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James Mason

Siege, 24


Here’s another new word to add to your vocabulary: Linkage. It used to be something known primarily to mechanics but, as of earlier this year, it could also be in your future. This one may replace ‘entrapment’ as the latest dirty trick of the System designed to deflate any potential the Movement may have before it can get off the ground. It’s a quasi-legal take-off on “guilt by association” which, even ten years ago, would never have held water except that, now, the source from which the juries and grand juries are drawn is sufficiently conditioned that they’ll indict or convict on cue from the System.
This arose out of the serious scare given to the System by one splinter of the Movement calling itself The Order. The System—so surprised and enraged that there is fight left anywhere—sought to tie in (or “link”) as many other Movement facets as they thought they could in order to, if not wipe them out totally, at least pin them down in a defensive legal jungle wherein they either retain expensive counsel or lose by default. Some top Movement people were literally on the run and others were sweating blood a few months ago because of it.
So be reminded: the bastards WON’T QUIT! You must—if you ever run seriously afoul of the System to where they can lay a legalistic finger on you—either disappear totally or confront them totally. No use playing.
Around here we didn’t worry so much about it (the Sedition trial investigations). Though we had about as much to do with The Order as did those who were being officially harassed (that is, practically nothing at all), our sympathies and our support for The Order ran the same as the others as well (that is, one hundred percent—as witnessed by those issues of SIEGE released at that time). Help for members of The Order? We were also in a position to lend about as much tangible support for those men as were the rest: zero. Again, the main difference was, we felt (correctly as it turned out) we were in fact untouchable in the newest System craze of “Linkage”.
Until things take a very radical turn, I’ll stand firm on one thing I’ve always said regarding System persecution: I’ve never yet seen smoke where there has not been some actual fire. The System cannot yet INVENT its cases out of thin air. They can ORCHESTRATE them but that requires your willing participation. They must have something to go on—however shaky—and they can only get that through their own agents or through YOU. In the case involving The Order, their prime move was based upon one of the annual gatherings held by the Aryan Nations group of Idaho, from out of which came the majority (if not all) of the members of The Order. Those who attended that latest gathering before The Order took their course of action were wide open and subject to this latest “Linkage” ploy to shut us down. Simply, if you were there, you must be involved.
Long before any of this was ever dreamt of, I ceased attending Movement gatherings. In complete candor, I did so because I dislike re-runs, especially when they entail traveling long distances and shelling out cash, so drastically scarce. Frankly, I can’t afford the journey plus I doubt there’s anything I could add that they haven’t already heard and vice-versa. The only thing that might have come out of such an expensive trip would have been my own name on a federal subpoena. And that I can really well live without.
No. Those few men calling themselves The Order said more in a month of furious action than the rest of us have said in twenty years. And of what significance to them at that point in time were federal subpoenas and the like? I don’t mind paying the price but, by God, I demand the price be worth paying!
Even before I stopped traveling around to Movement functions, I had become disinterested in such measly and bothersome things as “memberships”, etc. This really caused much anxiety among the faker-figureheads I’ve acted as general secretary for in the past. As Commander Rockwell said in the Sixties, there is but ONE membership, known loosely as “the Movement”—which is bled white and thoroughly confused and dissipated by dozens and dozens of useless, crappy fronts. In order to squeeze a tiny portion of the general pool of money held by this common membership, one is required to INVEST comparatively huge sums in becoming a professional mail-order con artist and, in the case of “Nazi” types, to engage in silly looking and potentially disastrous stunts for the press (which are then fed back to the membership to jack-off their emotions and draw off a little more money).
That’s Right Wingism but it’s not revolution. And I got tired of it.

Vol. XIV, #7, July, 1985

One reply on “Siege, 24”

i think jost turner’s essay Revolutionary Fantasies still applies today, this country is not ripe for revolution. until then, intentional communities are the source of action for the serious. and as jost experienced, very few american whites are serious for the aryan ideals and values . as much as i hate the bible, as it’s xtian followers too readily cast their answers to the mysteries of life in magical thinking, w/ the exception of arch stanton, one of its tired blood threadbare quotes applies, “many are called, few are chosen.” at this late time period, our only hope is raising our children outside the fuking materialist tribe system, and why not do so in an intentional community?

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