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Audios Civil war Jewish question (JQ)

Interviewing Linder

Unlike the vast majority of today’s racial right, Alex Linder is not only aware of the Christian question, as we hear in this interview, but that the solution is revolutionary, not reactionary.

9 replies on “Interviewing Linder”

I was unaware that it was blocked in Europe.

My difference with Linder is that he is an A bicausalist and I am a B bicaluslist (here).

But what is really important is that in that interview a couple of years ago Linder says that only a Revolution can save us.

I agree with you. The reason why the white race fell to Christianity, is because it was already sick and degenerate to begin with. Pompey had the chance to permanently solve the Jewish problem, however he had a chat with a stoic philosopher on the way to Palestine and on the way back. Zenoic Semitic Stoicism was like Christianity before Christianity. Pompey believed that Yahweh was an aspect of the Stoic god. Nero had livestock slaughtered to Yahweh in the Jerusalem temple. Whites had already begun to worship the gods of our enemies even before Christianity. Perhaps Dominion might be a good book for you to review and synopsise here. It tells of how Christian axiology conquered the Western World.

Tom Holland. It is on audible. He is an atheist, but a “neo Christian” as you might call him. He thinks that it is a good thing that Christian axiology triumphed. Hence the name. Christianity, to this day, has an axiological dominion over the West. The Christian axiological revolution was so complete, as he puts it, that we no longer consider it a revolution at all. We just consider Christian axiology to be axiomatic.

Ironic how degenerate music is mentioned in the very first sentence (the rock band Nirvana). This is why I always considered you “the real deal”. I know all too well how an unfamiliar culture looks like – and White Nationalism is all too familiar.

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