely Hitler did not read Sun Tzu before Operation Barbarossa. In chess terms (incidentally, I am following the 2018 Candidates Tournament that finishes tomorrow) it was a tactical blunder.

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