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John Canavesio, The Suicide of Judas, ca. 1492: a fresco painting from the Chapel of Notre Dame des Fontaine, France. The painting shows the corpse of Judas, who, overwhelmed by the guilt for having betrayed what many pseudo-racists still call ‘Our Saviour’, had committed suicide. A devil extracts the soul from the body of Judas, presumably to take it to hell.
The reason why we must destroy Christianity and burn all the churches is that whites, now almost a corpse of what they were, are following the steps of Judas. Even some in the Alt-Right begin, barely, to glimpse it: as Ramzpaul says in his most recent video. There he speaks that a religious guilt, previously controlled by the redeeming figure of Christ, has metastasized into runaway guilt that can only be expiated through ethnic suicide.
There will not be general awakening. Because of Christianity, the devil that took our soul out of our bowels, the white race is doomed to perish. If at least three percent of whites were willing to fight, as Norman Spear says, we would not need to unite the right: only join that three percent. But not even that percentage of whites are willing to give their lives for the cause. A civil war only has chances to occur with the convergence of catastrophes, beginning with the fall of the American dollar.
Even the people of the Alt-Right do not seem to see the degree of nihilistic psychosis in which their race is found. I have not visited Toronto since 1982 but if I did and saw the masses of people of colour that Ramzpaul saw, as he tells us in his most recent video, I would feel a superlative hatred: something that no Alt-Right figure, including Ramzpaul, says publicly.
However, Ramzpaul hits the nail with his comments about guilt. I remember how it lacerated me what my father said to me: that Jesus had died for me. My brother, with such an education, went astray in liberation theology. Let’s visualize Leonardo Boff taking ‘baths of people of colour’ in Brazil, that is, giving us the virtuous signal that he is a holy man. No wonder those who leave the church are left with the worm of guilt and deranged altruism.
I refer to the stupid atheists: those who, stupidly, believe they have abandoned Christianity. They have not. The only thing they have done is going mad like Judas and try to exorcise their guilt in the only way that the secularized Christian ethic allows us: giving their lands and Aryan women to the Other…
Psychologically speaking, the triumph of Judea against Rome is complete. Whites are destined for extinction. Those who have not read Evropa Soberana’s essay will never understand what is happening. And if there are no catastrophes that I predict and the race continues in its guilt path, coloured historians will see that, except this blog, no racist of the 21st century wanted to see what was happening:
It is Xtianity, stupid!

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I had not posted entries of Siege because James Mason disappointed me with his tardive Christianity. I think Joseph Walsh is wrong in saying that Mason is a genius. In the US, only Pierce was a genius, as he became aware of the ethnosuicidal implications of Judeo-Christianity.
Still, from time to time I’ll post some Siege entries because we need to think in revolutionary terms. But it must be understood that, if whites are not killing their enemies, much of it is due to Christian ethics that even Western atheists have introjected.
Unlike Norman Spear and Walsh, I do believe that the dollar will lose its international prestige. There’s still some hope…

I agree with what you are saying, however, I would like to acknowledge the fact that Mason seems free from Xtian ethics. He may be a Christian, but he has not the moral compass that we think should come along with it. This makes the whole thing even stranger. How conflicted must one man be that he denies what his Holy Book says straight to his face? How can one believe in the Revolution that Mason believes in while claiming to both have studied the Bible and obey its scripture? How blind can one Human be to that which is pressed against his own face?
But post more Siege entries as you see fit. He actually had something good to say back then.

Pierce was a genius, that is indisputable.
However the difference between he and Mason is the fact that Pierce’s solution effectively died with Pierce.
The National Alliance was a Vanguard party for our race, that’s how he described it, and it has since fallen into obscurity and grown weak.
Alternatively, as Jack said despite the James’ apparent propensity for Christianity he is very much free from Christian ethics to this day.
I can say as much from not only the relative consistency of his writings but through that which I have been told by some people very close to the situation.

Judas was Jesus’ right hand man. He was the only one of the disciples schooled in the laws and customs of the Temple, which is why Jesus chose him for the betrayal. Jesus had to be confident the man he picked to “betray” him could finesse the Sanhedrin in terms that would not reveal the Essene conspiracy.
Judas asks Jesus “is it me lord?” Jesus replies in a round about manner by dipping a piece of bread in the same sauce with Judas. He then tells Judas “go quickly.” Go quickly before he lost his resolve to carry through with the torturous sacrifice. However, at that point Judas was unaware of the full extent of the Temple’s plan to murder Jesus, just as the kohein gadol and kohanim were unaware Jesus would become the Temple’s final blood sacrifice.
The Sanhedrin wanted Jesus dead, but were unwittingly co-opted into the Essene conspiracy when an Essene Temple priest accompanying Jesus convinced Pilate to nail Jesus to the cross. That manner of crucifixion signified the blood sacrifice of a priest, one who replaced the Temple’s annual sacrifice of the Paschal lamb that signified YHVH’s forgiveness for Israel’s sins. During the ceremony, the kohanim drank the blood and ate the meat of the Paschal lamb, an act parodied by Jesus during the “last supper.”
Judas did not feel guilt, but terrible remorse when he realized the full extent of his actions in carrying out the master’s will. Later, the kohanim were much chagrined when they realized what their insistence on a death sentence would ultimately signify to Temple followers.
Jesus’ blood sacrifice absolved the sins of the Jews once and for all, effectively destroying the Temple’s base of revenue. Jesus had removed the Temple’s power to tax sin, destroying the first century’s central bank. This is why Jews maintain vehement hatred for Jesus and Saul/Paul’s Christianity that stole the Temple’s financial thunder to turn it over to the equally hated goyim in the form of a church.
The Sanhedrin were required by their laws to compensate spies and informants for information and services rendered. The law insured the Temple a ready supply of informants and spies. Judas threw the thirty pieces of silver back at the Sanhedrin when he fully realized what the conviction meant for the master.

i simply cannot buy the blood sacrifice sins crapola of these bloody violent religions. it’s rational — and i hold both the cognitive and imaginative brains — and likewise all the other brain systems — in greatest honor to whoever made them and gave them to us hominids — to accept that crazy folks can be so panic stricken on their trek through life that they readily buy the idea that a superior being — who chooses to remain anonymous rather than respect the person enuf to introduce itself or its corporate entity that created all this — is looking out for their best interests. utterly juvenile. poppycock. (if gehenna awaits me, so be it.)

i simply cannot buy the blood sacrifice sins crapola of these bloody violent religions.

Of course you can’t; no sane rational person today could. However the ancient, primitive mind was always in shock and awe of the natural world. The priests just stepped in to help them understand how it all works – for a price of course.

I don’t buy the white guilt meme, a favorite of quack psychologists, conspiracy theorists, and preachers trying to fill their pews.
Even the people of the Alt-Right do not seem to see the degree of nihilistic psychosis in which their race is found.
Psychosis is nearer the mark: a break with racial reality.
But let’s do a thought experiment. If I said to you that Jack the Ripper killed a lot of prostitutes more than a hundred years ago, and I feel terribly guilty about it, you’d think I’m crazy. You’d also think that “guilt” would be at best an incomplete diagnosis, because I could have had nothing to do with those crimes. You’d suspect I had much deeper problems, and that “guilt” was only a cover story.
The white guilt meme is a cover story springing from Christianity, and borrows its legitimacy from that bankrupt creed, which has become the ideology of technological civilization. The racial disaster happening today has more to do with the requirements of that civilization and the internal logic of its expansion than any kind of “guilt”, free-floating or otherwise. As Kaczynski saw and told us in his manifesto, what is required is not a political revolution, but a revolution against the technological system itself.

Blake, as everybody knows, thought that mills were the work of Satan. ‘Oh Satan, my youngest born… thy work is Eternal death with Mills and Ovens and Cauldrons.’
Quoted: here

i don’t get what’s evil about a technological system. its a product of hominids creativity. adult level creativity, mimicing a child’s innocent creativity, at a more detailed and complex level. the evil lies in its misuse.

You’d have to read Jacques Ellul’s work to understand the problem with technology, especially his big book The Technological Society. Basically, he emphasizes and illustrates with many examples the idea that any use of technique results in bad and often disastrously unanticipated side effects, so to use technology at all entails accepting the bad effects as well as the supposedly good ones. Again consider birth control technologies, which have caused a drastic reduction in the white birth rate, and which promote feminism and the destruction of a patriarchal, nuclear family. Notice that this isn’t a case of “misuse”. These technologies give women control over their own fertility. They give women power, and reduce male power. That’s the whole point. So to use this technology at all entails accepting the bad consequences as well as the supposed good.
Need another example?
Kaczynski opens his manifesto with the line “1. The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race, ” and he is surely correct. Despite all the “good” things it has done, it is also destroying the natural world, causing the extinction of untold numbers of races and species, and likely finally to include the white race on its kill list. Note again that this isn’t a case of “misuse”. Disruption of the entire planetary ecosystem, and as far as the white race is concerned, destruction of all of its previous cultural forms, was in the cards from the beginning. No monarchies or aristocracies? That’s Progress!

Funny you should mention Jack the Ripper. Evidence points to Jewish ritual murder. Because Jack was quite precise with the knife, suspicions fall on the idea he was a doctor, but butcher is more likely. What’s more, after over a century, all records pertaining to his crimes remain sealed, with no date for releasing them to the public. One can only wonder why the records and evidence of a century old crime are still sealed. Can you say “blood liable”?
Psychopathic Jews never feel guilt, remorse, shame, empathy or sympathy for anyone or anything.

Yeah, a doctor, the retired Royal Physician Sir William Gull. Three of the doped victims were murdered in a coach.

I agree there will not be a mass awakening. If there was to be one it would have happened by now. With all the outrages committed against Whites during and since WWII they should have reacted by now. But they are like a man in a cataleptic trance being hit over the head with a baseball bat:-no matter what is done to them, no matter how bad things get they continue on in their ethnomasochistic behaviour and just adjust to the ever-worsening circumstances they create for themselves. This doesn’t worry me totally with the white masses as the masses are naturally like sheep waiting for slaughter. But even the 3%, the minority of white males who want their race to survive, have not reacted appropriately since 1945 after 73 years of abuse from Jews, race traitors and coloureds. If the danger of imminent racial extinction by 2100 doesn’t cause racist white males to kill their enemies then nothing will and the race will perish as it should. Even if a minority of whites did fight it is not certain they would win but at least our race would have gone extinct with something of a fight.
If we do go extinct coloured historians, if they even maintain an interest in and preserve a record of our race, will record how Stalingrad was the beginning of the end, WWII was the decisive war between Jews and Nordic Aryans and Jews and coloureds won while Aryans dwindled to extinction. 1945 will be seen as the definitive defeat of the White Man once and for all. If that is how history is going to unfold then we are now living on a globe transitioning from a world where in 1945 Whites were the largest race on Earth and governed 9/10th’s of the globe’s surface to a coloured, third world planet devoid of white people. The billions of coloureds created as a result of the pathological grip of neo-Christian ethics over white males are the future of the Earth and the White Man is the past, yesterday’s news, a has been.
If that diagnosis is correct then the racialist movement will never get its act together and organize an effective resistance that kills enemies of the white race. It is like a drunk trying to act sober. They can’t get their act together and are a joke. The movement is just the last pathetic cringeworthy gasps of the somewhat healthier elements of a dying species attempting to survive.
Yes the psychological triumph of Jews over Aryans is complete. They have rendered a race of maginificent men and women into a herd of pathetic sheep truly worthy of the name ‘goyim’-cattle being herded to kosher slaughter by its Jewish Masters. Afraid to break the government’s laws, afraid to kill their enemies, a totally domesticated shadow of their ancestors. I have no sympathy with my own kind, they deserve everything they are getting and will certainly deserve extinction. And Jews will deserve their victory also.

WWII was the decisive war between Jews and Nordic Aryans and Jews and coloureds won while Aryans dwindled to extinction.

WWII was the decisive war between traitor whites and Aryans. As far as I know, Eisenhower’s, Churchill’s and Stalin’s armies were not mainly composed by Jews.

Yes the psychological triumph of Jews over Aryans is complete.

I would say that the triumph of traitor whites over Aryans is complete. No traitor whites, no Jews in power: and this includes WNsts who don’t want to give up Judeo-Christianity.

It was you who said “Psychologically speaking, the triumph of Judea against Rome is complete”. I’m just repeating you back at yourself by saying the psychological triumph of Jews over Aryans is complete.
Of course it can be looked at that this whole historical saga is one long civil war between traitor Aryans and loyal Aryans, I have thought of that years ago but the problem is that even the loyal Aryans have flaws. Historically Aryans were always too muddled in their behaviour, too compassionate, too indecisive and never racially cohesive enough. We will probably be proven unfit to survive, having too many fatal defects. But it’s not certain our species will go extinct yet.

By “the triumph of Judea against Rome is complete” I meant Soberana’s premise. He seems to be blaming not only Jews but the whole melting pot of peoples that took advantage of the Christ cult (including white traitors), even though the Semites spearheaded it.

What was Rome; but, a protection racket which went broke because it ran out of wealthy victims to shakedown.

@ Spahn Ranch,
What you say in other threads reminds me what Jack Frost said in the comments section of The Occidental Observer back in 2015.
You are partially right: technology / Mammon worship is half of the problem.
But the other half is Christian ethics.
Otherwise the Chinese and the Japanese, who have wholly succumbed to Mammon worshiping, would be as ethnosuicidal as whites. They’d be overwhelmed by guilt and inviting tides of coloured peoples to invade their lands, as whites are presently inviting coloured tsunamis.
But non-Christian gooks are doing nothing of the sort. Whites are unique in that they are suffering from no less than three poisonous brew ingredients at the same time: technocratic capitalism, Neo-Christian guilt, and Jewish subversion: a cocktail that ensures death!
Since some intellectuals and dissidents have already taken technocratic capitalism to the task, my humble mission in this site is to focus on the remaining ingredient. You are welcomed though if you want to write for this site an article about technology.

China and Japan are relative latecomers to the technological party and so may need time to manifest more symptoms of the technological disease. Are they ethnosuicidal? Birthrates in both countries are below replacement level, a fact which, as I have before pointed out, comes only as a result of birth control technologies. Also, we in the West don’t know as much about their societies as our own; we’re not attuned to their trends. E.g., I’ve heard reports that there are large numbers of negroes in certain parts of China even today. This may betoken the future. Certainly, as the Chinese expand their efforts to colonize Africa and exploit its resources, race mixing between them will only increase. They have no explicit ideology of race AFAIK. Insofar as they have an ideology, it is communism, which as you know is merely an heretical version of Christianity.
Japan is a special case in that, as an overcrowded island, it has been isolated and historically has had no reason to invite in foreigners. But that could change as they fall off the demographic cliff and their population plummets. For one thing, that will devastate real estate values, and they may try to prop them up by importing a replacement population. Certainly that’s the technique in use in California! In that section of the USA skyrocketing real estate prices have made many people rich. Also, I note with interest that Jared Taylor, in his current podcast, said that he heard praise for Starbuck’s recent cucking even on Japanese radio (he speaks Japanese fluently). They, too, accept in principle the Christian idea of universal brotherhood.

I still see a big difference. Last time I visited London I saw advertisements everywhere of Negro chimps with white English girls—everywhere!
This level of self-hatred you won’t see among the Asians. And in the UK such miscegenation is really the sin against the holy ghost: as English roses were considered the perfect Caucasians even on this side of the Atlantic. Now even the heir of the crown in England wants to marry a dark woman…
Surely what is happening in the West has different roots (although some are shared roots) of what is happening in the East.

@ Spahn Ranch “China & Japan”. Yes, I’ve read that there are a surprising number of Africans in Guangzhou Province, obviously connected with China’s silent colonisation of the continent. Asians at the moment are more healthily racist than Europeans, especially amongst themselves (Indonesian riots against Chinese in Jakarta late 1990’s).
But they also worship Mammon, probably more than even Whites. The Chinese elites are totally corrupt from what I read, and will succumb to globalisation and sell out their masses. Also, since Communism they have been cut off from their ancestral Confucian past and are more vulnerable culturally than is appreciated.
Christianity too is a growing cult with Chinese, in Singapore and on the mainland. It may be still officially banned by the Communist Party but as a private homes religion, the numbers of Chinese Christians is not insignificant, although still small as a percentage. You can bet that the heebs are silently pushing Xtianity on the Chinese as “tolerance”.

You are partially right: technology / Mammon worship is half of the problem.
But the other half is Christian ethics.

Technology is the whole problem when you consider that Christianity itself is a part of what we could call a social control technology that the West inherited from the expansion of the Roman Empire. The Christian worldview is itself a technique (i.e., a technology), a way of interfacing with the world. It played a large part in the expansion of white civilization during the Age of Exploration and the conquest of new continents, and is still justifying and promoting race mixing today.
Remember, the technological system is a true system. All of its myriad parts work together, and changes to one part of the system can have unexpected consequences in a distant areas. Further, the technological system is more than just machinery, which people often mistakenly believe. There are techniques of propaganda, of crowd control, of war, and even of things as mundane as mastication or walking. In total, there are doubtless many more insubstantial techniques than mechanical techniques.
Then, too, haven’t you yourself said that the Aryan Problem encompasses the Christian problem? Remember that Alexander the Great advocated race mixing long before Christianity. But that was a technique of empire, as we’ve previously discussed. His hand was forced (Zugzwang!), because if he didn’t do it, he would have been conquered by someone else willing to use the technique. No doubt if Christianity had been available to him, he wouldn’t have hesitated to use that technique instead. Christianity was to become the upgraded version of his race-mixing pragmatism.

A meta-perspective like that needs a whole book to explain it. But Jacques Ellul has issues: he was a silly ecumenical Xtian and fought against the Nazis!
I doubt you’d be writing about the technique problem if Hitler had won the war.

Neither Ellul nor Kaczynski saw the whole picture, in my opinion. Ellul’s biggest failing is that, due to his Christianity, he sees technology as a choice. (Because he thinks man has free will, doncha know.) But it isn’t a choice from a Darwinian perspective. Either you employ the best technique or you lose the struggle for survival to someone else who does. To choose to employ an inferior technique is just to choose to fail, so there’s really no choice, and Ellul ought to realize this. But with his implicit rejection of Darwin, so typical of Christians, he stops short of drawing the proper conclusions from his own work!
Kaczynski has this failing too, and both men seem to lack any concern for white racial survival. In Kaczynski’s case though, this may have been a conscious attempt to disguise his motives. Politically, both men are anarchists, though more right-wing than left-wing.
I’ve sometimes thought that as a white man I would have fared better in terms of worldly success if Hitler had won the war, but who can know? His victory wouldn’t have made technique any less problematic, and technophiles that they were, a German victory would have sped up “Progress” even more. Plus, merely being a white man wouldn’t have necessarily guaranteed me anything. In life, most of my enemies have been other whites; and after all, Hitler’s tolerance for free thinkers like myself wasn’t exactly his most noteworthy characteristic!

Heidegger, who was a Nazi sympathizer, also said something about what he called ‘the problem of technology’. I bet it was possible to combine NS with criticism of tech hadn’t the Anglo-Saxons committed the most cardinal sin of western history in WW2.

And I’d say, it’s not just the Whites that have to destroy churches – all the races of the world have to burn the rotting and smelling corpse of Europe lest they die out in the fumes.
“In the US, only Pierce was a genius”
Revilo P. Oliver? Francis Parker Yockey?

I would not say so about Yockey.
His work with Nasser and rabid anti-Amercanism
(Which was so vicious even Rockwell condemned it) suggests to me that he was willing to go to rather great, brutal lengths to do what he believed needed to be done.
As for Revilo, Pierce seemed to have nothing but good to say about him in his biography, same with Kevin Strom and his first wife.

I am not familiar with his work with Nasser. But Rockwell said that he would defend the American flag (in a more vehement way than Anglin today). Maybe that’s why he condemned Yockey’s essay.

You see? Among the Americans, only Pierce was a true genius. However I may like Revilo Oliver, only Pierce wrote about ‘expulsion or extermination’ of non-whites as the only option. Today’s American WNsts still have to reach this axiological level of wisdom.

I’ve never heard of Yockey considering nonwhites Aryan
I believed this myself until I looked into his works and life- Yockey’s association with those more liberal-metaphysics obsessed factions of WN is purely an invention of the new right.

Defaming and discrediting the dead who cannot defend their words, is a favorite Jew tactic used to loosen the goyim’s cultural glue. Even better when stupid, gullible goyim to do it on their own volition. As soon as Christianity is discredited, whites will be able to leap ahead as Jews will no longer have their religious goyim base of support. Christianity is the mote in the white goyim’s eye, while Jews are the logs shoved up his ass – or is that gerbils?

@Spahn Ranch Technology wouldn’t have been a problem had Hitler won. National Socialists didn’t revere city life in the first place, entire Eastern Europe would have been a breeding ground for the pro-rural sentiment, and with the strong, centralized state, they could have taken any course needed.
If they had decided they were using too much resources, they could’ve resettled their population in villages with no electricity – until a scientific breakthrough for easy energy and/or space launches or something. Far from the train-wreck we’re witnessing instead.
And if National Socialists had also culled the majority of the world population, with Poles, Jews, Africans, Indians, Arabs and Latinos, maybe also East Asians in due time, technological civilization wouldn’t have reached our level of degeneracy for centuries.
Of course, it’s the best-case scenario, but it was not completely out of the picture. Plus, the brutality of war could have definitely helped shape the ideology in a correct way. And the SS were not just for show.

If they had decided they were using too much resources, they could’ve resettled their population in villages with no electricity – until a scientific breakthrough for easy energy and/or space launches or something.
As Kaczynski points out in his manifesto, humans are so dependent on technology right now that the technological system could not be overthrown without causing the deaths of billions of people. With more “Progress”, that situation only becomes worse. Further, it’s unrealistic to think that people would ever voluntarily renounce this technology and willingly undergo the privations and casualties such a revolution against the technological system would entail. Also, as you seem to understand, renouncing technological progress is not something that they would have done even if they had been completely victorious.
…technological civilization wouldn’t have reached our level of degeneracy for centuries.
Even a postponement for centuries is only an eyeblink in an evolutionary time frame. Only the destruction of the global technological system and a permanent return to the level of more primitive technologies, such as those used by the Romans or Spartans, stands a chance of preserving race for the long haul, i.e., thousands or millions of years.

About resettlement – I thought about South Tyrolers who were made colonize Ukraine. Even though I always found it a bit harsh as they were used to mountains. Also, the entire Eastern Europe would have been rural in the first place as many cities would not have been rebuilt.
Have you thought of creating rotating space habitats such as the O’Neill cylinders? The only problem is that they’re not feasible with our current technology (and impossible with our current mindset), but getting stuff into space is getting increasingly cheaper. It wouldn’t guarantee the survival of the race, but it would definitely increase the chances by a lot.
And about energy, fusion reactors can still happen even in our reality.
Geological timelines are not needed. Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer is, and after that, anything would possible.

Geological timelines are not needed.
Sure, if you don’t care about the long term, they aren’t. If you only want a few more centuries, trashing the planet isn’t a problem either.
It’s always possible to paint a rosy picture of the future, or a nightmarish one. The devil is in details that are unknowable as yet, but the history of technological development, and the logic of its expansion, indicate that the trend is towards increasing dehumanization and restricting freedom. If you don’t care about dehumanization or restricting freedom (and not everyone does), then there’s also no problem.
I’ll close with a paragraph from ISAIF you might want to think about though.

2. The industrial-technological system may survive or it may break down. If it survives, it MAY eventually achieve a low level of physical and psychological suffering, but only after passing through a long and very painful period of adjustment and only at the cost of permanently reducing human beings and many other living organisms to engineered products and mere cogs in the social machine. Furthermore, if the system survives, the consequences will be inevitable: There is no way of reforming or modifying the system so as to prevent it from depriving people of dignity and autonomy.

@Spahn Ranch “There is no way of reforming or modifying the system so as to prevent it from depriving people of dignity and autonomy.”
As if non-technological societies are not worse. Even in our West, sodomy and genital mutilation haven’t been as mainstream.

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