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Gonzalo’s video today

‘We are at the doorsteps of World War 3’ and he laughs—exactly the kind of eschatological, black humor that portrays my character so well!

Will Kalki come sooner than expected?

7 replies on “Gonzalo’s video today”

No matter the outcome, I will tell you this – 2022 CE (133 AH) has been the best year in decades. I see no signs of America seeking peace. And they might trip over. (If they don’t, Russia will be broken and devoured, and the neo-Christian West strengthened, however.)

Still, if you listen to the Russians, they are discussing abandoning Kherson (see Surovikin’s admission, mass evacuation).

Of course they’re discussing abandoning Kherson. Did you see the recent videos of Gonzalo discussing war tactics with a couple of Russians? Putin’s tactic seems to be that by withdrawing from non-vital areas, they take advantage of the mad Ukrainian attack to inflict terrible casualties on the enemy army (something similar to what the Carthaginians did in the Punic Wars).

I will try being hyper-diplomatic in my response.

First, the White Russian nationalists have been clamouring for 8 months for the Russian Federation to conduct missile strikes against the Ukrainian government offices, communication hubs (esp. the Dnieper bridges) and power grid elements. Nothing of the above has happened – as the fact of my writing this comment from the Ukraine can ascertain.

Second, the Russian retreat in September from Izyum/Kupiansk was a rout, with barely any Ukrainian casualties. Either way, the Ukraine has enough body-snatched idiots to throw into the crucible – again, as I have not been mobilised yet, nor the many men I see in the streets.

Third, no White Russian nationalist (see: Strelkov) would ever celebrate either leaving Russian loyalists to die at the hands of the Ukrainians, nor will he celebrate the deaths of the zombified Ukrainians either. This in particular strikes me as misunderstanding the tragedy, even worse, seeing any kind of a “Putin’s design” in this travesty.

“Non-vital”? Kherson is the only Russian-controlled oblast centre outside the DPR/LPR, and has been annexed to the RF. Losing it will be an immense morale blow to the patriotic Russian public, bringing the country closer to civil war. Just as the Kremlin used explicitly to promise not to exchange the Azov battalion fighters, later doing it anyway (leading to a huge outcry in Russia).

This is why I pray for at least a few nukes to land in the USA. Chances are, not a single mainland American might get hurt.

In the best case, it is a war between two squabbling Jewish factions. Why is it that I see the same tribe on both sides of the conflict, Zelensky and Soloviev, Gordon and Kedmi? But I do understand your thirst for manly speech, English is a castrated language.

I once translated Kurginian’s speech where he admitted believing in witches, yes, on Russian state TV – non-Westerners are an amusing bunch.

Good thing I bought my new professional accordion so I can enjoy playing it before the incoming Ragnarök.

As Adunai, I hope this is, at least, the beginning of the end for the Judeo-American empire. I might play Katyusha when the nukes arrive, haha.

It’s a long shot, but those tactical nukes might fly. Fingers crossed.
I’m the dour type, so I’ll play SS Marschiert on my organ piano.

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