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Free speech / Free press WDH radio show

WDH Radio Show – Episode 6

Conversation with Joseph Walsh

— Listen to it here! —
This was an informal chat of two days ago with Joseph Walsh that I found suitable for Episode 6.
If you forgive my broken English, the first subject we discussed is the imprisonment of nationalist Britons a few days ago for thoughtcrime (see also here and here).
Then we talked about the coming financial collapse: something that, among white advocates, very few are paying due attention (see e.g., yesterday’s Rebel Yell article here).
Aryan ethno-suicide is discussed as more serious than the JP, in the context of Christian ethics.
Near the end of the recording we approached the subject of a paradigm shift by 2070 A.D. (“the Jesus era is over!”).

5 replies on “WDH Radio Show – Episode 6”

I listened to it last night, and it was good. Another good episode.
I had no problem understanding what Cesar was saying, despite his thick accent.

I enjoyed the episode also, and did not think Cesar’s accent detracted from the message and content

Excellent. Socratic dialogue best format for both speakers, and for most podcasts.
The main topic, Christianity’s (religious & secular versions) disastrous impact on White civilisation, is an endlessly fascinating, haunting exploration. Cesar: “it’s not easy (for Whites) to give up Christianity”. Both speakers probe this topic to a greater depth than others. The key to any future White survival.
A comment on Joseph’s opinion of high Jewish (average) intelligence. Sure, Marx, Freud, Einstein were highly intelligent with touches of genius, but Jewish intelligence tends to destructive ideologies and psychopathy, usury, financial scams, mind control. Ted Bundy (Tribe?) had a high IQ. The Chinese also have high average IQ’s but they are not an overly inventive people. Their present industrial development is based on Western technology – fast trains, etc. Stolen technology.

Thanks for the positive feedback Owl of Minerva. My comment on the Jews’ high average IQ was in reference to a comment Cesar made on this blog a few months ago about how if Jews were entirely to blame for our situation (i.e. monocausalism) then Aryans would be doomed as Jews have, among other things, higher IQ than Aryans.
I have seen the point made by others that even though Jews have higher IQ there are more Aryans in the world than Jews with high intelligence to more than even the score.
And you are right that IQ is not everything. Jews and East Asians supposedly have higher IQ than Aryans but neither of them would have developed science and technology without the creative genius of Aryan Man and his capacity for creating civilization. As Hitler said in Mein Kampf, Jews are not capable of creating civilization at all, they can only act destructively because they lack the altruisitic self-sacrificing idealism that is the foundation of civilization.

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