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Walsh quote

‘If that diagnosis is correct then the racialist movement will never get its act together and organize an effective resistance that kills enemies of the white race. It is like a drunk trying to act sober. They can’t get their act together and are a joke. The movement is just the last pathetic cringeworthy gasps of the somewhat healthier elements of a dying species attempting to survive’.

—Joseph Walsh

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let’s face it: all of us want change and are biding time. because our governments run unopposed and unchecked by their citizens. or an enemy state. why? the state evolved weapon systems way beyond the affordability of what citizen groups could marshall. and that was the end — if there was ever a beginning — of the health of this “republican democracy.”
so presently, all of us are biding our time as best we can — and the quality of narrative on chechar’s site helps lots to ease the pain of making it through each day — waiting for the rapture: a righteous dictator/ saviour/ leader of which adolf was the last embodiment. we await another. and one with iron teeth. who can bring into being a working that will rattle the foundations of the elites. something new/ never seen before. and not available to them. but rather in the hands only of their mortal enemies, us.
alchemy? magical thinking? ariosophy? may the pagan gods of germany smile on us and come deliver us. dream fuking on.

Only I meant the entire racialist movement including the revolutionaries, not just the Alt-Right. You should have included my entire quote which makes that point clear because you’ve made it look like I’m talking about the Alt-Right only when I’m referring to everyone in ‘the movement’, me and you included.
If our race does perish then no white males will be able to put together an effective resistance no matter how hard they try, that is what I mean by “like a drunk trying to act sober.” Watching white males attempt to rebel and revolt is like watching a slapstick comedy.

I fixed it but I don’t consider myself included in the above quotation.
Here all criollos are goners, and the US government does not grant me a visa. What am I supposed to do in addition to what I am doing?

I suppose you’re doing everything you can but the reason I included you is that it is ironic and tragic that one of the best thinkers our race has, if not the best thinker on the internet, is not even an Aryan but a non-Aryan living in Mexico! You encapsulate the West’s darkest hour where a foreigner from Mexico can perceive our race’s dilemma much more acutely than the vast majority of Whites, including those who say they want the White race to survive. Future historians will be explaining this period and saying something like “Aryans were so degraded that the most incisive thinker their race had wasn’t even an Aryan himself!”.
Thanks for fixing my quote by the way.

Lol! πŸ™‚ You pure whites are really in bad shape!
What happened to you guys?
I still remember as if it was yesterday the films with good messages I watched as a kid in the elegant theaters of yore that looked like opera halls… Those were films made in America and England in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s that the Mexicans had the luxury to watch on the big screen, even decades after the premiere in the US.
I admired you guys so much… If someone told me that Anglo-Saxons would later hate themselves to the point of ethnic suicide, as Ramzpaul said in his recent video, I would not have believed it. I’d thought it was a bad joke!

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