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Dugin & Pepe

Watching this interview comes to my mind: How was it possible to enter now into this geopolitical reality: Russia’s new alliance with the new powers of gooks and sand niggers? The sad answer is: because the Anglo-Americans sinned in such astronomical proportions not only in WW2 but in subsequent decades (continuing to defame Hitler and his murdered Reich), that now power is being transferred to non-Aryans!

Imagine the scenario that should have happened: Stalin would have been defeated by Hitler, the Master Plan East would now have eight decades of implementation, and the dragon China would never have been born!

When will American racialists understand something so obvious? In that parallel world, the generous German Reich would allow the US an Aryan empire with a Master Plan South (Latin America), as long as it didn’t conflict with the Eurasian Reich.

Indeed, when the last whites are left on Earth before their total extinction, it will be time for great humility and, at last, to acknowledge the blunder their ancestors committed even if it is already too late.

Incidentally, with a well-implemented Master Plan East, there would have been surviving Russians, as long as they resembled Dugin physiognomically. That was clearly in Himmler’s selection plans, as we see in the picture on the left where he was looking at a Polish boy to see if he would be chosen to be raised as a pure Aryan.

One thing Dugin said is very true: unlike Asia, the Muslim world and even North Korea, Europe is completely out of the story. Europeans are no longer agents in the Old World but non-playable characters (Uncle Sam just tells them what to think, what to do and when to do it)! Today, Germany for example doesn’t have a single notable intellectual. Pepe and Dugin mentioned a handful of intellectuals in the rest of Europe, including a couple of French and an Italian, but no more than five.

All this is a result not only of WW2 but of how Europeans internalised the Anglo-American anti-Nazi narrative to the extent that they became what they are now: lobotomised eunuchs going to the slaughterhouse. As Dugin and Pepe argue, there is even more anti-American rebelliousness in countries like Cuba and Venezuela, despite being populated by Untermenschen I would add, than in Europe. Precisely for this reason my site alludes to the darkest hour of the West…

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Of what happened in 1945, only Savitri Devi understood the consequences. Even William Pierce, the most intelligent man the US has ever produced, didn’t grasp the ultimate implications.

A full scale war with Russia might be our best change to snap the eunuchs out of their slumber.

As long as they can party and indulge themselves in pleasure, they will never challenge the system that keeps degenerating their souls.

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